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Troy Halston's Video

Rain Men

Rain Men, Scene #01

This week Troy Halston is helping us welcome a new member to the MenOver30-by-injection Club, Mr. Micah Andrews. Micah is 23 and originally from Denver, CO. Troy knows a little about Denver himself, since that is his home town. With all the occupy movements going on and so many people unhappy with the ways things are being run, we asked these studs what upsets them these days. Troy is upset that everything is moving toward world domination and the truth behind all of these protests is so real. Micah gets angry with liars and stealers. We then switched it around and asked them what makes them happy. For Micah, he likes to fight competitively so he loves to train. Troy likes even the simplest things in life like a smile from one of his daughters. We then brought the focus back to the hot and present asking them what they feel their one sexual act they are best at. Micah thinks he is a pretty amazing bottom so he'd go with that. Troy tries to be good at all of it so he would answer with that. Humility is in the air this week. lol Well lets let these two get at it and let them figure out who's good at what (while we watch...)Micah shows up at Troy's soaking wet and gets the third degree from his boss. Troy in incensed about how irresponsible he could be going out in the rain like that. Micah tells him to stop acting like his dad already and that sets Troy off. He grabs Micah and pulls his shirt off telling him he knows he's always looking at his cock in the office and maybe it was about time he gets a closer look. He shoves Micah's face into his crotch before undoing his jeans and giving him a taste of the real thing. Micah doesn't struggle as he gets his face fucked. Micah's mouth is soon stuffed full of cock as he sucks it deep. Troy then drops to his knees to see if Micah has anything to offer. He takes out Micah's cock and starts to return the favor. He laps and sucks on Micah's smooth balls before shoving his dick so deep he makes himself gag on it. Micah then bends over as Troy starts to play with his hot ass fingering it as he gets Micah even hornier. Once Troy's done playing with that hot ass he sits back and gets Micah's mouth back on his dick. He fucks Micah's mouth as he bobs his head up and down on his cock. Micah's tongue then moves south as he starts to eat Troy's ass. Troy's cock gets rock hard and that mouth just isn't enough...Troy gets Micah on his knees and pushes him down until his ass is up and begging for it. He aims his cock south and slides inside. Micah moans as Troy takes that ass deep. He pile drives deep as Micah struggles to accommodate Troy's hard cock. Troy pounds that ass and gets tired of looking at the back of Micah's head so he turns him over on his back. He flips Micah's legs up and goes right back to pile driving his dick. He can now watch Micah's face as he begs him for more dick. Micah was right about having a hot ass that could more than take a pounding. Troy then gets up and sits on the chair and watches as Micah lowers himself back onto that meat. He sits on Troy in a reverse cowgirl and takes that dick to the hilt. He rides that meat like a seasoned jockey driving Troy wild. Troy isn't one to just sit back so he too starts to slam his hard cock up into Micah's hungry ass. That does the trick as Micah's cock explodes. He busts his thick load all over his smooth chest and navel. Troy then stands and jacks his cock off all over Micah's face coating it with his thick seed.

