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  • Updated on : 07-14-2005 |
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Starring Chicho

Chicho is a thirty-three year old Cuban man who brought with him to Miami one of the biggest cigars ever imported. Nine and one half inches of flashlight thick, veiny, hairy, low-hanging uncut meat. Even soft, he hangs down more than a good portion of the male population is hard and that alone is worth the price of admission. Dark haired, dark eyes with a big smile, Chicho also has one of those tight, naturally lean physiques that is almost absent of any body fat at all. I guess with all of thattissue in his penis, there just was only so much to go around.Many guys brag they never have to jack off, but this is one we belive! I am sure he has a steady stream of eager holes ready to service such a momument of pleasure. He strips off the wifebeater and drops his jeans, giving us a clear glimpse of the mighty meat inside just from the size of the lump that dances inside his boxers, forcing the flesh to peek though the fly. It wasn't long before we got to see him in all his glory as he stoked that major meat from every angle beforecovering those lean abs with a fresh batch of juice!

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