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Trace Michaels's Video

Fright Night

Fright Night, Scene #01

Halloween is in our midst and with it comes folklore of ghouls and monsters, evil witches and Prince Charmings. Well, not everyone wants to be a Marine; so Halloween is the time to dress up and live out your fantasies. Well, we're going to be doing things a little different. We'll be undressing ours. Trace Michaels is back in the house and together with newcomer Spencer Pierce, they're going to be making your fantasies come true. Trace is 36 and from Tampa, FL. Spencer is finally 30; from Orlando and new to the MO30 club. We're happy to have him. We asked these two what their favorite Halloween costumes in the past had been. Spencer went as a flasher one year and had a riot. Trace went as an Indian chief wearing—picture this—a skimpy loin cloth and a few feathers. lol Being new to the industry, we asked Spencer how he felt about people watching him to get off. “It's the hottest thing ever” he beams. Spencer had no hesitation getting into porn. He was approached and he said hell yeah. Trace is a seasoned performer but still claims to be afraid of the camera. We have a hard time believing this bad boy's afraid of anything. Lol Well, let's get these treats naked.The guys come back from a costume party still wearing their masks. They talk about the fun time they had that soon leads to more fun. Trace starts to undress Spencer as his hands roam his smooth chest and abs. He sits Spencer back in the chair as he strips his shirt off. Spencer undoes his pants and pulls them off to get at that cock and hot ass. He gropes at Trace's defined frame before slipping between Trace's legs to work on that rock hard cock. He looks up at Trace as he sucks his cock which only gets Trace hornier. “Take it all” Trace coos before getting up to sit down on the chaise. Spencer follows and stands in front of Trace who immediately goes for his throbbing cock. Spencer moans softly as Trace nurses on his thick dick. Trace savors his cock before turning him around and bending him over. Trace has other things in mind as his tongue tastes Spencer's hot ass. Spencer is naturally smooth and his muscular ass is irresistible. Trace tongue fucks that sweet hole getting it ready for a hot fucking. Trace then stands and gets into position as he starts to slide his cock deep inside Spencer's hole. Trace loves that ass and climbs up on the couch so he can jack hammer that cock inside. Spencer is moaning as he takes that dick. Trace then sits back on the chair and orders Spencer to ride his dick. Spencer sits on his cock in a reverse cowgirl position so that Trace can watch his cock disappear into his hot hole. Spencer loves that cock deep in him and his cock is rock hard the entire time he's getting boned. Trace then switches it up a bit and puts Spencer on his side before sliding his dick back in. He starts fucking that ass slowly as he teases Spencer. That feels amazing which makes Trace's cock want more. He slams deeper into Spencer's ass at a faster pace making Spencer's eyes roll back. Trace then moves Spencer into missionary and rails that hot ass he's been pounding. Missionary does the trick for both of them. They dismount and jack off side by side sending their thick loads all over themselves. Shame you can't fit that into your goody bag…damn shame. Happy Halloween from all of us at MenOver30.com.

