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Scott Alexander's Video

Chocolate Pop

Chocolate Pop, Scene #01

Scott Alexander is in the house today and he's giving us a 'behind the scenes' look at all that is Scott. We decided he would be great to do our first 'unplugged' episode where we get more insight at the man behind the legend. Scott is 40yo and he's from Houston, Texas. He has moved around and has lived on the West coast and currently lives in Chicago, IL. When we asked him where he would love to live given the chance he blurted out AUSTRALIA! Someone wants to go down under in a bad way. He's always wanted to go. His favorite city he's lived is Chicago and even though it's cold the city's energy makes up for it. The least favorite of places he's lived was Phoenix, AZ. We'll leave it at that. He is currently single and says he has no set 'type'. He does love a hairy guy. It drives him crazy. He also likes guys that are kind; attitude definitely doesn't work for him. Looks aren't that big a deal for him and even admits that when you meet a guy and can really get to know him on or off set, that's when you fall in love with them. Scott is mostly top and admits he has taken (it) before but because he's 6'3 and 195 lbs. 'I've tried smaller guys; but it just feels awkward', he muses. If you're gonna scale a mountain you need the right equipment. Speaking of equipment...Wearing a cut off tee with 'Friend with Privileges' across his chest, Scott makes us all wish we were on his list of possibilities. He leans back in this chair and begins to explore his defined frame. His hands run down his rippled abs as he slowly begins to undress. He has ink on both biceps and another tattoo just above the waistline of his sexy black briefs. He hauls out his uncut cock and begins to awaken his growing python. It isn't long before he's at full mast. His cock is rock hard and as he strokes it, his smooth balls bounce in tune. He's naturally hairless and his body is lean and defined. He strokes his cock at attention before bending over and showing us his beefy ass. He spreads wide as he continues to stroke his cock underhanded. He loves to tease and doesn't mind showing you all of the sweet ass he's packing; since you'll never get any. Hmmm. He then gets back up and continues stroking that big dick as we watch his foreskin move up and back down over his swollen knob. His dick is definitely throbbing at his very touch and will soon need a lot more than this standing at attention business.He gets back on the couch and continues to tease us with that smooth ass of his as he kneels on the couch and leans forward showcasing that ass again, slowly running his finger on his tight hole. He begins to air hump away at the cushions below as we watch his ass rise and fall giving us an idea of what he'd be doing if he had a hot ass beneath him. He then flips back around and lays back on the couch and continues to play with his thick dick. As he lays back we get a better view at his massive frame. At 6'3, Scott has an awful lot to offer and packing a thick 8.5' uncut cock it always makes it a better package to play with. Not like we're size queens-but we can be impressed! Seriously. He plays with his nips and he begins to pick up the pace as his balls, ounce bouncing, have now pulled tight around the base of his shaft. It won't be long before he blasts his load. His muscles begin to writhe beneath his skin as his chest and abs begin to tighten. 'Oh my God' escapes his lips over and over as his uncut cock erupts, sending huge volley after volley of thick cream all over his heaving chest. Whew.

Starring Scott Alexander
  • released : 05-10-2012 |

Dad's Bad Lad

Dad's Bad Lad, Scene #01

'Pretty in Pink' seems to be the unplanned theme this afternoon, as we get better acquainted with today's 'garcons en quete' (Boys on a mission) and we all know what they're looking for. To your right, in a dark pink tee sporting the phrase 'I do my own nude scenes' is none other than Scott Alexander. Scott is from Houston, TX and we never tire of seeing this strappin' Texan. Our fans can't seem to get enough of this tall 39 year old queer who's as BIG as a steer -let alone his chocolate thunder stick. (Yeah, we went there!) We'll need to ask his co-star, Feliz Andrews, if he could give us a better idea as to why, since he'll soon have personal experience to draw from while reflecting on all things 'Scott'. Hailing from the west coast of Florida, Feliz is 24 and has been on our site a few times. We're always happy to have him with that sexy body and a smile that could brighten the darkest day. We asked these two if they could have a fantasy walk-on role on any TV show what would it be? Scott admits he's a Soap Opera Junkie and that he would want to be on General Hospital. Hmmm. Feliz grins and says he'd want to be in a new show on cable called 'HUNG'. 'Big dicks run in my life' he laughs and we actually have the footage to prove it. On that note, Let's give Feliz the opportunity to add yet another notch to his 'bed post' repertoire.There's no doubt that the chemistry between these two is set to boil as they immediately begin kissing and tugging at each others clothes. They make out as they get better acquainted and better un-suited for what to come. Scott licks on Feliz' smooth abs as he undoes his jeans and pulls them off. Once Feliz is stripped down to his drawers, Scott has him where he wants him as he pulls down his briefs and has his first taste of 'Happy'. Feliz watches as Scott starts to suck on his uncut cock. Scott swallows every delicious inch as he continues his oral assault. He's nowhere near done with his plans. As he peels off Feliz' briefs, he can now move on to phase 2. Scott then gets Feliz on all fours and gets a spectacular view of the next course. Well, this one is all-u-can-eat, and that ass just screams 'BUFFET!' Scott dives into that smooth ass tongue first as he licks and sucks at that hole he'll soon plunder. Feliz is moaning in ecstasy as he gets that sweet ass worshipped. Now it's Scott's turn as he lies back and gives Feliz access to his thick 8' cock. We guess Feliz was right, big dicks DO come his way —but we're getting ahead of ourselves. Feliz strokes Scott's uncut cock as he works as much as he can take, making Scott moan and want more.After Scott's had enough of Feliz' mouth on his dick, he wants a deeper fit, and gets behind Feliz before sliding his cock deep inside Feliz' hot ass. Scott is soon fucking away as Feliz grunts and moans, begging for more. Feliz reaches back to kiss Scott as he continues taking a pounding. Feliz wants easier access as he straddles Scott and impales himself on his thick cock. Scott wastes little time before slamming his dick deep inside Feliz. He easily bounces him on his dick as his heavy balls slap away at Feliz. Feliz moans as his ass gets stretched. They kiss passionately as they continue their fuck session. Scott then gets Feliz up and bends him over. His prize awaits. Within seconds, he's back to fucking Feliz doggy style. The view from below shows Feliz' ass taking every inch of Scott's cock he's given. Scott pounds away at that hot, hungry ass. They both egg each other on, begging the other for more, unable to get enough ass or cock. Feliz then flips around and rides Scott in a reverse cowgirl as Scott continues to bury his cock. The only thing left is missionary, and Scott takes them both home as he fucks the cum out of Feliz who explodes all over himself. Scott then pulls out before spraying his own seed all over one satisfied Feliz Andrews. Job well done.

  • released : 04-12-2012 |