'Sex Before Work' XXX Gay Porn Video

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  • Updated on : 03-02-2018 |
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Rego and Aston are lying in bed in the morning and Rego is begging Aston to stay in bed just a few minutes longer. But, Aston has to get to work and he needs to take a shower. Rego continues to tease him and seduces him into staying in bed for 'just 10 more minutes' and Aston agrees. Soon their underwear is off and Aston is sucking Rego's big hard cock. Rego then starts Rimming Aston's gorgeous ass. Aston then sucks Rego some more before climbing on top of him and riding his cock deep in his ass. Rego fucks Aston in all the positions that he loves until Aston cannot hold back and he explodes with a massive cumshot. Rego pulls out and as Aston sucks his balls he also explodes with a massive cum shot. Exhausted they kiss each other, but Aston has to jump out of bed because he is now late for work! Enjoy!

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