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  • Updated on : 08-11-2005 |
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Starring Spike

Spike would be hot at any age with that eskimo white smile, matinee idol face, a 5'9 frame packed with so muscle but ripped to shreds, and of course, there's that thick meaty, uncut, veiny and hard from the start slab of penis that made it easy to see where his nickname came from. The fact that's he's 52 shouldn't matter...but it makes him all the more compelling. Even the usual twink lovers in the studio were dying to find any excuse to be in the room when he started getting naked. As packed with muscle as his is, each body part having been honed to perfection after years on working out and he remains as flexible and as agile as gymnast. The shock of salt and pepper hair frames a face that belongs on a magazine cover and contains a thoughtful, caring, experienced man who is both secure, available and not afraid to reveal the intimate details of his body of experiences, from vanilla to extreme and every variation in between, that you would expect someone with this body to experience!His confidence and intoxicating sexuality ooze of out every pore, yet with not one ounce of the cockiness we have seen from some who bring much less to the table then he does. He flexes, twists, turns to show off that body, working that perfect cock and then firing off a cum shot that is one for the record books with a primal moan, a tightening of the balls and load of epic proportions.

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