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Steven Ponce's Video

Ponce De Lion

Ponce De Lion, Scene #01

Today we have a Latin overload as we welcome back sexy 32 year old Steven Ponce from “La Isla del Encanto” (the enchanted Island) a.k.a. Puerto Rico. Steven is in for a treat, and then some, as we welcome back Colombian 'papi', Alexander Garrett. We asked them if they had the chance to show off their native countries to friends that had never been; where they would take them. Steven would take them to the Rain Forests as well as the white sandy beaches of his Caribbean birthright. Well, down in South America, 34 year old Alexander would show off the breathtaking, Colombian mountainsides; enjoy access to both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and his favorite the beautiful people back home. We then asked them what food they miss most from back home. It's Mofongo for Steven, who started to salivate just thinking about it. Mofongo is mashed green plantains often stuffed with shrimp or seasoned beef. Alexander misses Paisa. Red beans and rice with 2 eggs over easy on top served with sweet plantains and toast. Mmmm. All this talk of food is making us hungry. Fortunately, these two have worked up quite the appetite. So enough about the menu—let's get right to the main course. Bon Apetit, Gentlemen.They sit reminiscing about Memorial Day weekend on the couch as Alexander's hand slips between the cushions and finds a double headed dildo. “What's this?” he asks. A blushing Steven completely denies it's his. Plausible deniability at its best...lol They start to joke about it which leads to them making out. Steven kisses Alexander as his hands run down his defined abs right into his pants. Alexander's looking better than ever and Steven can't wait to get into those pants. Alexander's rock hard by the time Steven pulls off his jeans. Steven then does a strip tease for Alexander who lies back and watches as Steven strips bare and shows off his spectacular ass. Alexander uses his feet to spread those smooth cheeks apart getting his first look at that ass he'll soon own. “I can't wait for that cock in my ass” Steven moans before getting to work on that throbbing cock. Alexander grunts as Steven works his cock down to the hilt as he slurps on that uncut meat. Alexander can't get enough of that mouth as he stands up so he can fuck that face of his. Steven takes that dick like a champ wanting to get it all down his throat. Alexander then returns the favor as he gets on his knees and deep throats Steven's meat as well. Steven is on overdrive and wanting more.Alexander takes his time sucking on that meat then spreads that smooth ass apart and puts that double header to good use. He slides it inside as Steven moans with pleasure. He teases that ass getting it loosened up for his own cock that will be stretching that ass a lot wider than this dildo ever could. He rams that dildo deep inside driving Steven crazy who by now is begging for the real thing. Alexander suits up and finally gives him what he wants. He slides that thick cock inside and starts to pound his ass deep. Steven is in heaven as he gets that hot ass of his stuffed full of Colombian cock. Alexander shoves his meat deep as he fucks Steven on his back. Steven can't help but stroke his rock hard cock as he gets that hole fucked. Steven then straddles that dick and sits down on it as he starts to ride it some more. He has more control on top and fucks himself silly as he lies back on Alexander's chest and grinds away on that thick pole. Alexander slams his cock up into him wanting it just as much. They then lay sideways as Alexander continues fucking him on his side. That does the trick as Steven explodes all over himself. Alexander then pulls out and blows all over Steven's furry chest and abs.

  • released : 06-30-2011 |

Brenn Pounces Ponce

Brenn Pounces Ponce, Scene #01

We can never get enough 'Wyson'. Brenn Wyson is back with us on MenOver30, giving yet another eager buddy the signature Wyson pounding. Brenn is one of a kind. He brings 'it' like only Brenn can. With an accent that screams New England, he's decided he's from Mississippi this afternoon. A far cry from Jamaica but at least he keeps us on our toes. That's also something that can be said about the boys that end up on the other end of that dick of his. This afternoon, it will be 29 year old Steven Ponce. Steven can definitely hold his own with the big boys. This spicy slice of ginger is looking better than ever. We asked these two studs if they could be Kings of any country which country would you want to be crowned King of? Brenn laughs as he answers Miami Beach. If you've ever been to South Florida and have experienced the unique salad bowl of cultures here, we're sure you'd agree at times this does feel like a separate country. Steven rolls his eyes before answering Finland as his choice. 'You never hear about them on the news; so if there's a war anywhere you know you'd be safe in Finland.' Well, Steven's about to have his borders invaded so he better start worrying about his 'ass'-ets a lot closer to home.

They start kissing as Brenn starts rubbing his cock as it stiffens in his jeans. Steven's hands begin to roam as he pulls off Brenn's tee before getting stripped down himself. These two aren't wasting any time. Once their clothes come off, they go to work on each other. Brenn is in the mood for some Puerto Rican cuisine as he savors every inch of Steven's rock hard cock. Brenn spit-shines and gets Steven rock hard before standing up so that Steven can return the favor. Brenn holds his head as he starts to fuck his throat. He knows what he likes on his cock, and he's gonna get it. Steven keeps working on Brenn's massive meat as best he can as Brenn starts trying to get a better idea of what's in store. He paws at Steven's smooth ass as he fingers and tries to explore as best he can with Steven still latched on to his throbbing cock. Steven knows just what to do to reign in Brenn's focus as he starts to throat fuck himself with Brenn's cock. Brenn lies back in awe as he watches the hot Hispanic tongue fest he's receiving. Don't try this at home folks—Steven's an oral professional! Brenn then decides he wants some more of Steven as Steven gladly returns the favor fucking Brenn's throat and giving him some of the same.

Brenn kneels before Steven as Steven orders him to suck his cock and balls. Soon, Brenn's tongue is exploring more than his pole. Brenn then gets back on the couch as Steven goes back to work on his stiff dick. Once its rock hard, Brenn suits up and has Steven straddle him. Steven's ass gives way as Brenn's cock starts fucking away. Steven gyrates his hips as his hot ass drives Brenn wild. Steven grips Brenn's pecs as he bounces on that cock fucking himself as he rides Brenn's cock like a seasoned jockey in the final stretch. Brenn then stands him up and fucks him some more. He grabs on to Steven as he starts to batter that thick dick back in that ass. Steven's hungry hole is taking a pounding, and he's nowhere near done. Brenn holds his ass open as his balls slap away faster and harder inside that tight ass. Steven then goes to the floor as his legs go up and around Brenn's muscular waist. Missionary is closing up this fuck fest as Brenn fucks the hell out of Steven. They are both moaning as they get caught up in the moment. 'Shoot that dick' Brenn orders as he fucks Steven faster and deeper. Sure enough Steven explodes all over himself hitting his abs, chest and face. Brenn pulls out and blasts an enormous load all over Steven's cum-soaked bod. Damn, boys!

  • released : 04-15-2010 |
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