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  • Updated on : 06-29-2006 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Gabe

Gabe still has the body of a college kid, one that never gained those “freshman 15.” There is something powerfully intoxicating about a tight lean body in a pair of well-fitting 501's, and one look at that mound in his blue jeans will give you blue balls as he exudes a sexual quality of the need to not just get a load off, and not just have you watch, but to put on a show you will never forget. Reaching up and tugging on his nip ring, opening his jeans to show off those overstuffed white boxer briefs, he was a stud in his prime putting on a show that was definitely for after-hours!The beard stubble on his handsome face made him look rugged. That hairless, toned sinewy torso made him look boyish, and his eight inch cock and swollen ball sack made him look delicious. Hoisting that hard meat out of the leg of his shorts, he worked that stick like a man possessed – rubbing it, fisting it and slapping it against his palm before finally shucking the boxers and really getting down to business.Spreading his legs wide, he plays the bongos with his hairless tight hole before sitting up and swinging that pole, already huge but still not totally hard, while the precum formed a trail that eventually went to his lips. Reaching back to work his cock from behind before flopping down and using the heel of that boot to give that hole another good rubbing, the drops of jizz covered his stomach as he howled with a primal growl that must have left him a bit parched as he licked his fingers clean of his own load and waved good-bye.

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