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  • Updated on : 06-15-2006 |
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Starring Red

There is something about the men who drive those big rigs; scruffy, stubble-faced, deep masculine voices and tight, well worn jeans with bulging baskets. We have just such a specimen today and, even rarer, a red-haired version named Red. This 36-year-old long distance hauler is all man, all natural and was ready to drop off a load of a different kind. Opening his shirt, the auburn hair got thicker as it trialed down his flat stomach. Forming a perfect red triangle of fur over that heavy hanging beauty of a pole, that bush was the color of carrots and the stick dangling below looked just as tasty.Lying back on the bed, we noticed two things right away: First, his balls went from swinging in their sack to rock hard, high and tight almost immediately, as if the hours of vibrating on the driver's seat had built up a load of epic proportions. The second was that the slit on his cockhead gaped open larger than we have ever seen before. Did Mother Nature do that to accommodate a larger than normal load? We couldn't wait to find out.Judging by the moans of pleasure as he worked his pole, we knew that he felt as good as he looked. Seeing a man totally untrimmed is the exception to the rule these days and the dark red fur is an extra treat! A final deep moan and we knew that cumming was a coming. A pile of thick, white sperm puddled up on his lower abs, and it kept oozing what seemed like tablespoons at a time from that mammoth hole. Like a good trucker, Red delivered his load right on time!

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