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Troy Halston's Video


T-N-T, Scene #01

Troy Halston is back with us again and we've decided to pair him up with a local hottie that we think can more than take the pounding that Troy likes to give. Though he's not a regular on our site, his face has made more than a few fans on our brother site ExtraBigDicks.com. That fan favorite is none other than sexy Trey Turner. Trey is 21 and from Miami, FL and has had his fair share of playing with the “big” boys. We know that ass would be ok with getting a good pounding. Trey is recently coupled and after pulling a 'U-Haul' and moving in with his beau overnight they've now been together for 3 months. Everything is going well so far and he loves that his new man is a gr8 listener and also happens to have a huge cock. Hmm. Troy is also happily coupled but his “partner” has an even bigger dick than Trey's! Troy's partner goes by the name of Holly—a.k.a. Mrs. Holly Halston. Holly is the second half of a power couple in the adult industry and she keeps our Troy very happy at home. We decided to ask Troy to give our new starlet some advice. 'Keep work, work and home, home. It's that simple.” Troy says. You have to be able to keep the two separate if you want to have a healthy relationship at home. That advice would work for most of us these days. Troy's getting ready for the shoot when he hears the shower running. He goes to investigate and finds Trey Turner showerin' up after shooting his own scene. He decides to help himself to some of that ass as he begins to grope and finger Trey's willing ass. Trey decides he's not done as he follows Troy back into the bedroom. They begin to make out and begin to undress each other. Trey goes down on his knees as he undoes Troy's pants. He begins to kiss and lick at Troy's cock which is now straining to be released. Trey pulls down his briefs and goes to work on his meat. Troy moans as Trey licks and sucks on his balls and shaft. Trey is going to work as he bobs up and down on Troy's thick meat. He licks all over driving Troy crazy and it isn't long before Troy wants some as well. He sits Trey back on the chair and undoes his towel. Trey's cock is rock hard and ready for release as Troy goes to work on his meat. Troy sucks on Trey's cock as he bobs up and down on his meat. Trey's cock is bone hard as it finally gets the attention it's been waiting for. Troy admires his cock as he strokes it, holding it by its thick base before going right back down on it until it disappears down his throat. Troy's had enough foreplay and he needs more on his cock. 'Come over here so I can fuck you' he says as he gets Trey on all four. 'You want that ass?' teases Trey as he looks back and spreads those sexy cheeks. Dinner IS served as Troy slides inside his ass and begins to fuck Trey's ass leaving Trey moaning and begging for more. Troy is fucking that ass deep and hard in no time as he holds Trey down and pile drives his dick deeper and deeper. 'I'm gonna destroy that ass' he grunts as he looks down and watches his thick dick pummeling Trey's hole. He falls forward onto Trey and power fucks Trey as Trey moans like a horny bitch. Did we just go there? lol Trey is in for even more as Troy sits him on his cock and has him ride it. Troy slams his dick up into Trey as Trey does his best to handle the fucking he's getting. Watching Troy's balls bounce on Trey's ass looks amazing as his cock repeatedly buries itself inside that hungry hole. This was just the hole he needed to fuck and just when Trey thought things were coming in for a landing, Troy puts him on the floor with his head on the floor and his ass in the air. Troy slides his dick into him and fucks his sweet hole bouncing his cock in and out of him until he can't hold his load any longer. Troy pulls out and unloads his nut all over Trey's sexy ass. Trey then jacks his own meat off all over his smooth chest as Troy fingers that sore hole. —DAMN!

  • released : 09-10-2009 |

Ford Tough

Ford Tough, Scene #01

Troy Halston, the veteran of porn both Bi and Gay is back this week to give us even more of his 'mojo'. Troy has graced us with all sorts of action from solos, duos and then some. Troy is married to his porn star sweetheart that goes by the name of Holly. Holly has her own repertoire of films and they actually met on set. Troy is 39 and rapidly approaching the big 4-0. He is ready for it and says he plans to be in the best shape of his life. He's hired a trainer and is going to tackle, the gym, endurance training, you name it. He will definitely be one to watch as he works towards his Iron man ideal. With Troy this week, we have the adorable and insanely sexy, Kain Warn. Kain's listening intently as Troy boasts about his goals and hopes he can be around to test his “endurance”. LOL Kain did his very first shoot with us. He actually took Josh West which is no small anything. He has since gone off to play the lead in a Lucas Production as well as sign a contract with Raging Stallion. Looking at Kain you can see why so many are after his hot little ass and he's well on his way to “Porndom”. Troy has lost count of how many films he's been in starting way back in 1991. So this afternoon, the rising star will get some “pointers” (One in particular) from the seasoned pro. —Role 'em!There's no mistaking the chemistry between these two and lucky for Troy, the 25yo new comer is a quick study. They begin licking and sucking each other as they slowly take each other's clothes off. They kiss and grope as they slowly undress. Troy gets on his knees between Kain's legs; pulls his cock out the side of his sexy briefs and swallows it in one gulp. Kain's thick dick begins to grow as Troy bobs up and down on his meat. Kain is loving the head he's getting from this porn veteran and in no time it will be his turn to show Troy his own skills. Troy stands and pulls Kain into his cock as Kain begins to suck on his cock. Kain has Troy cooing and moaning in minutes as he works his mouth all over Troy's now throbbing cock. His spit shined pole looks like it's aching to burst as Kain swallows it deep over and over. His cock is going to need a lot more than Kain's hungry throat in a few and Kain's gonna be in for one good fuck. Troy lets Kain work his cock and then puts our intern on all four before going to work on that ass he will soon have wrapped around his dick. Kain's eyebrows furl and his mouth gapes open as he gets Troy's tongue shoved deep inside.Troy wants more of Kain's mouth as he gets Kain to suck his cock again. He then puts Kain onhis back before squatting over his face so he can pile drive his boner in and out of his mouth getting it ready for the fucking Kain's in for. Once he's ready he bends Kain over and slides his rock hard cock deep inside him. Kain moans and groans as Troy takes his ass. Troy's cock slides into Kain's spit soaked hole with ease and Kain can only grunt and bear it as his ass gets the fucking it's due. 'Awww yeah' is all Kain can say over and over as Troy continues to mount his assault. Troy then decides to change it up and has our stud sit on his cock so he can ride it. Troy spreads Kain's ass cheeks apart so he can jam his cock up into him repeatedly. His balls are slapping Kain's ass in a blur as he jack-rabbits his dick up into him. Kain reaches around and grabs Troy's cum-filled balls, tugging on them as he continues to ride Troy's meat. Then Troy puts him on his back before sliding his cock back inside Kain's tight boy ass. Kain holds his legs up for Troy who is slowly pounding his hole. 'Gonna blow your nut for me, Boy!?' Troy orders as Kain begins to jack his cock faster. Kain explodes as Troy fucks his load right out of him. Troy is next as he drenches Kain's abs with his own.

