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  • Updated on : 12-15-2005 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Ceasar

Caesar is a 31 year old, very handsome, intensely sexual Latin lover with a body that any college varsity athlete would be proud to call their own. Toned arms, rounded pecs, a flawlessly cut set of abs and then there are those ass cheeks...perfectly white, incredibly arced and simply the kind of a backside that wet dreams are made of. With an ass like this, he's definitely had his salad tossed and the only regret is that it wasn't by you!One look into those soulful brown eyes doesn't just say “sexy,” but seems to beckon you to follow him. Watching him undress truly feels like he's doing it for you, and only you. He's doesn't as much enjoy his body as he seems to invite you along on guided tour as explores a physique that is sexual wonderland of delight just begging for a visitors.Spreading those legs wide, his sack already hanging heavy, that perfectly formed cock already hard and leaking and he rums his nipples with one hand and sending electric shocks to his shaft that makes his dick jump and his hole quiver. He licks his finger and rubs that sexy clippered chest as he works to a climax with a fierce intensity that seems to emanate from his soul and erupts in creamy goodness all over those heaving abs. Hail Caesar - long may he reign!

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