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Scott Tanner's Video

Rebel For A Cause

Rebel For A Cause, Scene #01

Scott is back! Mr. Scott Tanner, the irresistible 31 year old Pennsylvanian, is back to give us a refresher on all that is “Scott”. We have had the pleasure of working with Scott now for a while, and we couldn't ask for more when it comes to our ideal Man Over 30. He's charming, easy-going, sexy, has an amazing physique topped off by steel-blue eyes and a thick dick that just won't quit. Can we get an “AMEN!”? Someone was first in line at the complete package window. Fortunately for Scott, he has the perfect companion that appreciates every inch he has to offer—all 8 of them actually. Scott met his match, oddly enough, on location in L.A. when they were both cast for a shoot. His better-half (if you can imagine that) is none other than Damien Rios. Scott and Damien were featured on our site last year, and the chemistry between these two is sizzling. Scott's happy to report that they've been together a year now and have a lot to look forward to together including possibly relocating. It's a symbiotic relationship that works perfectly right down to their roles at home: Scott = Top; Damien = Bottom / Scott = Cooks; Damien = Cleans. Perfect balance, yin and yang, critical mass, no matter what you call it, it takes its fair share of compromise and communication. Judging from these two, they seem to have everything covered. Speaking of “everything covered”, we really wanna watch Scott here get completely un-covered so enough chit-chat …and let's do this!Sitting on the couch in jeans and a tight fitting tee, Scott flashes us that bright smile that's made us weak from day one. He begins tugging at his crotch, slowly rousing the beast within. His tee comes off, and we get our first glimpse of that sexy chest with its light dusting of hair that covers his pecs and then meets in the middle, forming a happy highway, leading straight down to where it pools at the base of his monster cock. He loses his jeans in an instant and begins working his cock, which is ready to go. Kneeling on the couch, Scott gives us quite the show as he lubes up and begins jacking that thick meat of his. He takes it form the couch to the doorway as he leans back and continues working it. Close ups of his masculine face gives us a better appreciation of his attributes. His strong nose and angular features are amazing, and his short cropped hair and beard frame his face well. Mr. Tanner is unmistakably ALL MAN! “A Man's Man” as the old adage would say. (pun definitely intended) He licks his palms to use his hot spit to lube up his now throbbing cock. His arms are glistening with his blond body hair, and his muscles flex as he strokes and pleasures himself.He's done with standing up and returns to the chair to continue his show. He sits back and spreads his thick muscular thighs wide as he takes hold of his massive cock again. Pinning it at the base with one hand, he goes to town on it with the other. He's broken a sweat, and the look on his face is one of complete focus with furled brow as he gets into his jerk off session. His smooth, heavy nuts hang below as he plays with his meat. No angle is a bad angle as we get different views of Scott whacking off. Watchin' him work his thick meat, it's easy to see why Damien's staying put! Scott's getting closer and closer to busting a nut, and his breathing is a dead give away. He gets off the chair and kneels on the hardwood floor below. Kneeling and bracing himself with one hand on the floor, he continues fisting his rock hard cock as he leans forward and picks up the pace. He looks amazing as his body writhes, and his breathing gets deeper and deeper. You know any minute this boy's gonna blow, and in no time, he lets out a series of moans, grunts and groans that would make anyone explode just hearing him. His body begins to quiver as he gets his first intense wave. His thick cock explodes, jetting stream after thick stream of cream splattering all over the floor below. Just when you think he's done, he gives you more moaning aloud the entire time. No wonder he's a recurring fan favorite. Whew I could use a cigarette—oh wait …I don't even smoke!