  • released : 07-16-2009 |

A Ridge To Somewhere

A Ridge To Somewhere, Scene #01

Troy Halston is back this week and we've enlisted his help in breaking in one of our latest discoveries. For those of you who don't know Troy, he's a regular fan favorite here on MenOver30 and last time he was here he showed us his flip side when he actually bottomed for hot newcomer, Dallas Reeves. Troy has been in the industry for well over 15 years started out in the gay adult industry and then began doing bi films where he met his wife, Holly. Holly's not just any girl either; the Halstons are well-known in the industry, have their own website and then there are the reality TV show rumors as well. So, who better than a seasoned Pro to help welcome 21yo Ridge Michaels? Ridge is a Florida boy who recently broke up with his girlfriend and says he is now gay. 'Screw girls!' he giggles as we clue him into the fact his co-star is in fact married to a (real) girl. Ridge is from Siesta Key and his strawberry blond hair, jock looks and amazing smile are hard to pass up—not to mention his thick 8” cock. He's just beginning to explore the industry, by comparison, but this bright eyed native loves to explore new adventures. One of the hottest adventures he's had was fucking a girl he was dating on the roof of his house during a rain storm. We're sure this stud looks even better soaking wet. Troy takes charge and begins kissing Ridge to help put him at ease. He lifts his tee and as he does, Ridge's washboard abs come into view. This island boy is working with a hot defined bod. As Troy continues to explore, he discovers Ridge's thick 8' cock that pops free of his jeans. Troy works his mouth on Ridge's rod and our young stud can't help but moan his appreciation. Troy then gets up to free his own cock before letting Ridge have a go at his own dick. Troy intends to give Ridge a complete work out as he goes from getting his cock sucked to fucking Ridge's hot face. Ridge has a lot to offer and Troy isn't about ot miss out on any of it. He steps down off the couch, pulls Ridge to the edge and lifts his muscular legs in the air. Ridge's smooth ass is on display and only a tongue away. Troy buries his tongue deep into his hairless hole as Ridge writhes in ecstasy. He eats that sweet ass for a few before lowering his legs and getting back on Ridge's rock hard cock. Ridge loves the attention he's getting and after getting a workout on his cock, Troy stands up and gives Ridge more of his dick to work. Ridge is quick to return the favor, getting Troy rock hard for what's yet to cum.'Oh, we're definitely gonna do this' Troy taunts as he rubs his fingers right on Ridge's puckered hole. Ridge's ass is insanely hot, perfectly smooth, round ass that you just wanna take a bite out of. Ridge is bucking back against Troy's fingers as they tease his sweet ass. 'Bend over and show me that pretty ass' Troy continues as Ridge obeys every order. Troy begins to finger his ass before standing up and lining his hard cock right up to his ass. He then slides his cock inside inch by inch and once inside he begins to give Ridge a proper fucking. Troy's heavy balls slap at Ridge's ass as we get a shot from below. 'That's a tight little butt hole you got' he moans as he fills Ridge's ass with his daddy dick. Troy lies back on the couch and lets Ridge fuck himself as he gyrates his tight hole, sitting on Troy's cock. Troy grabs him by the waist and slams his dick up into him, burying his balls up Ridge's sweet ass. The shot from below as Ridge spreads his smooth cheeks apart for more of Troy's meat is too hot for words. From there, Troy puts the Florida boy on his back and goes back to fucking him 'missionary'. This position does the trick and soon enough Ridge is dumping his thick load all over himself as Troy fucks the rest of it out of him. Troy isn't far behind, pulling out and emitting low guttural grunts (what's that about?) with every batch of cum he splatters on the Ridge below.

  • released : 06-04-2009 |
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