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The New Year is bringing loads of excitement to many, ringing in new resolutions and hopes for new adventures. This week, we have a special surprise planned for one of our fan favorites, Steven Ponce. Steven the 29 year-old hot Caribbean fire-crotch will be taking a trip to Washington. As excited as Steven may be, he'll be even more excited when he finds out that the 'Washington' we're referring to is none other than Diesel Washington. Diesel made quite the impression last fall when we paired him up with Kain, whom he left all 'Warn' out after working him over with his massive 10' cock. Luckily, Steven is not afraid of ExtraBigDicks, so we're sure we have the right man for the job. We asked these two if they had more time, what they would do with it? Steven would wanna travel more and have more time to do nothing. Diesel on the other hand wished he had a special someone to spend that time with, taking long walks with and evenings at home. Awww. Diesel is definitely nothing like his on cam aggressive persona. We here at ExtraBigDicks know he's more of a romantic cuddle bug. He's sensitive, has feelings, and even loves his comic books. Well, we're gonna make sure he gets his needs taken care of--and then some. Puerto Rico is in da House!These two can't wait to get started as they immediately begin to strip each other's clothes off. 'Alright!', Diesel exclaims, as he grabs Steven's crotch to find he's already rock hard and ready to go. They kiss as they keep stripping. The next thing we see is Diesel with a mouthful of dick as he deep throats Steven's meat. Diesel loves sucking cock. From the look on Steven, he's pretty damn good too. After he gives Steven's meat a spit-shine, Diesel stands up and lets Steven have some too. His huge black cock gets bigger and bigger as Steven does his best to take it deep. 'Go on, Ginger--get on there' Diesel coos, as Steven beats his own rock hard cock while nursing on Diesel's. Diesel sits back and watches as Steven savors every juicy inch of his cock. Steven is in a trance as he bobs his head on all that dick, using his hands in combination. Steven may have been expecting to see the Washington monument; but instead he'll be able to say he had Washington's monument up his tight ass and loved it. (T-shirt pending) Steven has Diesel all worked up, and all that oral can only lead to bigger and better things. His hot ass is counting on that, and he's not about to be disappointed.Steven straddles Diesel's cock and impales himself all the way to the hilt. Diesel slides his massive meat in deep. As Steven begins to ride his meat, Diesel coaches him on how to relax so he can get more inside. Steven's a quick study and is soon slowly riding that dick. Diesel then puts Steven on his back and takes more of that ass missionary. Steven's eyes open wide as Diesel buries even more inside him. Steven is in heaven as his ass gets stretched wide. Diesel continues to fuck him, and from there they go back to Steven on top. Steven rides Diesel in a reverse cowgirl position as we get an amazing view of his smooth ass swallowing all of Diesel's throbbing meat. He gyrates his hips like a seasoned salsa pro as Diesel's eyes roll back in his head. It's all in the hips, Baby. Steven lies back on Diesel as he continues to fuck himself with that extrabigdick. Diesel is more than happy to oblige as he watches the horny fire crotch ride his aching meat. Diesel then puts Steven on all fours as he bends him and starts to fuck him doggy. Steven grimaces as Diesel starts to hit new terrain. One last fuck in a missionary position does the trick, as they both get ready to unload. Steven jacks off as he sits on the back rest of the chair Diesel's sprawled out on. Once he unloads, he drenches Diesel in a bath of cum that rivals any we've ever seen. Talk about 'Shock and Awe'--DAMN! His new cum coat is enough to send Diesel over the edge as well, as he adds even more load to his glistening 6'6 frame. Talk about a Happy New Year....whew.

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