  • released : 11-24-2011 |

On the Quiver Banks

On the Quiver Banks, Scene #01

Halloween is here and, all tricks aside, we have a new treat on MenOver30 that goes by the name of Sean Banks. Sean is 23, a Florida native and a first timer from Gator Country. Well Gainesville is in the house and in good hands as veteran Troy Halston does the honors and shows Sean the ropes. In keeping with current affairs, we asked these studs if they had the ability to address both Houses of Congress to fix one thing, what it would be. On Sean's list, being that he is a student, it would be to get the financial aid mess situated. Allocating funds to ensure that college kids get a better education is important. Troy would ask that they stop fooling the people and just work together towards a common good. It seems it's politicians and the people they serve aren't always on the same side. To lighten the mood we asked them what their favorite cities were. Sean loves Cannes, Australia. Equidistant to the equator as places like San Francisco, Cannes boasts pleasant weather year round. Troy was born in West Virginia but grew up in Colorado so that's where he would most want to be when away from our sunny beaches. Well none of these studs are going anywhere; until we get a few things taken care of…Two party goers meet and end up going home together. Troy and Sean come in and sit down to get better acquainted. Now that they can hear each other away from the loud party, Troy tells Sean he sounds familiar. He takes off his mask and as he removes his buddy's he realizes it's his nephew, Sean. “My brother's gonna be pissed', he scoffs '…Oh well” He goes in for a kiss as they make out. Sean is soon on his knees as he takes Troy's hard cock in his mouth. “Swallow that cock” Troy groans as Sean shows him what he can do. Sean deep throats that dick with ease fucking his throat with it as he gets it nice and wet. Troy is impressed at Sean's skills as he fucks his face and revels in the sensation. Troy isn't done checking out all the perks his nephew has to offer so he pulls his cock out and bends over so that he can get his ass rimmed. Sean obliges as he spreads Troy's ass and shoves his tongue inside. Troy moans as Sean starts to tongue fuck that ass making him squirm. They can't get enough of each other as Troy pulls him to his feet to get at his hard young meat. Troy feverishly returns the favor as Sean's thick cock disappears into his mouth. Sean is in awe as his Uncle shows him how it's done.Troy takes his time sucking Sean's cock getting between his legs to better service that dick. Once he's ready for more he gets up on his knees, holds Sean's legs up and shoves his dick inside. Sean's moaning with pleasure as he gets that smooth hole stretched wide open. Troy fucks that sweet ass pounding it deep as Sean just moans for more. Troy means business as he impales Sean over and over onto his meat. Troy then gets up and sits back so that Sean can sit on his dick. Sean straddles that meat and slowly sits back on it. Troy rams his dick up into Sean pulling him down onto his dick before they start to go at it again. “Fuck my cock with your asshole!” Troy orders as Sean does his best to grind his hot ass onto Troy rock hard cock. Troy's shoving that dick in and out of that ass with ease as that tight as milks his meat. Troy then gets Sean on his back again so he can bring the fun home missionary style. He holds Sean's legs up and rams inside. He fucks that hot hole faster and deeper obviously on a mission. Sean doesn't mind at all as he jacks his throbbing cock faster as well. Sean can't hold back any more as Troy fucks the cum out of him. He explodes all over his chest with Troy seconds behind him. Troy pulls out and unloads his batch all over Sean's chest and abs as well.

  • released : 10-27-2011 |

The Troy Fuck Club

The Troy Fuck Club, Scene #01

Troy Halston is back this week and this Buckeye is in for a treat as we welcome back hunky 30 year old David Chase. Troy is now 41 and though he was born in Akron he has considered Florida home for the last couple decades. We wondered if either of these two have ever lived through a natural disaster. Troy got here 2 years after Hurricane Andrew clear cut a path through South Florida and he doesn't feel the few that have followed have been that big a deal. David hasn't and says that where he's from they have yet to have any “natural disaster” happen. We wondered how different their sex lives at home are compared to what they experience on set. David feels he uses the adult industry to spice up what he considers pretty vanilla sex at home. Troy says his is a mixed bag since him and the Holly Halston at times keep it pretty vanilla then there are other days when they get their freak on totally twisted. When it comes to what turns them on the most, for David it's having his tongue 3” up a hot ass. For Troy, it would be having a tongue 3” up his hole. Hmmm. How conveeenient. That's a “hole” lotta info right there. lolDavid is sitting on the couch trying to figure out how to tie a tie when Troy decides he needs a little help. Troy put the tie around David's neck and as he proceeds to show him how to, David's hand finds his way onto Troy's crotch. He turns to face Troy as they start to make out. David then heads south to check out what Troy's packing. He hauls out Troy's cock and gets to work on it as Troy groans his appreciation. Troy fucks that face and watches as David struggle to take all of it. David swallows it as deep as he can, making himself gag on it. David looks up at Troy as he services that cock wanting to make sure he's doing it right. Troy then wants some as he sits down and pulls David closer. He returns the favor as he gets to work sucking on David's thick cock. David gasps as Troy's talented mouth goes to work on his meat. This is just what he needed before his big interview and Troy's not about to let him down. Troy then gets David bent over on the couch again and slides his tongue deep into David's beefy ass. David squirms as Troy teases that ass with that hot tongue of his.Once that hole is wet and ready, Troy gets into position as he slides inside. His smooth ball slap away at that ass as Chase grunts and begs for more. “You like that cock?” Troy teases as he starts to rail that ass. David whimpers as he gets that hungry ass filled. He can't get enough of it. Troy then switches it up as he sits back and watches David sit on his cock in a reverse cowgirl position. David's hard cock springs like a trampoline as he bounces on that hard cock. David is going to town on that dick as he pleasures himself on that hard cock as he strokes his own. Troy does his best to shove his dick as deep as possible. Troy's cock is hitting David's prostate just right and it makes David's cock throb as he busts his nut riding Troy's. Troy then kneels over David's chest as he unloads his thick cargo. David, who is stroking his still swollen meat as he gets coated, jerks his cock into a second orgasm adding even more protein to the mix. Now that's how you tie a tie, Betches!

  • released : 09-22-2011 |
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