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Troy Halston's Video

Didn't See This Cumming

Didn't See This Cumming, Scene #01

One of the most recognized faces in the industry is back to show us what he can do—and why it's kept him doing what he does. Troy Halston started off as a gay porn star in his late teens. He can't even remember how many productions he's been in and is still making adult films; both in front of and behind the camera. His costar today isn't as well known but none-the-less has amassed quite the impressive resumé. Award nominated, Dallas Reeves is a tall drink of sunshine. At 6'3, this blond hair blue eyed stud isn't one to go unnoticed. Having all the right equipment helps as well. We asked our seasoned veteran if he could offer any words of advice for our up and coming star; to which he replied as follows: “Be Yourself; Stay away from Bullshit; Got to work and then come home, keeping them separate.” Not remembering to keep the two separate can lead to a rude awakening in no time. It's important to have a life “off set”. Troy knows all about that being married to his favorite co-star, Mrs. Halston. They met after he'd been doing primarily gay porn and still calls his finest hour as an actor when he and Holly did their first movie together, “The Bi-High Club”. It was her first movie ever and she handled the shoot like a pro. Dallas just sits there with a dumb-founded look on his face hanging on Troy's every detail of his finest hour shooting the now infamous Bi flick. “I can't top that” he blushes. We're not really worried about him topping Troy's story. Little does Troy know, soon young Dallas will be topping—his sweet ass! They begin softly kissing as they break the ice. The chemistry between them is evident as they begin to undress each other. Dallas slides onto his knees between Troy's legs as they continue making out. In no time, they're both naked and boned as Troy samples the newcomer's wares. Dallas is rock hard as Troy swallows his meat, stroking it to a spit-shine. Dallas is in awe of Troy's mouth and just when he's getting used to the royal treatment, Troy stands up and backs his ass right onto his face. “Eat that ass!” he commands as he writhes all over Dallas' eager tongue. You have to give to get in this industry and within minutes it's Dallas who is gasping with pleasure as Troy holds his legs in the air while diving deep into his sweet ass. Tosses Salad is always a great way to start a day. Troy chows down on his ass as Dallas gets lost in the sensation. Troy then switches things up by giving Dallas something to work—his dick. Troy steadily fucks Dallas' face as he does his best to keep up. After he's had his fill of Dallas on his dick, Troy turns around and gets more of Dallas' hot tongue on his ass. After all, that backdoor's gonna need a lot of lube anytime now.The rodeo is off and running as Troy readily impales himself on Dallas' fat cock. His ass glides up and down on Dallas' meat as Dallas just sits back and enjoys the ride. As much fun as it is to get ridden, Dallas needs to show Troy who's in control and he does without much hesitation. He bends Troy over and quickly rams his thick dick back inside. Troy takes it like a man as Dallas, balls slapping, uses his veteran ass. From there Troy goes down on his back where Dallas mounts him again. He holds Troy by the waist as he repeatedly impales him onto his meat. Dallas isn't kidding around and he's out to pleasure his dick. After a bit, Troy wants to ride his meat again so Dallas obliges. He lays back and looks down as his meat gets swallowed by Troy's hungry ass. Dallas holds him steady as he begins to thrust up to meet Troy on his way down. This position feels great but a prostate can only take so much pleasure before he ruins the party. Sure enough, Troy erupts sending his cream all over Dallas' smooth chest. Dallas then straddles Troy and gives him a hot soaking of his own. Well, it looks like Dallas did finally top Troy and his story. He smiles as he admits that this shoot has definitely got to be his finest hour.

