'Miguel The Movie' XXX Gay Porn Video

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  • Updated on : 10-27-2005 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Miguel

Hard muscle body...Bubble butt, A little patch of chest hair however a full nest of pubes below...Thick uncut meat....Mouthwatering nut sack...The man doesn't just cum but spins it around like a lasso....It didn't take long this time for the feeling to return as you see in his post interview as he keeps rubbing that dick.His dick spasm as his body goes rigid, and his breathing was short and shallow.Another spurt of cum pumped out, followed by another, and another. I had no idea how long it lasted, but it just kept going and going.He was sweating and heaving, and after he calmed down, I leaned into examine those fluids that just came out of his dick.

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