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  • Updated on : 04-13-2006 |
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Starring Moss

Parisian born Moss is our salute to ringing in the New Year with some French dressing. Salt and pepper hair framing that face that reminds us of the handsome anchor man at the 24 hour cable news network, this red hot serving on Euro Heat is no stranger to being in front of the camera either though his resume has more blue light then prime time written on it. He had his shirt off and his pants unbuttoned, already fisting the bulge in his tight pants before we have had the tape in the camera. His smooth, lean, toned body was ready to put on a show and damn, so where we!He seems like the dark and brooding type at first but to our joy, he gave a non-stop commentary through out and while anything in an accent like his goes right to your balls, the way he says it will go right to your heart too!Though he came dressed in decidedly “business casual,” the hidden freakier side started coming out right as his clothing came off as an underwear lover, not boxers or briefs but a snowy white jock, with a 7.5” thick and ready croissant inside, was soon to make an appearance along with one of the finest set of ass cheeks we have seen, A full moon doesn't even compare to the ass on this man. Is he a giver or a receiver...? Who knows but we do know that he has the assets to lead in both departments! He has a love for showing off his ass, while he strokes and beats up that milky batter as his nut sack shrinks like a balloon that has just popped. This is one anchor man you won't want to wait until 10 pm top go 360 on and the perfect date for your celebration Saturday. Happy New Year from all of us at MenOver30.com!

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