'Calling Dr. Clooney' XXX Gay Porn Video

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  • Updated on : 09-21-2006 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Rob

You may have fallen in love with him in Ocean's 11 or 12 or been desperate for his bedside manner in E.R. and while we may have not gotten George Clooney exactly, our version, Rob, is a Dr. Ross look alike who finally unveils that object of lust that Georgie boy kept hidden under those scrubs. With the same classic leading man good looks, our hairy chested heart throb makes love to the camera like it is his big break screen test but wasted no time in getting naked: he clearly knows the role and seems anxious to show he is definitely UP for it.Inked on both arms, he ribs his chest and his bulge as if taking you on a journey with...you can almost feel the fuzz tickling your fingertips and something more than just a little hard lurking just below the fly. He rips out his belt like a softball Dad finally having the house to himself and as he pulls his throbbing meat out of the fly, he is clearly ready to share his quality time with us. His cock is cut perfectly, and as he kicks off his shorts, we can see his has heavy balls, hairy legs and thick dark bush as well.That cock head is glistening with precum as his baby makers, looking like large walnuts now, dance in their sack, keeping a steady supply of natural lube. He invited the camera in closer and closer before rolling over and showing off an ass that is just begging for a touch, a slap, and a lick. As he starts to gyrate on the pillow below, you want to give him the deep fucking he is giving his imaginary lover underneath while never blocking our view of that now extremely bloated cock head. He quickly rolls over and his deep moans let us know its time to call a “Code White” as he blasts his load all over his hairy lower abs.

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