  • released : 10-28-2010 |

Tool Box

Tool Box, Scene #01

After making his debut with us last week, we just had to have Trace Michaels back this week for more. The response we got over this furry slice of muscled daddy cake was phenomenal. So, we decided we needed to see this bad boy in action. For those of you who aren't familiar with Trace, Trace is 36 years old and from Central Florida. We brought back a recent find to join Trace; and since these two both came here from Central Florida we figured 27 year old David Scott would be a perfect fit. David Scott was last scene face down taking an ass pounding from Brenn Wyson—but that's another story entirely. We asked these two what they like to do on their spare time to relax. Trace likes to get some sun, get to the beach and work out. David likes to spend time with family and relax and hangout with them. He also likes sex as well. (Duh) We then asked these two horny studs what the jack off fantasies that occur the most for them when they end up whackin' the willy. Trace admits he likes thinking about younger guys taking his ass. Hmm, sound the Bottom Daddy alarm. David likes jacking off to fantasies of older daddies that take care of their bodies. If these daddies just so happen to be in leather ...then David cums that much faster. David's sitting on the couch when Trace, the repair guy, reports everything is in working order. He then asks if there's anything else that needs fixing. David looks up at the hairy daddy before him and says, 'Well, there is one thing…' Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow. He stands and lets his fingers do the walking all over the repair guy as he undoes his coveralls. Trace is game and starts to kiss David who is soon on his knees with a mouthful of thick cock to work on. David braces himself on Trace's meaty thighs as he shoves that dick down his throat over and over. Trace looks down and watches as he gets his cock swallowed to the hilt. Then its Trace's turn as David sits back and watches Trace get to work. On his knees, Trace starts to work David's growing cock. He laps at his smooth balls as his dick gets harder. Soon he's deep throating David's meat. David gasps as he watches his dick disappear into Trace's skilled mouth. They then get up and start making out while Trace cups David's smooth bubble butt. David then bends over to give Trace and that tongue of his better access. Trace rims that ass deep and soon David's ready for more…you know. Trace stands up and gets into position as he slides his thick dick deep into David's hungry hole. Once he buries that dick deep he starts to fuck away at that hot ass. He slaps that ass while he bounces David on his meat. He holds David by his shoulders as he locks him into place so he can fuck him deep. David loves the dick he's getting and the two look hot as they fuck away doggy-style on the couch. Trace then switches things up and sits back and has David ride him. David sits back on that cock and once he's got every inch of it inside him, he starts to ride that dick like a pogo stick. His own cock is rock hard and swinging side to side as he gets that ass pounded from beneath. Trace can't get enough of that smooth ass and he starts to ram his meat up into David's worn hole. The sound of Trace's balls slapping that ass as well as David's grunts fill the room. Soon these two are ready to explode. David moves in for a closer view as Trace pumps his cock to completion. He unloads all over David's face as well as his own furry navel. David then sits back and jacks himself off as Trace works his nips. Once David blows his load all over his smooth frame, Trace moves down and samples some off his chest, abs then a quick mouthful to clean off what was left. Whew.

  • released : 08-12-2010 |

Sin & Bear It

Sin & Bear It, Scene #01

Unbuckle those pants fellas, cuz have we got a hot daddy for you. Originally from Fort Lauderdale, 36 year old Trace Michaels makes his debut with us. Trace is a hot daddy indeed. Standing 6' tall, Trace is one tall, dark and hairy hottie. He has classic handsome features, a chiseled frame that's deliciously covered in man fur. Every once in a while we're blessed with a man that loves himself 'au natural'. Wanting to get to know this manly man a bit better, we asked Trace if he could go back to being 21 what would he do differently. 'Plan your marriages carefully' he advises, 'mine were wonderful - but too early'. Mmm-Kay. Well youth IS wasted on the young. We then asked Trace where he sees himself in 10 years. Trace wants to be more financially sound by the time that marker rolls around. Trace got into the adult industry because it was one of those things on his 'to do' list. Naturally charming and photogenic, Trace has many qualities that will keep him working in this industry for a long time to cum. We look forward to seeing a lot more of him in the future. The End. Next on 'our' To Do list - Get this dude NAKED!!!Trace starts by slowly giving us a better view of his huge chest. He peels off his tee shirt and once he's down to his black tank he starts to pose and flex for us. His dedication in the gym is obvious and he has the guns to back that up. He slowly licks his massive biceps as his hand starts to roam south over his broad chest and abs. He stands as he slips his hand inside his tank. As he lifts his tank a bit feeling up his chest we get our first glimpse of his hairy abs. Trace doesn't have a happy trail; this stud has a happy highway. His thick chest hair completely covers his bulging peeks and ripples over the defined abs that disappear into his shorts. He slowly turns around and takes off his tank. His back has a large tribal tattoo that covers his upper back from shoulder blade to shoulder blade. Trace sits back and continues to tease us by groping and licking his chest and biceps. Trace then turns his attention to his nips that he tugs on and tweaks which does the trick. His shorts are popping a tent and Trace finally goes in to give his throbbing cock some much needed attention. He drops his shorts and is left in a tight pair of boxer briefs. Now the fun can begin.Trace bends over as he pulls down his briefs. His hot ass is on display and as he bends over he pulls his ass cheeks apart. He kneads his ass cheeks while we get a view of that hot hole. He stands and finally frees his cock. He strokes this as we get a close up view of his cock and balls. He sits back on the chair and lubes his meat up. Trace takes his time as he massages his hard cock. His muscles are glistening and flexed as he services his meat. His massive thighs are spread wide and no matter what the angle on this hung stud, there's plenty to lust over. The look on his face is one of focus as he hones in on that cock that has his body at its command. Trace needs to relieve the tension in those balls and it won't be long before he explodes. His smooth balls are pulling tighter around the base of his glistening cock as he nears his climax. He lies with his nipple with his free hand as his body starts to pump up into his fist. He grunts and is soon coating his furry navel with his load.

Starring Trace Michaels
  • released : 08-05-2010 |