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Steven Daigle's Video

The Big Finnish

The Big Finnish, Scene #01

This week we have a special treat as we welcome back Steven Daigle. Steven is gonna have his hands full with one of our alumni that is coming out of retirement after 8 years. Peter Finland is back and looking hot as ever at 45. Steven is now 38 and we know Peter's in good hands with our resident exhibitionist. Both of these guys love to be in front of an audience and they both have current projects underway. Steven, of 'Big Brother' fame, will be featured in a new gay movie called 'Eating Out 4—Drama Camp'. It's due to be released soon and he's excited about it. Peter also has a flick on the way due out this spring called 'Bear City 2' in which he'll have a cameo as a boat captain. 'It's gonna be hilarious!' he assures us. We then asked these two when they are out at the movies what they like to eat at the concession stand. Steven loves Hot Tamales while Peter is hooked on Sour Gummy Bears. We then wrapped it up by asking these studs what they enjoy most about working in the adult industry. They both couldn't agree more on being fortunate enough to be able to travel while meeting incredibly hot men and get paid to have sex with them. ...Makes one suddenly want to question their career path. Peter is kicking back on the couch with his feet up talking to a friend on the phone. He wraps the call up and as the camera pans out you realize that Steven is on all four acting as his ottoman. Peter figures it's about time to put him to better use as he slides his hand inside Steven's shorts and explores that hot ass. He pulls those shorts down to get a better view of that ass and then grabs Steven and begins to make out with him. Peter peels off his tee as he shoves Steven's face into his chest. Steven licks at his chest and works his way south to that hard cock in his jeans. He undoes them to get at that dick and soon he has Peter's uncut cock in his mouth. Peter fucks his face for a bit before sitting back to have Steven worship his meat some more. Steven can't get enough as he takes that dick down his throat. Peter stands up again so he can shove that meat as deep as he wants to as Steven coughs and gags on it trying to take it all. Peter slaps that face with his cock and then with his hand making Steven even hornier for it. Peter then bends Steven over and gets that sweet ass nice and wet as he dives in tongue first. Steven can barely contain himself as Peter French kisses his smooth hole. Peter then stands in front of Steven and fucks his face some more wanting to get his cock rock hard again before sliding it inside that hole he just got through eating. Steven takes it like a good boy as he services Peter. Peter bends forward and starts sucking on Steven's cock and his tongue ends up back in Steven's hole. Hmmm. He gets Steven on all four and slowly pushes his meat inside that tight ass. Steven groans as he gets used to that dick in his hole. Peter pounds him hard and deep from the start as Steven just begs for more. Peter pounds that ass doggy style before pulling out and laying back on the floor. Steven knows his place as he straddles that daddy dick and goes right back to taking it. 'That's m' boy' groans Peter as he watches Steven bounce up and down on his meat. Steven's doing all the work; and he's not complaining. He grinds that hot ass deep wanting every inch of Peter's cock inside him. Peter grabs him and shoves inside even deeper as he fucks him missionary. He pounds away hitting Steven's sweet spot as Steven begs for more as he's about to cum. Steven blows all over himself with Peter still buried inside him. Peter then pulls out and unloads all over his own chest leaving himself a cum-covered mess.

