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  • Updated on : 11-17-2005 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Jesus

Jesus is grown man who hasn't quiet outgrown being a punk kid, or rather, a very confident, overly sexual and slightly dangerous looking stud packing a bulge in a packed basket that throbbed visibly across the room and a canvas of ink down his shoulder and arm that lets you know immediately there is as much on the surface of this hunk as there is inside. A shiny pate keeps the focus on those deep brown eyes that shout a piercing, “come get it if you dare” as he rubs that hungry mound in jeans like the prize it is. When he finally peels down that denim, what does this bad boy have on, but camouflage print briefs, revealing a hidden playful side and he's just getting started. Smack into the center of view comes a very firm, perfectly round white ass – with “smack” being the operative as the slap of the occasional spank he gives those cheeks echoes with an invitation we only wish we could have dropped the camera to accommodate – but then he rolls over and that thick, leaking cock with a black leather ring show he has needs of his own.He beats that meat as rough as he looks, spanking that pole against his abs then down against his ass before tweaking his nipples and firing off a load that seems to begins to simmer in his toes but reaches a full boil that makes his cock suddenly engorge to another inch. The look of his face, the tension in his whole body makes this not just a jack off session but a primal right as his finally fires off, reaching a plateau of visible ecstasy.

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