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Troy Halston's Video

Troy Story

Troy Story, Scene #01

Just when you thought it was safe to look under your tree; you'll never guess who popped out from under ours. Illiois born Troy Halston is back and looking hotter than ever - in fact, 41 has never looked so hot! It's been a while since we've seen this industry veteran. He's been keeping busy as well as staying fit. We also have another surprise that's delicious regardless of the season, 26 year old, New Yorker Ryan Raz. We asked these two kids what their favorite Holiday memories were. Ryan beams and confesses getting his Cabbage Patch doll. We're guessing he was 24 at the time. For Troy, it would be watching the little ones unwrap their presents alongside the Mrs. Halston. Looking forward to New Years we wondered who they would love to spend New Years Eve with. Ryan is already spending his New Year's with the person he wants to spend it with but he's remaining tight lipped on the details. Troy, who's about to be single after 16 years of marriage, isn't sure what he'll be kissing this New Years Eve. We're pretty sure this Godfather of Bi porn will be just fine. To wrap up our chat we asked Ryan to think back over the years and tell us what his hottest on cam memory was to date. “I think it would have to be getting fisted a few years ago...that was pretty good.” How do you follow that? ...And now, the weather. :)Troy is playing with a snow globe when Ryan walks up and gives him something better to play with. They start making out as they undress each other. Ryan gropes at Troy's cock as he undoes his pants. Troy strips giving Ryan an all access pass to his thick cock. “How's that cock taste?” coos Troy as Ryan sucks his cock deep. Ryan swirls his tongue around Troy's throbbing shaft as Troy watches in amazement. Troy then wants to return the favor. It's been a while since he's had some male to male action. Ryan's thick cock is ready for the attention as Troy starts to worship his meat. Ryan loves the attention he's getting but he wants more of Troy's bone. He gets on his knees so that Troy can fuck his face. He teases Troy as he sucks his cock, lapping at his smooth shaft and balls. Troy can't get enough as he holds Ryan by the back of his head so he can fuck his throat deeper. Ryan doesn't skip a beat as he easily deep throats every inch he's given. Troy then gets on his knees and starts to eat that ass he'll be sliding into next. “You like that, Boy?” Troy teases. We're sure that was a completely rhetorical question.Troy suits up and starts to tease that smooth hole with his hard cock before slamming inside. Ryan groans aloud as he gets his ass stretched wide. “I can tell you've never really been fucked by a man” Troy grunts. (Shhh...we're just gonna let that one slide) lol He holds on to Ryan's shoulder as he bucks that cock deeper into that hungry hole. He then gets Ryan on the floor with his legs in the air. He aims his rock hard cock south as he buries it in for more. He fucks away at that smooth ass as he repeatedly squats into that hot hole. Ryan loves the fucking he's getting and the attention it's giving his prostate is making him ramble in tongues. He can't get enough dick as they switch it up and he climbs back onto Troy's cock for more. He impales himself back on that cock in a reverse cowgirl position as he rides that dick like a pogo stick. He grinds that hot ass down on that dick wanting to get all of it in him. That does the trick as he arches back and explodes all over himself. His asshole tightens around Troy's cock which just makes him wanna blow too. He bends Ryan over and creams all over his back. Eggnog, anyone? ...Ok—that was just wrong! lol

  • released : 12-16-2010 |

The Facts Of Life

The Facts Of Life, Scene #01

Back in the house for an explosive episode is Troy Halston. Troy who has been in our stable of studs for about 5 years is looking better than ever. The bod, the charm, the cock (and even the “wife”) have all come together into a rather impressive package. Impressed is a good word to describe his costar that has a rather impressive fan following all his own, Mr. Drake Jaden. Inked, muscular and hung hot, Drake has more than shown us he can run with the big boys. He can even take one if need to on our brother site, ExtraBigDicks.com. Always reminding us that big things come in small packages, Drake came through for us today. He was more than happy to take on Troy Halston. They're both from Florida and keep themselves in tip top shape. In the spirit of the recent Olympics, we asked both of these studs if they could have any World class Athletic powers what would they be? Troy immediately said “Triathlon” (or was it Troy-athlon?). Drake was pondering his options when Gymnastics was suggested. His eyes lit up. He agreed, saying he's already pretty flexible. “Can you do a split?” Troy asks him. “When I was younger” he pouts. Troy (being Troy) immediately goes to the floor and right into a full spread eagle split. WTF! Younger? Pffffff—we're off to a grrrrr8 start!The chemistry is apparent as these two get right to it. Drake's looking hot as always as Troy lifts up his tee. We get our first peek at those chiseled, furry abs. They make out as Troy gets Drake's growing cock free. He goes down on that dick and gives it a proper hello. Troy goes to work on Drake's rock hard meat. In no time, he has him gasping as he deep throats his 8½” cock. Drake then slides onto his knees as Troy stands and drops his jeans. “C'mon boy, suck that cock” Troy orders as he starts to aggressively fuck Drake's face. Drake grabs his smooth nuts and tugs on them while he deep throats Troy's meat. He's getting that dick as hard as he can cuz he knows where that thing ids going next. Drake spits on that dick before going right back down on it. He's driving Troy crazy as he expertly works that dick. Troy then gets Drake bent over the couch as his hot ass is put on display. Troy starts tonguing that tight hole sending Drake into orbit. The tongue starts the session. It is soon joined by a finger or two that are soon getting that tight ass hungry for more than a swabbing...or simple digits.“Come have a seat” Troy teases as he suits up and sits back. Drake turns around and sits down on that rock hard cock. He starts bouncing on that dick while his own cock is rock hard. His thick dick looks like a trampoline as he bounces on that cock. He then holds still while troy fucks up into that horny hole. No matter what Troy orders Drake to do he not only does it but addresses him as “Sir”. HOT! Drake then gets on all four on the couch as Troy slides his cock in for more. Drake is grunting as Troy continues to pound away at that ass. Drake is loving every minute of it as Troy takes that ass. Troy drives that cock in so deep that Drake groans in pain as he tries to wriggle free. Troy then pulls out of his ass, takes off his rubber and orders Drake to suck his cock. Drake swallows it entirely as he works and sucks that cock only getting it extra hard to go back in for more. Troy then suits up and startsfucking Drake on his back. Troy pounds away at that ass missionary, hitting Drake in all the right spots. Soon Drake is groaning that he's gonna cum which makes Troy fuck him harder. “Gimme that nut, Boy” he orders as Drake unloads all over his navel. Troy isn't far behind as he sprays his load all over Drake's cum soaked abs and chest.

