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  • Updated on : 04-20-2006 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Jesse Graziano

Thick, Spanish, and a firefighter...what more could I ask for??? We know there is a big demand for firefighter fantasies and boy did we luck out when this amazing hot man called our studio line. Jesse is your Joe Average straight boy who likes showing off...From getting busy in an open park, to jumping in front of our cameras to show everyone what they missed out on at the gym. Looking at his very hot body with a tattoo on his huge bicep was enough to start fires burning in crotches everywhere. I mean think about it, sliding down those poles all day going to rescue someone who needs some mouth to mouthThick and well defined body with not a lick of hair on him, Jesse strips down fast and gets right to work. Jesse's cute face with those bedroom eyes screamed out, “come to papa and blow me”. Of course we would never do anything like that. Jesse works his hot meat so well we thought he was going to cum a few times. He seems as if was in a constant orgasm. When he squirts the lube on his shaft and starts to stroke it with both hands we about dropped the camera. “This is what porn is all about”.Oh and did I mention Jesse has a smokin hot ass. Whether we were viewing his tight butt from the behind when he props his leg on the couch, or from underneath when he bends over and spreads them for the camera, fire alarms are going off all over town. Knowing his body, he knows what gets him off....so as he lays into that comfortable spot...watch as he stokes his meat and shows off his ass for you before he busts his nut!

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