Starring Scott Tanner
  • released : 05-29-2008 |

May The Best Man Win

May The Best Man Win, Scene #01

This week, we have two of our fan favorites in for one steamy session. Scott Tanner, the 31 yr old Pennsylvania native, has made himself quite the following. It's hard to get enough of this Daddy's masculine sexuality, the piercing blue eyes, the impressive defined body or that rugged look that just screams “MAN!” …No questions asked. We've been fortunate enough to have had Scott come back several times in both solo and hardcore action to keep our viewers and us happy. This week, we're pairing him with another heart-breaker that too has his share of cocks throbbin', Mr. Tony Michaels. This is the first time on MenOver30 for Tony who was originally featured on our brother site CircleJerkBoys and has been causing quite the commotion ever since. This angel-faced playah is the perfect combination of street with an added touch of sweet—but don't let the look fool you! Originally from Georgia, Tony likes things big. “Let it be Big” is his mantra and we try our best to accommodate that any chance we get.Not wasting any time, these two go at it, locking lips and freeing their hands to roam about, exploring the other's bodies. Tony zeroes in on Scott's growing cock as he gropes his swelling member. They kiss softly as they begin to undress. The jeans come off, and is isn't long before Tony releases Scott's aching cock to have his first taste. He drops to his knees and swallows Scott's meat to the hilt. Scott moans his appreciation as Tony works his cock. Scott stands, feeding more of his dick to Tony and giving him better access to his heavy nuts. Scott loves the attention he's getting, but he wants some cock too. He sits Tony down on the chair and goes down on him, returning the favor as Tony now gasps in awe. The chemistry is unmistakable as these two explore the other. This is sure to be one explosive scene. Next, Tony stands on the chair and lowers his sweet ass onto Scott's awaiting tongue. Tony moans as he feels Scott's expert tongue dart inside, hitting all the right spots. From riding his face to bent over in ecstasy, Scott can't get enough of Tony's perfect ass! Scott's had all he can take before needing to bury his bone. He gloves up and slowly pushes his fat 8” cock into Tony's hungry ass. Tony grimaces as his tight ass gets spread wide by its assailant. It's been a while since Tony had some, and Scott's loving the tight ass now wrapped around his aching cock. The looks on Tony's face says it all! It's pleasure and pain all wrapped into one delicious look. “it hurts SOOOO Good!” They start off doggy as Tony slowly bucks back onto Scott's hard cock. Bent over the couch, pushed up against the wall, you name it, Tony takes it. The look of rapture on Scott's face tells its own tale as he continues to bury his bone. The next position is amazing, as Tony straddles Scott's cock and goes bouncy bounce. He can't seem to get enough, and soon they move to a horizontal position where Scott can really pound Tony's sweet ass. Scott drives his cock deep as they both writhe and moan. By the look on their faces, you know all good things must cum to an “end” and when it does it's explosive. Tony lies back and explodes all over his navel and Scott kneels to bust his huge nut all over.

  • released : 04-03-2008 |

Stupid Cupid

Stupid Cupid, Scene #01

If there was a “Mr. MenOver30.com” for 2007, one of the top contenders would have to be our very own golden heart throb, Scott Tanner. He has arguably one of the prettiest cocks ever bestowed on a man, with a face that is just as hot. His body is lean, hard and inked. His sex drive is somewhere in the stratosphere. And if his physical charms were not enough, he is smart, funny, friendly, and get this – he even cooks, giving the phrase “Top Chef” a whole new meaning. Of course his devoted fans here are well aware of his talents in the bedroom, but his prowess in the kitchen was shared by someone who can say something we all wish we could. He gets filled by Scott's cock every night; Scott's boyfriend, Damien Rios. As much as we hated to see Scott become unavailable, one look at how well matched he and Damien are and the energy they have a couple, and all was forgiven. It was six months ago that Scott and Damien first invited our cameras to record them together in what can only be described as the passionate, primal, scorching hot encounter that can only happen between lovers. Half a year later, as they prepare to celebrate their first holidays together as a couple, they are giving us all a reason to celebrate the season as they once again celebrate each other.Scott and Damien have such passion that even their first kiss catapults the chemistry in the room from just sex to making love with all of the emotion, desire, and primal longing that only being with the one you love can inspire. Scott's legendary cock is immediately rock hard and soon engulfed in Damien's magic mouth while he removes his clothes and strips Damien – while his cock never leaves his lover's throat. As Damien kneels on the bed, we follow the angel wings inked on his back down to his magnificent ass – which is being munched into heaven and back by Scott. Scott presses forward, and Damien pushes back before Scott moves up and over him, sliding his cock up and down the trembling ass lips of Damien's lonely hole…but do not worry guys…it's the holidays and oh yes, company is cumming.Lavishing his own considerable oral attention on Damien's hole from both behind and then in front, Scotts gloves up, greases up, and plunges his cock all the way inside Damien, sealing the moment where they are both doing and feeling the kind of fireworks that truly being with the one you love can bring. As Scott moves to the bench, Damien rides that pole while working his own cock before Scott stands up, fills Damien completely, and holding that ass as deeply on his cock as possible, stands up and walks them both over so Damien can hold onto the chair to brace himself for the royal pounding that is soon to follow. After ramming away with the perfect fit of a piston in a engine, they are both covered in sweat, dripping in desire, and fuck their way back onto the bed where Damien covers his abs with a load that redefines massive before getting pelted with an even bigger nut from Scott. If this is the blizzard of 07, all we can say is “let it snow!”

  • released : 12-20-2007 |
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