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Tim Kelly's Video

Dressed for Sex-cess!

Dressed for Sex-cess!, Scene #01

Back after a long absence in these parts is none other than Tim Kelly. Tim has gotten all dressed up for the occasion and we all know that boys go crazy for a sharp dressed man. Tim is hitting the big 5-0 this year and we must admit he's looking better and leaner now than he did 3 years ago when we saw him last. Tim decided he wanted to go from just being big to being leaner and cut up as he got older. So he found himself a trainer and he did just that. Mission accomplished. For many talk is a big game; but Mr. Kelly brought us results and to that we raise our martini glass. It's 5 somewhere! Tim is single and has been since we last saw him. He's currently accepting applications and loves men with a good sense of humor. He's a bit of a goofball so he likes men that appreciate that. He usually is drawn to guys that are more muscular and he isn't too particular on whether they are hairy or smooth. We then wrapped it up by asking him if he could cast a fantasy scene what it would be. Tim admits he would want to do a romantic scene which is rarely done. Find models that have chemistry and can bring that to the set and really capture something as intimate as romance to then share it with the viewers at home. Mr. Tim Kelly, always the visionary. -Now get naked!Tim comes home wearing a sharp black pin stripe suit and a blue button down shirt. His shirt is set nicely against his paisley tie which has been around his neck far too long. It's time to kick back and get comfortable. The tie, always the last accessory put on, comes off first and the rest of the ensemble is sure to follow suit. (no pun intended) Tim drops his pants and starts to grope his growing cock through his boxers. His shirt is unbuttoned and framing his hairy chest nicely as he sits back to give his cock more attention. As he sits back we can better appreciate the fur front as we get a better view of all the body hair he has to offer. If you're a hair lover, get your tongues ready-cuz there's a fur ball in your future. His cock is ready to make its debut as Tim stands to lose his briefs. Now fully 'debriefed', Tim is ready for his assignment as he gets to work on his needy cock. He tugs at this shaft dry while remembering to keep his balls in the game. His cock is coming to life glad to finally get the attention it's been craving all day.Tim's cock is quick to respond and is soon at full mast and swinging side to side as Tim continues stroking and teasing it. He takes off his shirt to show off his upper body and sits back to play with his cock and balls. His dedication in the gym and his trainer's guidance has really paid off. Tim sits back and lubes up his cock to get better results. He tugs on his nuts as he picks up the pace. His fist becomes a blur as he pumps his hard cock up and down. It won't be long before his cock gets the kind of release it needs. He runs his free hand through his thick chest hair as he gropes his muscular chest. His hairy nuts start to pull up closer to his shaft as they prepare for launch. Tim is on point as he continues to jack his dick. He spreads his muscular legs apart getting ready to blow his wad as he stops and displays his hard erection for us. As he feels that familiar tickle in his balls he pinches his nipple and jacks even harder sending his body into convulsions. He moans and groans as he writhes in ecstasy as his cock coats his furry navel with jet after jet of jizz. Now that's how every work day should end.

Starring Tim Kelly
  • released : 06-14-2012 |

Daddy Daycare

Daddy Daycare, Scene #01

ailing from Philadelphia, PA is this week's furry morsel. Standing at 5'11 with a longstanding career in the business, Tim Kelly is still looking amazing at 48. He's known for his “Daddy” sex appeal. He wears that image well and admits he's the same off camera as well as on. Tim likes to play the Daddy role at home just as much as he does on set. Art imitates life imitating art. (Something like that) Tim is happy with is life choices and has no qualms about his career in the adult industry. He does however wish he'd paid better attention in school and maybe taken a few more political science courses just to help him stay current with the goings on. We were pleased to discover that this will be Tim's first ever solo and we're happy to be the ones to bring that to our members. We're sure there have been plenty of men stroking off to his hairy hotness. When it comes to what Tim strokes off to, we asked him what type of scene or men puts the sail on his mast. Tim is attracted to guys shorter than him, built, and 40 or younger. Hmmm, that gives us an idea of what—or whom—we can throw together when we get this Daddy Delight to come back and see us. You heard it here first: “He'll be back!”In an orange muscle tank, Tim slowly begins his strip tease. He hoists up his guns as he flexes them for us. Tim's dedication at the gym has really paid off and has kept his hairy frame in amazing shape. He loses the tank and continues to pose for us, showing off his hairy pits and chest and the happy highway that leads to his growing cock. He pulls off his shorts and is left in a sexy pair of underwear that soon isn't able to contain his growing cock. He hauls his meat out of his underwear, giving it a few tugs before losing them altogether as well. He sits back on the couch and starts to give his cock the attention it needs. As he strokes that daddy dick, Tim realizes he has options and that maybe his hand could use the day off. He leans over and grabs a Fleshjack on the side table and quickly puts it to good use. He slides his hard dick deep inside and starts jacking off into it. His cock responds as it throbs to the new sensation enveloping it. He switches off from one hand to the other as he pumps the fleshjack onto his aching cock. This Fleshjack is in for one hell of a ride.Tim stands and continues fucking into the Fleshjack adjusting the suction on it before going back to mounting it. The sloppy sounds of his cock pounding that hole fill the room as his balls bounce up to meet it with every double fisted thrust he gives it. He slowly pulls the jack off his cock til h is cock is almost free, before slowly sliding his meat inside until he's ball deep in it again, rinse, repeat. Tim can't get enough as he strokes his meat with his fist for a bit alternating with more of the jack. Tim's balls are slowly beginning to pull up closer and closer to the base of his meaty cock. You know it won't be long before they're ready to launch their boys into orbit, or in this case, the rug below. Hey, Momma said there'd be days like these! lol Tim picks up the pace as he pounds away at his pole with the jack and uses both hands to impale it on his cock faster and faster. Tim's defined chest rises and falls as his breathing begins to labor. Tim then puts the jack into the couch and mounts it like a steed burying his meat deep into its warm embrace. His muscular ass is on display as he pumps the jack full of dick. That does the trick as Tim spins around, lays back and busts his nut all over his furry abs and navel. Damn, Daddy! ...do it again.

Starring Tim Kelly
  • released : 01-07-2010 |