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  • Updated on : 01-12-2006 |
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Starring Chevelle

With six foot packed with muscle, covered in ink, pierced, shaved and dripping with gold, Chevelle is your biggest nightmare and most intense wet dream all rolled into serving of manhood you will never forget. Hypnotic eyes, a ripped muscular body that is a canvas for story of his life told in tatoos that adorn that torso of deeply tanned skin. The shock of white around those rock hard glutes and very hungry, very thick and oh-so-tasty looking serving of dick snake is another forbidden apple you will be powerless to resist.Despite having so much much on the surface, that just begins to explore the depths of Chevelle that can almost be summed up as a thug with a golden heart and a freak side to match Piercing...the tat's...the gold teeth...the tuff exterior....all signs to stay away...but we couldn't resist and you will be glad we didn't. Seldom have we every seen as ass put on such a display you want to fill it, slap it and taste it all at the same time excpet that would mean you would have to looking at it and like our man himself, he is very difficult to avert your eyes from as it's intrigue at every inch. See the oil make the ink gleam over those muscles as he douses himself is a sight to behold as it is the way his thick white cum decorates the black leather of his heel as get pops his nut right on his boots. Out little party is just beginning...just wait until you hear his bio session when he tells us what really turns him on.

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