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Sebastian Keys's Video

Glutton for Punishment

Glutton for Punishment, Scene #01

'Strangelove'. Will you take the pain; I will give to you, again and again—and will you return it? Depeche Mode sang about it; and this week we get to explore it. In order to do so, we intend to leave 40yo Brenn Wyson to his own devices. Brenn's in for a real treat as we pair him with a like-minded accomplice, 22yo Sebastian Keys. Sebastian loves it mild to wilder; and today we're going to let these two get as wild as they want. Buckle up boys, it's gonna be a bumpy ride. No need to pose! 'Standing and Modeling' isn't on the menu today. We wondered when these boys first got the urge to get into S&M. Sebastian was always curious to try it; but never had the balls to until he got a chance to on set. He loved it from the minute he tried it and has continued to do it both on set and in his personal life. Brenn's first experience was growing up when he had a man take total advantage of him in High School, smacking and beating him, forcing him to do all sorts of things. That was until Brenn flipped it on him; overpowered him; beat and then fucked him instead. Brenn's been into domination ever since. Brenn loves to find submissive bottoms that aren't about getting pain but about getting pleasure. Sebastian agrees and adds that a dominant top has to be skilled in reading their submissive and know just how far to take it.Sebastian is alone and so horny he's decided to put a fat dildo he finds to good use. He slides it deep inside that hot ass of his as he starts to fuck himself with it. He shoves it all the way inside and gets caught by Brenn who walks in on him. 'You're gonna use my fucking toys staying in my house?' Brenn barks as he pulls that dildo out of his ass; strips Sebastian's pants off and orders he put his legs up. Sebastian complies immediately as Brenn kneels between his legs and shoves that dildo deep inside that hungry hole. 'You like using my toys, you lil bitch!' he taunts as he starts to lick that hole he's fucking with that thick toy. He plunges that dildo in and out as he gets to work sucking on Sebastian's cock and balls. He holds the dildo in place and orders Sebastian to ride it. Sebastian squats up and down on it with ease as Brenn whips out his own cock and feeds it to Sebastian. He grabs hold of his head as he slaps his face around before shoving his dick down that throat. 'Take it, you fucking little whore!' Brenn grunts before slapping his face and chest some more. Sebastian groans loving every bit of it. Brenn gets him on his knees and orders him to sit on that dildo while he sucks that dick. Brenn totally has Sebastian under his control as Sebastian totally submits to his dominant energy. Sebastian then gets on all four as Brenn bites that dildo and fucks that hole with it. Brenn loves to watch as that hungry ass just swallows that thick toy. He slaps that ass hard as he fucks it. Brenn slaps at Sebastian's nuts as he winces in pain and pleasure. Brenn then suits up and slides the real thing inside that hot ass. He goes right to work fucking that hole as he orders Sebastian to pull on his nuts while he fucks that ass. Brenn leans down to tell Sebastian he's being a good boy as he spits in his face. Brenn mounts that ass hard as Sebastian takes a pounding. Brenn then gets Sebastian by the neck as he pins him to the wall. He hoists him up and shoves his dick into him as he carries him. He bounces Sebastian on his dick up against the wall before turning him towards the side table knocking everything off of it as he continues to take that hole. From there they take it to the floor where Brenn brings it home missionary fucking that ass with that dick and a double headed dildo at the same time. Sebastian explodes all over himself before begging Brenn for his hot load. Brenn pins his head to the floor as he busts his nut all over Sebastian's face as he holds still like a good boy.

  • released : 09-27-2012 |

New Year's Sleaze

New Year's Sleaze, Scene #01

The Holidays are finally coming to an end and with that goes all the stress brought on by the Holiday rush. Fortunately we have the perfect solution for all your woes. We've decided to fight the rush with more Rush. Matthew Rush is in the house and who better than Matthew to send off 2010? Matthew was born in Pennsylvania and acquired a degree in Exercise Physiology along with quite a stellar career in front of the camera. Matthew is looking better than ever and he's gonna help welcome back Sebastian Keys who wanted to be a part of our last shoot for the outgoing year. Sebastian is 20 now and enjoying the break from Boston temps while down in Miami. Looking towards the next year we wondered what these two were excited about. “Turning 21 this spring” beams Sebastian who has Las Vegas plans. Matt's just excited to get a chance to start over in the coming year. We asked what the highlight of 2010 was for these two. “Working with MenOver30” grins Matt. Hmmm. Smooth operator this one. Lol Sebastian really enjoyed all the traveling working in the industry afforded him. We then asked these two if porn stars actually jerk off. “Gay erotic video personalities” retorts Matthew with a disapproving raised brow. Well! —what were WE thinking? Sebastian jacks off to anything and everything as many times as he can during the day while Matt gets his once a day in. On that note, let's give you something to jerk to at home… Toasting to the New Year, Matt and Sebastian talk about how much craziness and drama there is surrounding the New Year but never enough sex. Well say no more because that's easily remedied as they decide to stay home and do something about it. They start to make out as layer after layer of clothing meets the rug. They're left in their briefs as they grope each other. Matt wants more as he pulls off Sebastian's briefs and goes for it. “That feels so good” coos Sebastian as he watches Matthew swallow his cock. He works Sebastian's thick dick to the hilt a bit before Sebastian wants to return the favor. Sebastian kneels between Matt's massive quads and gets to work worshipping his thick dick. Matt grunts and groans as he watches his dick disappear into Sebastian's throat. “I love your big cock in my mouth” coos Sebastian before getting right back on that dick. Matt then stands to have better access to that hot mouth. He fucks Sebastian's face as Sebastian greedily takes every inch of dick he's given. They then get into a hot 69 on the couch getting even hotter as they prepare for more “festivities.”Sebastian moves over to the couch and gets into position while Matt suits up and gets that cock ready for some ass. Sebastian holds still as Matt takes that ass. Matt is soon fucking away at that ass with ease as Sebastian begs him for more. That hot ass needs some dick and Matt's ready to take care of that situation. Sebastian grunts in pleasure as Matt pounds his hole. Matt then gets Sebastian to get on the floor and flip his legs up over his head so he can have perfect access to that ass. He slides his meat back in as he starts to pile drive that meat. He points that dick south as he starts to ride. Matt is doing squats into Sebastian's hungry hole that can't seem to get enough. Matt then moves Sebastian back to the couch where he gets him on his back. He lifts those legs up and fucks that hot ass missionary. Matt pounds away at that ass as Sebastian starts to jack his throbbing cock off. Matt pushes that dick as deep as he can while Sebastian gets closer to climax. That thick dick does the trick as Sebastian goes over the edge. He explodes shooting his considerable load all over his sweaty chest and abs. Matt isn't too far behind as he pulls out and shoots all over one cum drenched Sebastian. Fuck 2010 we're off to bigger and better things and just in time too. 3, 2, 1…Happy New Year from all of us at MenOver30.com!

