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  • Updated on : 08-18-2005 |
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Starring Damien

Having a model be inaccurate about his dick size is nothing new but this is the first time we've had them be bigger then they thought they were and he thought he was 8.5' Damien, a 30 year old, smooth, hard bodied slice of Latin sexuality sports a thick, uncut 9' sausage and a sexuality the drip our of every pore. He doesn't so much play to the camera, as he allow our lens to caress that hard, lean defined body, handsome face, penetrating eye, strong jaw, tight white ass and of course, that mighty slab of meat in front that mad a bulge even in a baggy pair of jeans that was gave everyone else within eyeshot a bulge just seeing it.Damien loves sex, loves, porn, loves jacking off and putting them all together, he had found his calling. He didn't just look through the hardcore skin mags to get boned...after all, he was boned from he time he walked in the door, and then toss them aside or ever use them to warm up off camera, as many models do. He gave us a journey up and down his body as he turned every page and shared what he liked, what he would do and invited us into his personal sexual world. The effect this had on his cock was unmistakable as he got so hard, the round wet head snapped through the skin, his balls got red and swollen until they tightened up and spewedforth one of the thickest white loads we have ever seen!

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