'Saved By The Balls' XXX Gay Porn Video

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  • Updated on : 04-28-2005 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Slater Reed

Porn hottie Slater Reed stopped by to give us our own little show. Pierced and tattooed, wearing cammo shorts and a sleeveless tee, Slater puts on a show that gives merit to his hot, bad boy reputation. He rubs himself through his pants, getting his dick hard, and eventually starts to tease us, showing us just the head of that classically shaped dick. Slater leers at the camera, making us unsure if he wanted to fuck it, or punch it.He crawls onto the floor, sheds his boxer briefs and leans over the chair, giving us a glimpse of his tight little butt as he is working his dick. Slater likes the use of his own saliva as lube, and he was definitely not shy about slopping some spit onto his palms and having at it with both fists. He gets so horned up, he rolls over onto his back and finishes off by shooting straight into the air, at first we even thought some had landed on the camera. Slater needed a towel not only for that sticky sweet load, but for all of the sweat that he had mustered jerking. His chest and stomach were drenched, and even the pillow under his head was soaked from his efforts!

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