  • released : 12-30-2010 |

All Choked Up

All Choked Up, Scene #01

We have two new faces this week, and boy do we have a daddy for you. Originally from New York, Nick Moretti is in his prime. Nick's 46 and looking mighty fine. He's been living in Florida for over 20 years. To his right is one fine Denver native by the name of Sebastian Keys. Sebastian is now a man over 30—by injection. This sexy 19 year old now calls Cincinnati home. Sebastian is mild mannered and, you wouldn't know it from looking at him, has been into Martial Arts since he was young and holds several black belts. Let's not make this one angry. Nick is an artist in his own right. He loves to create paintings or any other type of art. Nick considers himself a Gay Erotic personality and admits had he the chance to do it all over again he wouldn't be as shy and be a lot more confident. Sebastian isn't as seasoned a performer. Had you told him he'd be doing gay porn two years ago, he would've told you you were insane. He's flourished amazingly well in the man to man scene as well as in front of the cameras. We're just glad he came over to play on our side of the fence and decided to stay. He smiles as he proudly affirms he loves what he does and has no problem with what he does. Can we get a witness!Nick is in the shower washing off after a workout at the gym. Little does he know he has unexpected company. Sebastian has arrived early and is helping himself to quite the peep show through the open bathroom door until Nick catches him. Sebastian high tails it back to the couch; grabs a magazine, and acts all innocent. He's confronted soon enough by Nick, wearing only a towel and a grin. 'I saw you peeping.' Sebastian tries to deny it, until Nick gives him something better than a magazine to look at. The towel comes off as Sebastian's hands start to explore Nick's muscular bod. This daddy must live at the gym. Sebastian is more than happy to show his appreciation. Nick's cock is soon in warmer waters as Sebastian's mouth gets a hold of it. He slurps and gags on Nick's massive meat as he tries to get as much of it in his mouth. Nick starts to strip his young friend while still feeding him dick. Nick is loving the attention as he fucks Sebastian's throat while holding his head in place. Nick then wants to return the favor as he puts Sebastian on the couch and goes down on his own aching cock. Sebastian lies back and watches for a while before his urge for more “Moretti Meat” takes over him. He gets Nick on a chair and gets his hungry lips all over that thick cock. He's got it bad! We can't blame him. Sebastian slurps and swallows as much dick as he can, getting Nick hornier for a lot more than oral. —He had it coming!n'Let me see your ass!' Nick orders as he bends Sebastian over onto the chair. Nick gets behind that smooth, white ass and goes to work. He starts tongue-fucking Sebastian, driving him crazy as he gets that ass ready for dick. He then moves Sebastian over onto the couch where he teases that ass a bit before slowly sliding his thick cock inside. Sebastian winces as his ass starts to give in. Soon, his ass is stretched wide by Nick's fat cock. Nick's not one to wait for what he wants, and is soon pounding that ass with reckless abandon. Sebastian takes every deep plunge with ease. 'Aww that feels good' he coos, as Nick continues to fuck away at his hole. The sound of Nick's balls slapping away fill the room as Sebastian can only beg for more. Nick's furry abs look amazing in contrast to the perfectly smooth ass below that's taking his meat balls deep. Nick then has Sebastian do the work as he sits back and lets Sebastian straddle his cock and ride it. Sebastian gladly impales himself on that extra thick dick. Once he's tired, Nick gladly takes over fucking his dick up into him for more. Nick then gets Sebastian on his back; lifts those smooth legs, and slides back inside the hairless hole that will soon claim his load. Sebastian takes that thick cock to the hilt as Nick pounds him harder and harder. Nick's monster cock is hitting him in just the right spot, and Sebastian is soon busting his nut all over his contracting abs. Nick is next as he pulls out and blows his thick load all over Sebastian's chest and cum-coated abs.

  • released : 01-21-2010 |