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Scott Tanner's Video

Friends & Lovers

Friends & Lovers, Scene #01

Blonde, handsome, hard bodied, and possessing one of the most beautiful cocks on the planet, Scott Tanner is one of those rare specimens of man that redefines masculinity in its prime, and he personifies what the cornerstone of MenOver30.com is all about. When Scott was worshipped by 21 year old M.J. and later reverently serviced by Chad, that served as the ultimate visual that the appeal of Scott's charm, the desire for the pleasure of his ringed, thick, always stiff dick can bring, is as universal as it is impossible to deny. While the lust and longing for Scott is well established fact, we always wondered what kind of man Scott would long for: and today, we have the answer: Damien Rios. In contrast to Scott's All-American good looks, Damien is the dark haired, dark eyed Latin stunner with perfect ass & flawless body who has one more thing we all want: Scott's ring on his finger. Just shy of six months together, making their first appearance together as a “couple,” Scott and Damien share the lust and passion for each other in one of the most sizzling displays of lust and passion ever captured on film.As their lips meet, it seems to unlock an alchemist's blend of unfolding passion and unbridled lust in a fusion of desire that is both breathtaking and inspiring. Scott removes Damien's shirt, revealing the angel wings inked on his back, which run from his neck to his waist, before Damien gets down to the heavenly business of sucking Scott's cock right down to the base. Scott's silver ring can barely encircle his over filled balls and the base of his cock that has never looked as long and thick before. Damien licks every inch of that throbbing shaft with all of the hunger of a first time mixed with the mastery of lust-fueled familiarity. Moving behind Damien, Scott works his tongue deep into the center of Damien's ass as Damien's eyes roll back in his head in a tidal wave of pleasure. Standing up and spreading his cheeks wider, Damien pushes his hole back on Scott's probing mouth, getting the glistening opening prepared for the ultimate expression of complete fulfillment soon to follow.With a slow, well practiced motion that delivers the ultimate pleasure with each successive inch, Scott fills Damien's awaiting hole with deliberate, deep strokes that cause Damien's own cock to respond immediately by leaking a steady stream that ultimately puddles on the floor before them. As they move to the chair, both of their sacks are tight and straining as Damien lowers his hole on Scott's cock, pressing down as Scott thrusts forward. Sliding down to the floor, Damien's mouth is filled with Scott's tongue while his ass is filled with Scott's cock. With their hips moving in unison, like the pistons on a finely tuned engine, Damien's hole vacuums a huge load from Scott's cock. Scott visibly trembles as he covers Damien's cock with a massive load of sperm which is soon joined by an equally impressive white avalanche from Damien himself. For anyone who has ever wondered what the difference is between plain sex and making love, gentlemen, you have just seen it. We are not sure how they will be spending their one year anniversary, but we are doing our best to make sure we are along for the ride.

  • released : 08-30-2007 |

Lover's Touch

Lover's Touch, Scene #01

Scott revealed in his MenOver30.com debut that he is “single and happy,” and the rest of us are very happy he is single, too. Though this uber sexy, ultra horny, thick-dicked stud packs as much between his ears as he does between his legs, we are just beginning to scratch the surface on a laundry list of delights this charmer brings openly to the table. Scott's appeal is almost universal: if you like men at all, you like Scott… whether on paper he is your “type” or not. Between that easy manner, the effortless sexuality, a prime body, and if that were not enough, a long, fat hungry cock, what is not to like? We film our interviews here after the model has already shot his load and it was no different with Scott. The difference was, even after his orgasm, which was so powerful his entire body trembled for several minutes, his cock was just a thick and long as before. The journey to that great release proved to be an odyssey we are forever grateful to have preserved on film.First his belt, then his shirt, Scott does not as much undress that fine body as much as he unwraps the present you have waited so long to open. Few men fill out their jeans as seductively as he does: the fabric clings to those strong legs and well-packed crotch like a road map to the pleasure zone. Tugging at his crotch, his bush peeks over the waistband as a reminder of where this journey is going. As the buttons spring open and the bulging white briefs come into view, that thick cock head does as well, hungrily sticking out of the leg hole, desperate for some breathing room. He begins to slide down his shorts, revealing the thick bush, the heavy cock ring, and the even heavier dick. The bloated condition of his balls lets us know what he really wants to do next, but he decides to take a detour into the bathtub and invites us to join the party.Bathed in the soft candlelight dancing off the reflection of the water, Scott's cock looks bigger and fatter than we have ever seen it before, making a loud splash and he snaps it back against his belly. From the top of that flaring head down to his balls, his entire cock and sack is scarlet red. As he moves to and takes a seat on the counter, the camera becomes the perfect instrument to catch not just the man, but that perfect reflection as well in the mirror behind him. As he moves back to the bed with his back to us, behind becomes the operative word: we are so taken with his front view we have almost forgotten just how beautiful that ass is. As he bends over further, we are treated to the best of both worlds as that perfect butt and world class cock are both on display, begging to be worshipped. But it is Scott who falls to his knees on the floor. With a three minute symphony of the deepest moans of satisfaction, he spills his load with such force that his entire body trembles. We immediately wonder the same thing you are: if his orgasm is this powerful when he is alone, what are they like when he has a partner? That question will be answered next week, so make sure you return and set an extra place, as this time Scott is having company.

Starring Scott Tanner
  • released : 04-26-2007 |

Unclothed Mind

Unclothed Mind, Scene #01

Every so often, the Man Deities smile down upon us at MenOver30.com and send us a specimen of the male form so perfect, it takes our breath away. Today was one of those rare days and Scott Tanner is one of those men. 31-year-old Scott's 183-pounds are distributed with precision on his 5'11” frame. Starting from the top of those natural sandy blonde locks, across that mask of a Golden Boy that has matured into a face of unparalled handsomeness, over a solid, well-cared for physique that features, in all of its thick, eight-inch glory, one perfect slab of man flesh that sets the bar in which all would-be perfect penises aspire to be: long, thick, perennially hard and posses endless stamina and allure. As perfect as that cock is, it has to fight with the many many charms that Scott possesses; to say that he is a total package is a travesty of an understatement: tantric perfection is more like it. Sprawled back on the bed like a Nordic hero awaiting the spoils the victory, Scott quickly sheds his shirt and immediately starts rubbing that impressive tent of promise stretching out the crotch of his jeans. As he unbuttons the fly, the mighty cock below proves to be too big for the black shorts underneath, its sheer length and girth forcing the tender flesh below to peek through the leg as it begins it journey to come out and play. With a final tug of the waistband, that rock-hard cock and bloated ball sack immediately point toward the ceiling as all eight thick inches throb in the heavy silver ring. Like a obelisk that pierces the horizon, an object of awe and desire for all to see, Scott's cock, with that flaring head atop that very thick, perfectly straight shaft, seems to be like the sex toy of your dreams brought to life and attached to a man destined to star in your fantasies forever.Our eyes travel down the dusting of light brown fur on his chest to the gleaming metal band at the base of his shaft. As he slaps that shaft forcefully in his hand, the echo across the room seems to be a combination call to worship, as well as, the trumpets of going into battle. When he stands up on the bed and turns around, under the sprawl of ink on his lower back lies a set of tight, round, white, muscular glutes that offer a vista worth the price of admission alone. Lying on the bed, sitting with his legs spread wide in a chair, hunkered down on the floor, Scott works that meat with an increasing fury before mounting the mattress, falling back and forcing out a massive load as his body trembles and shakes in an earthquake of undeniable pleasure. As to who enjoyed it more, him or us…that remains to be seen.

Starring Scott Tanner
  • released : 04-05-2007 |
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