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  • Updated on : 05-25-2006 |
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Starring Seth

Seth bolted in the door in sneakers and college t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, still looking, moving and sounding like every inch the fraternity boy and while his days on campus are long behind him, the hormones are aren't. In fact, he acted more like co-ed just getting back to his dorm for winter break and more then just a little eager to take advantage of the privacy, hauls out that thick dick that is worthy of a writing a thesis over. Seth's heavy hanger is not just wrist thick, but topped with a flaring plum colored head that extended way beyond the diameter of the shaft.Seth was more then just willing to show us what he is working with, he was down right eager to finally get his turn under a cameras and wasted no time in stripping down, rubbing a very impressive bulge then pulling down his shorts in the back to reveal a nice, firm, milk white butt that could have easily belonged to any varsity champ. He did not show off his glutes, he displayed them like fine real estate, checking out the basement in the middle while his heavy sack dangled below and when he flipped over, the view was just as fine.In the center of those buffed arms was a well worked out chest, sexily covered in chestnut fur and at the end, a heavy hanging, thick cock with an arrow shaped helmet head worth a second look so he took one himself, flipping his legs over his slit and cockhead dangles just inches from own lips before getting down to getting off and finally that massive cock pumps out strong white jets of dense white jizz that he rubs back into own chest as waves good bye with a very contented smile!

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