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  • Updated on : 03-16-2006 |
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Starring Alexander

Looking like Eric Estrada's gay brother and flashing a mega watt smile to match, Alexander had us at “hello” though this was no veteran of the screen; he had just turned 30 and wanted to fulfill his fantasy making love under the camera. Just talking about it caused his jumping beans to start a rhumba in his pants and he was ready to jump head first into a scene with some passionate, forceful, blonde haired, blue eyed top. Rather then go from zero to sixty, once we turned on the lights, the grin on that handsome face said he was ready for his close up and we wasted no time. Openly gay and openly horny, our man from across the border is actually from Wisconsin, but I doubt he knows anything about cheese but plenty about producing milk. A little shy at first, we could just sense a combination of nerves and exhilaration as he peeled off his shirt and showed off that brown smooth chest. Like his dick bobbing below, his nipples were hard and begging for attention. As his dick becomes thicker and thicker the head of it is fat and throbbing....oozing pre-cum that Alexander is more than happy to taste more than once. Slowly massaging his balls and hole, Alexander's head is thrust back in pleasure. After working over every location in the room....he finally rests in front of the bed to bust his thick creamy nut, his chest heaving and the sweat pouring down from his chest and mixing with the juice. Pretty impressive debut and you know we're hunting down some hot Norse G-d to really fly his flag so stay tuned guys!

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