  • released : 04-08-2010 |

Argentinian Meat

Argentinian Meat, Scene #01

Halston is in the house. Troy Halston is back with us, much to our delight. Troy is now 39 and calls Miami home. Troy for those of you who haven't had the pleasure, has had a long career in the industry and together with his real life wife, Holly Halston, really enjoys what he does. We know Troy never fails to entertain, and we keep him coming back to keep his fans happy. Next to Troy is a fresh face that belongs to a 32 year-old from Los Angeles that answers to the name Ari Silvio. Ari is a sexy man with dark features and a brilliant smile. When we asked Ari if there was anything he had left to do before the New Year, he answers “I would like to do a gang bang...and yourself Troy?” Ok, with that kind of delivery, Ari belongs in the Newsplex. (and now—back to you, Troy) lol Troy, after giving it some thought, wants to try something interracial. Never too late to try something new they say. Both of these horny guys knew they were into different 'stimuli' since they were both experimenting with their asses way before they knew hair would soon sprout in odd places. From plungers to back scrubbers: a horny imagination is a terrible thing to waste. Today, we all know what belongs where, so sit back, grab hold, and let's not be tardy for the party!The chemistry is obvious as these two begin kissing and exploring each other. Troy goes to work on Ari's nips between sucking face. He undoes Ari's shorts and starts to tease his cock through his jock strap. Troy gets up and undoes his jeans. The next thing we see is Ari with a mouthful of Troy. “Yeah, see I knew you could suck dick” he grunts as he feeds Ari his cock. Ari is intoxicated by Troy's meat and can't get enough. Troy sees the opportunity as he pushes Ari back a bit and turns around and spreads his ass wide. Ari doesn't miss a beat as he dives in tongue first. He sucks on Troy's smooth ass and pulls Troy's cock back to keep sucking it as well. Troy can't complain as he gets both his pole and his hole serviced. Troy then returns the favor as he goes down on Ari. Ari is moaning as Troy goes to work on his meat. He bobs his mouth up and down on Ari's cock while he plays with his heavy balls. Our West coast stud is getting the royal treatment, and it's about to get better.Bent over the couch, Ari braces as Troy suits up and moves into position. Ari hasn't felt it yet, but the look of anticipation on his face is classic. Troy slides his meat inside that hot hole slowly. As he does, Ari's face contorts with a mixture of pleasure and pain. Once it's buried deep, Troy mumbles “You did say you could take the whole thing so...” and with that begins to slam his cock deep. Ari just begs for more as he gets the hell fucked outta him. He takes the pounding Troy's giving him like a champ; soon enough, Troy's lying back as Ari sits and spins on his cock. Ari is a horny one, and grinds his hot tight body deep onto Troy's hole. “That's it boy, make my cock feel good” orders Troy as he watches his cock disappear into Ari's tight ass. He holds Ari's sweet ass wide open as he guides him up and down on his throbbing meat. The visual is insane as he repeatedly impales that hungry ass. Then Troy moves the fun to the rug as he holds Ari's legs up and begins to piston fuck him some more. He squats and bounces his dick into Ari. This position is going to do the trick. Troy goes for it and fucks Ari faster and faster. Ari can't hold back and is soon getting his hot load fucked out of him as Troy buries it deeper and deeper. Troy then pulls out and makes his own heftly contribution to the “Soak the New Guy” Campaign, blasting his load all over Ari.

  • released : 11-19-2009 |