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  • Updated on : 12-22-2005 |
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Starring Tony

Behind is studious looking glasses and in his preppy polo shirt, with that blonde hair, bright smile Tony looks like a golden version of Clark Kent at the end of a three day golf tournament...but make no mistake about it, Tony is not just a super man, turning out our Man of Steel also has a super freak side that showed up with very little coaxing...in fact, the camera lens seemed to give him just the excuse he needed to let his inner porn store come to the surface and take center stage!Recently relocated back to South Florida from TX....and since everything is big in TX...he is here to prove it....Not only does he have a big dick, but a big heart with a heart shaped ass to match.With the words END RASCISM tattooed across his back...you know this man also has a mind to offer. As the dick grows, you wonder is it as big as a plane...does he fuck with the speed of a locomotive...can he leap large ass's in a single bond....well get out the Kleenex and the popcorn because we're just getting started! We do know that he has a love for the planet 'Ur-anus'...not only does he show off the ass, he lays back, pulls up his knees and fingers that hole like a man on a mission. Soon after....MountEruptous approaches...so I'm guessing we have an idea of what his Kryptonite weakness is..... Wonder if he girlfriend knows?

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