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  • Updated on : 03-30-2006 |
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Starring Paul

That shiny chrome dome of Paul's topped piercing eyes and a mouth with lips so plump and sensual, you knew they would feel like two velvet pillows if you were lucky enough to feel them on yours. Turned out to be a good thing though lips were plump as they were on the only thing on this man that was; with a percentage of body fat invisible to the naked eye, this walking ad from a body building magazine was so buff, you can see the expanse of his shoulder, the breadth of chest and the fullness of his arms even though his sexy, tailored business suit. As good as he looked in the boardroom, we knew he would look better in the bedroom and that turned out to be an understatement.Incredibly muscular, the perfect proportions from head to do spoke of the time and effort he put into every body part so the symmetry was like a living anatomy lesson of perfect symmetry. As the layer of the business attire came off, the knowledge that people would be watching out his desire into overdrive and he don't merely get naked, but present his body directly to you to worship along with him. His rock hard glutes seemed carved from a ancient Roman statue. Rubbing and caressing every inch, Paul bends over in doggie position to show off his ass...another specimen of one of those STRICT TOPS who love to show off the other end and that towering thick, meaty dripping cock spoke better then any words could about what a turn on this was for him and with a moan and quiver as every muscle fiber twitched, he forced out as thick, creamy and meaty as the man who made it!

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