'Troy Halston The Movie' XXX Gay Porn Video

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  • Updated on : 01-26-2006 |
  • Length : 00:00 min |
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Starring Troy Halston

TROY HALSTON....the name would lead you to believe that he would be a fashion designer of some sort....but we can tell this much...his body is a design of art. The only other professional porn star to transcend the Gay and Straight world other than Peter North, Mr. Halston has a classic look not to be taken lightly. With Troy having a body for sin and a mind that actually functions, what more could you ask for? Oh yeah....a BIG DICK! And what can I say...he delivers in that department as well...Standing at 5'10, this dreamy glass of steamed milk shows us what positions get him all hot...which allows us a very detailed view of his heart shaped ass. Full Moon at table 5 please... As he strokes his dick from behind, I know your mouth will begin to water begging for a taste...hell even a slap. A man who knows pleasure...it's obvious he knows what feels good to him.

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