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  • Updated on : 07-28-2005 |
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Starring Cris

Blonde-haired and blue-eyed, Cris is the textbook representation of the virile German man, right down to his disarmingly sexy accent. Almost boyish looking at first, as the camera gets closer, we see the sexy, chiseled, square jaw of a confident man on top of his flawless body that is well-honed into perfect muscular symmetry and devoid of any body fat at all. SO comfortable in his skin, Cris peels off his clothing quickly, as if being naked on camera is the most natural thing in the world. As he tugs down his briefs, we get to see a golden bush so blonde, it almost disappears against his pale skin. At first glance, a nice looking, albeit normal-appearing cock comes into view and after a few tugs, it is very clear that our man Cris is a grow-er, and from the inch after inch that piece of meat is adding as we watch, he seems like he will have a lot to show when he is done.A few tugs on his nipples, a rub on his shaft, and Cris's meat goes from Vienna cocktail sausage size to family-sized portion of brautwurst. It is always those slim types that pack the biggest surprises, and at 9 inches of hungry, leaking, happy to be on display cock, they don't get much bigger than this. Bending over, Chris lets us in for a close up view of ass cheeks that seem sculpted from pristine white marble, a tight hole that will welcome a tongue, although nothing else, but it's seeing his cock hang down so heavy that it almost drags on the mattress underneath that really allows you to appreciate the length at full mast. Rolling over, the head of his cock looks like it will rub against the bottom of his chin as he looks down just over the tip to make sure you're enjoying what you are seeing as much he seems to delight in showing it off.The camera gets close enough to record the golden fuzz on those rapidly contracting nuts and the shaft becomes so fully engorged that he does not just make it dance hands free, but sway in the breeze like a conductor's baton striking up the band for the finale of a fireworks show. His nuts are now so swollen that you can clearly see the egg shape right through the folds of his sack, as if each one is fighting for enough skin so as not to be fatally crushed. His hips not pumping, but softly swaying in reverse to his tugs, the head goes back and the sperm fires out with his eyes closed in delight, his lips moaning in pleasure, and his body as grateful for release as were.

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