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  • Updated on : 11-24-2005 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring John

Is it Jack's sexy chest with the clippered dark hair, those penetrating eyes, that narrow waste or the bulge in his jeans that looks so packed that it is just moments away from ripping the fabric of to shreds that makes him so hot? It's actually a combination of all of them as Jack is all that and more. He simply radiates a quality of intense sexuality that doesn't simmer below the surface, it comes like a tidal wave and warps you for a journey like a strong ocean current.The swirls of dark air under his arms as his lifts his wifebeater over his head and reaches into his pants, hauling out a dick so hard, it is visibly throbbing inside his shorts before he drops them to floor and that beautiful dicks juts out, rock hard, wet, like a steel pole ready to be driven into something equally hard and definitely tight. His is strictly a top man but after he rolls over and shows us that perfect ass as he humps the mattress, I am sure he has had his share of offers for a rear delivery. His commanding presence, that intense seduction in his eyes, the powerful in that his cock sticks straight out, then straight up will leave you powerless to resist and when you see his cover those flat abs with jizz, you will be glad you didn't!

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