  • released : 03-23-2009 |

A Pool of Sperm

A Pool of Sperm, Scene #01

The body is gloriously lean, the face inevitably handsome, that 8” inch slab of meat perpetually hard, the vision of an ass perennially lickable and that sexual appetite unquestionably unquenchable. We could only be talking out one of MenOver30.com's reigning Kings: Mr. Troy Halston. From Troy's first appearance, we learned that though married, he still loves to be in front of the camera. His Valentine's display with Alexander taught us that matrimony has not diminished his occasional taste for the feel of a male backside gripping that thick dick of his. Today he salutes Memorial Day, where Troy's showmanship could not be corralled so we had to take him outside by the pool where his fun in the sun quickly turned to sin the shade.His wifebeater and jeans are soon history as the rays bathe his body with light like a great canvas with a thirst for paint. He emerges from the crystal blue pool, beads of water clinging to every ripple of his lean, muscled body. Face down on the raft, he spreads his cheeks offering a peek of the treasure within before rolling over and presenting his heavy heaving meat like an offering to the sun. A quick rinse under the shower did anything but cool him down as he lays back and works that meat to full mast, reaching down with probing fingers in search of a place to land. It seems Troy found being naked and hard outdoors to be a major turn-on and just a simple one handed stroke was not going to be enough to get him off. He started jacking off from the back, giving us a view of that hot, so-tempting ass with that fat cock sticking straight down between those hard muscled thighs. Bending over, a shining silver vibrator, gleaming like a rocket in the hot Florida sun, was on a collision course with his tight hole, those lips visibly throbbing in anticipation. Working it one third in, he turns and sits on it, riding like a jockey, before laying back, spreading wide and reaming the hell out of his ass with the vibrator in one hand and his leaking cock in the other. When the tip reaches the critical mass of his prostate, his balls explode and spew forth a load that rivals the explosive finale of a firework's display in the perfect way for us to say to you, “Happy Memorial Day” from Troy and all of us at MenOver30.com.

Starring Troy Halston
  • released : 03-19-2009 |

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not, Scene #01

Only the discipline to build on what your genetics gave you - and to build up what they did not - provide the unique combination of factors that can produce one of our favorite facts here at MenOver30.com. Some men are indeed like a fine wine that improves with age. At 37-years-young with the tight, smooth, muscular body that would give due credit to a man a decade his junior, a face that gets more handsome with each birthday, and a cock that gets perpetually harder and hungrier, Troy Halston exemplifies just the kind of confident, sexy man that we would all like to grow up to be. Of course, the reward of taking such good care of yourself is that it fosters many opportunities to find those that wish to take good care of you as well; and Lee, like Alexander and Tyler before him, found that few things in life are as fun as tending to Troy.We start out with Lee alone on the bed. Never one to be shackled to clothing when not absolutely necessary, Lee quickly gets down to doing what we like him to do best: showing off that sexy, smooth chest, rubbing that oh-so-inviting bulge, and casting that “I want you to fuck me” look from those deep, compelling eyes. His jeans are soon down, his cock already up, and as he lowers the back of his boxers over arguably one of the world's most perfect bubble butts, that “I need to be filled and soon” manner was not just pretense for the camera, but an invitation in search of an R.S.V.P. With the precum of anticipation already causing the head of cock to glisten, Lee spreads wide and strokes away until he spies something across the room that just might be the ticket to the slot he is seeking to fill. Lee takes one look at the size of the of the sex toy and decides that while his eyes might be bigger than his stomach, even an ass as hungry as his was not big enough for that dildo. Fortunately for Lee, Troy picked that exact moment to make his entrance; and, fortunately for us, they let us watch what happens next.Troy raises his shirt with one hand while he strokes Lee's throbber with the other. Lee lets his fingers do the walking over Troy's hard, smooth chest, over his six pack, and right to the zipper to get immediate access to Troy's cock, which was rock-hard and ready for action. Lee quickly gives that cock a very thorough taste test and keeps Troy's cock in his mouth as they together move over to the chair to continue the oral examination as Troy's finger snakes its way down Lee's back to the awaiting hole. One teasing finger on his ass lips was all it took to move the guys to bed where, almost immediately, Troy's cock is buried to the hilt inside Lee's ass in a body cavity search-and-rescue mission that they both hope will not end anytime soon. Lee is arching his back and pressing back to meet every one of Troy's thrusts, working Troy's cock in as deep as possible. Troy must have found Lee's magic button, as Lee's cock is rock hard and leaking totally hands-free. With but three or four strokes, he fires off a massive load that is soon joined by a white monsoon of Troy's in a puddle of combined sperm that makes for one tasty, and deep, gene pool!

  • released : 05-31-2007 |
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