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  • Updated on : 02-09-2006 |
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Starring Ross

A look-a-like straight out of a Friends casting scenario....we had no choice but to go with the name Ross....which left us with the question of if he had a Rachel.... Rachel Who? This quiet man over 30 is not only about men...he's ALL about men.With an inner porn star itching to come out...Ross had no problem stripping down to his red boxer briefs, lowered a little pass his ass and begin humping the bed as if offering it up to you for your own pleasure....do with it what you will....it's yours.....Possessing some hair on his body with quarter size nipples and thighs asking to be licked up and down, Ross quickly works up his meat...proving that the size of his body allows him to get into many flexible positions....With that final moment approaching, Ross fingers his hole as we see him spit a huge load of cum over his shoulder and onto his chest...In the words of Veronica from “Heathers”....”Lick it up baby....lick it up!”

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