  • released : 03-29-2012 |

Cocks & Bond

Cocks & Bond, Scene #01

We have two blasts from the past as we welcome back Steven Daigle and Braxton Bond. Braxton is 32 and originally from Maine but is now residing, across the pond, in London. Steven Daigle is also back and this sexy 37 years old currently lives in San Diego. We wondered if these two had to move and live in another city which city would it be. Oddly enough, Steven would want to live in London because he thinks it's one of the best cities in the world. Braxton would want to live in Los Angeles. We wondered if Steven's now infamous stint as a houseguest on Big Brother 10, for all of 2 seconds, helped him discover his exhibitionist side. We thought it may have helped make the transition into the adult industry that much easier. Steven admits he was always an exhibitionist at heart and has always wanted to be in front of the camera. Big Brother just reaffirmed his need. Braxton also got his start in the industry wanting to fulfill his need to be watched. He got some pictures together and set out to get into the industry. We wondered if in the industry if they got into toys of any kind. Steven doesn't really get into them but he feels he should at least buy a Steven Daigle dildo. As he laughs it off, we notice a gleam in Braxton's eyes. TSA agents beware Braxton's might be “packing” one hell of a souvenir. Steven starts to check out Braxton's new ink that he got out in Los Angeles. The dragon on Braxton's arm gives Steven a reason to finally touch Braxton and as he gets the tattoo tour discovery turns into fondling as Steven starts to lick and kiss on Braxton's body. They start to make out as they peel away each other's clothes. They tumble onto the chaise as they continue to kiss and lick each other. Steven's curiosity gets the better of him as he undoes Braxton's shorts and goes for it. He takes Braxton's growing cock in his mouth and swallows every inch. Braxton moans in ecstasy as Steven worships his meat and licks on his nuts. Steven can't get enough of that dick as he face fucks himself with Braxton's throbbing bone. Steven then whips out his own cock and offers it to Braxton. Braxton takes to his cock like a hungry calf as Steven holds his head and pounds his throat. Steven shoves his dick so deep it makes Braxton gag and he loves it. Steven then gets Braxton bent over the chair so he can get his tongue up into that hot hole. Braxton moans as Steven tongue fucks that ass getting it ready for more.After taking his time prepping that imported ass with his tongue, Steven gets his fingers in the mix as he starts to finger that hole. “Fuck my ass” Braxton begs as Steven goes to it. Steven bends Braxton over and slides his thick cock deep inside that ass. That tight hole feels amazing wrapped around his meat and he starts to pound away. Braxton bucks back wanting every inch of Steven buried inside him. “Yeah that ass feels good” Steven grunts as he watches his cock disappear into Braxton's hungry hole. Steven grabs Braxton by the waist and starts to plow into his ass fast and hard making Braxton moan with pleasure. They switch it up as Steven sits back and watches Braxton ride his dick. Braxton bounces his hot ass on his meat as he sits on it facing him initially then twirling around into a reverse cowgirl to keep getting that ass plugged. Braxton's own cock is bouncing up and down like a diving board as he gets nailed. Braxton can't help but jack his dick as he's taking Steven's cock and it sends him over the edge as he lies back and cums all over himself with Steven still buried inside him. Steven then pulls out and jacks out a huge load all over himself and Braxton as he empties his nuts as well.

  • released : 02-24-2011 |

Daigle-ing Modifier

Daigle-ing Modifier, Scene #01

Back for more this week is Max Sinclair. Yes, our hot beefy str8 boy from Orlando, FL is here to see what it would feel like if it wasn't a strap on in that hot ass. C'mon, he should have known that letting girls use a strap-on on that outrageous ass of his would only peak his curiosity for the real thing. We're peaking in all sorts of places already just thinking about it. Helping out this week is a sexy newcomer, Steven Daigle. Steven is 37. He's originally from San Diego, CA. Steven may look familiar and he gets recognized since his appearance on Big Brother. He doesn't mind at all. He wasn't on there for long; but admits he was his “happy” self while he was there. Had he been there longer he might've had to show a different, more conniving side, of Steven. Being on camera 24/7 however, gave him a whole new perspective on being comfortable around them. It has come in great in the adult industry since he can perform without inhibitions. Speaking on “perspective”, Max walks away with a new one in regards to the fun you can have on the other side of the sexual fence. Steven left the kind of impression we all hope to, as a completely satisfied Max grins and admits that even though this was his first cock ever…it won't be his last. Steven clearly wins Immunity! lol“Have you ever been 'pegged' by a girl?” asks Steven as Max gives him a confused look. “Pegging” is when a girl uses a toy or a dildo on your ass. Max grins and concedes that he has, in fact, been pegged. Steven grins and tells him that if he likes the pegging as much as he says, he'll definitely like the real thing. Steven praises Max on his defined frame making him more at ease. Steven plays to his strengths as he asks Max to show off for him. Max obliges as he start to flex and pose. Steven can't help but want to feel that for himself. He gropes at Max' crotch and abs as Max starts to bone up. Steven drops to his knees and frees Max' cock that is already throbbing for attention. Str8 dick is what's for lunch as Steven greedily gobbles it up. Max just watches as he gets his first blow job from another guy. Steven knows exactly what he's doing as his fingers start to flirt with Max' back door. Steven then stands and frees his own raging cock giving Max something to play with. Max dives right in as he takes Steven's thick cock deep inside his hot mouth. Steven just groans as Max does his best to return the favor.Steven has him where he wants him and to seal the deal he gets Max bent over on the couch. He spreads his muscular cheeks apart before going in tongue first. Max just groans as he gets his ass rimmed. He holds his cheeks apart so that Steven can get that hot tongue deeper inside him. Steven then gets into position and starts to slide his big cock home. Max just grunts as he gets what he's needed all along—a real cock in that tight ass of his. Steven slowly picks up the pace and is soon fucking Max. Max' tight ass grips Steven's cock making him moan and groan at the sensation. Steven breaks that ass in doggy style before reconvening on the floor. Max squats on that cock and begins to ride it. He braces himself on the chair's edge and does dips repeatedly onto Steven's meat, fucking himself silly. Steven then gets him on his back and slides back inside for more. He pounds away at that ass missionary deeper and harder as they both near climax. Steven can't hold back any longer and pulls out before unloading a cum-drenching all over Max' hairy chest and abs. Max then strokes off his own rock hard cock as he adds even more load to the mix. Welcome to the club, Max; Steven's just earned himself a toaster oven.

  • released : 12-09-2010 |