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Tristan Sterling's Video

Dave's Not Here

Dave's Not Here

'Opposites attract' is something we have proven here many times on MenOver30.com but today we add a new moniker, 'Similarity leads to passion' as Brett Bradley and Tristan Sterling finally pair up an a sizzling big dick take all sex fest that was destined in the cards to be a ball churner. Barley breaking 250 pounds between the two of them, both of these lean, nimble fuckers have a high sex drive and weak spot for their fellow feather weights. Tristan would love to be known as 'such a hot bottom,' and the way he handles the salami sized slab of cock on Brett, he want a long way to advance his career aspirations today. Brett also showcases something we have learned over the years, 'never underestimate what a skinny guy may be packing,' and from the first time he unleashed his hose here back in January, we could not wait to see that pole in use and luckily for us all, neither could Tristan. After taking one look at Brett standing looking back at him, Tristan didn't seem too upset that his friend David wasn't at home to say the least. As Brett took one step towards him, Tristan's open seemed pulled into the snake running across Brett's jeans like it was guided by a tractor beam of desire. Brett goes in for a kiss before Tristan drops to his knees, opens his jeans nuzzles his face across the bugle in Brett's underwear that outlined the full girth and length of that pole that practically extended beyond his thigh. Taking out that massive pole, Tristan feast on the big mushroom head and begins to power suck that fat cock, forcing as much of it into his mouth before sliding his knees to open his throat to try and take even more. Looking up at Brett with his mouth bloated with dick, Tristan bangs it on his tongue, licks his balls then stands up and allows Brett to liberate a cock ready for its turn. Brett proves to be quite the cocksmith himself, slurping on Tristan's meat before standing up and filling Tristan's mouth again. Arching his back and turning around, Brett's tongue invades Tristan's hole, getting it warm and wet for the big task it will be tackling next. Facing Brett on the chair, Tristan reaches down and holds Brett's cock by the base he is pressed his tight, smooth ass downward as that hole tries to accommodate the girthiest piece of meat he had ever encountered. With Brett's hands massaging his back, Tristan slowly raises and lowers himself up and down, taking more and more of that massive cock, moaning louder and louder and after a good hard smack on his ass, he licks Brett's face as he bounces up and down on that pole, his own hard cock leaving a trail of pre on Brett's pecs and abs. Now on his back 'fuck, yeah!' Tristan growls as Brett pushed back on Tristan's thighs, opening him up for as he pressed forward and drives his cock back home. 'You like that hole?' Tristan asks and Brett replies by fucking him even faster and deeper. With bit a stoke or two on his cock, Tristan releases his nut on his belly then Brett pulls out and seals the deal with a big oversized load worthy of the piece that produced it.

  • released : 06-06-2013 |

Special Delivery

Special Delivery, Scene #01

Forgive us for the Sinz we intend to revel in whole-heartedly as we indulge ourselves to even more Ricky Sinz. Yes Ricky is back this week as we welcome back the Windy City's inked, heart throb aged 31 years to perfection. Ricky is looking better than ever; and the only one happier to see him than we are would be 22 year old Tristan Sterling. Tristan is a Florida native from Orlando and he's a familiar face on our brother sites but today he becomes a member of the MenOver30 gang...by injection. We asked these two what their favorite type of cuisine is. Ricky likes Asian but admits he likes to eat strange things. He'll try anything. Tristan likes all kinds of food except seafood. As for favorite cuisine he likes Italian and Thai. Thai being one of his favorites, Tristan admits that he had one of his best dates ever that started at a Thai restaurant. As far as dating is concerned, Ricky's never had much luck. 'I can't think of any good ones, just bad shit' moans Ricky 'like losing my keys in China Town.' Well Ricky won't be losing any keys this afternoon. We're not that kind of studio. Tristan's hanging out when Ricky comes in to deliver a package. Tristan notices he's packing more than one as he reaches for the one in his pants. 'Oh you want a good package delivered!?' grins Ricky as Tristan hauls out his growing cock. He licks all over the shaft before sliding it all the way down his throat. No gag reflex has its privileges. Ricky moans as he grabs Tristan's head and starts to bob it on his rock hard cock. He can't get enough of that hot mouth on his dick as Tristan lands on his knees in complete submission to better worship that meat. Ricky skull fucks him deep and hard as he shoves every inch he can down Tristan's willing throat. Ricky then pulls Tristan up by his tank top and bends him over on the couch. He pulls down his shorts and spits on that hole before roughly fingering it. Tristan moans like a bitch as Ricky fingers that tight ass. He spits on that ass some more as he continues to work that hole making Tristan moan like a str8 girl. 'Spread that fucking ass!' Ricky orders as Tristan holds his ass wide open.Ricky then puts Tristan on his knees again so he can get his dick back in that mouth for more. His cock gets the service he needs before he turns around and offers that hot ass up for Tristan's tongue. Tristan buries his face up inside as Ricky tells him to eat that hole like a good boy. Tristan can't get enough of that ass as he stands up and slaps his cock on Ricky's ass. 'Think you're gonna fuck me, Bitch?' Ricky muses as he grabs Tristan and forces him down. Tristan whines as Ricky takes that ass hard. He slams that dick inside him as Tristan just moans uncontrollably. 'Fuck my hole!' Tristan begs as Ricky obliges. He pummels that ass giving him all the dick he needs. Tristan gets cocky ordering Ricky to fuck him like he means it. Ricky grabs him and hoists him into the air while still inside him and bounces him on his dick while standing up. Tristan's eyes bulge open as he gets that hole stretched wide open. Ricky, still fucking Tristan, sits down on the couch and orders Tristan to ride that fucking cock 'til he says otherwise. Ricky pounds up into Tristan so hard it makes Tristan cum. He shoots all over his happy trail as Ricky slams inside. One hot facial coming right up as Ricky then stands over Tristan's face and unloads his hot cum all over Tristan's sweet face.

  • released : 08-30-2012 |