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Roy Caldero's Video

Cuban Leche

Cuban Leche, Scene #01

¡Leche Cubana! Roy Caldero makes his official debut with us here at MenOver30. This 35 year old Hispanic Hottie hails from the Pearl of the Caribbean. He left his native Cuba and has been living here in Miami for the past 9 years. After having many of his straight and gay friends urge him to look into dancing, stripping or doing work in the adult industry he finally decided to give it a try. He admits they tell him he looks hot enough to do that type of work and at the end of the day he has to admit he agrees. Hmmm. All those hours at the gym have really paid off and there's no shame in wanting to show off your rewards. We are more than happy to provide the forum for him to share it with the rest of us. He admits he gets lots of attention when he goes to the gym. He meets lots of straight, gay, swingers and model types. He has no intention of getting as huge as some of his friends, that's just not for him. He likes to be fit and eat healthy and it's what he looks for in a mate. As much as he'd love to date a body builder he admits he's not up for the 'keeping up with your boyfriend's huge bod' drama. He is currently single and is looking for another guy like him: in shape, living a healthy lifestyle and not caught up with drugs or booze. We're sure Roy handles the dating arena quite well. So now let's see how he performs on cam… In a tight fitting tank, Roy begins his seductive strip tease.He pulls and tugs at is tank top while caressing his massive upper body. His chest is massive and its flanked by large biceps. One minute he's feeling himself up and the next he's ripping his thin tank off of his chest. Instantly his defined abs and pecs come into view. He has a great physique and there's more to come. He turns around and playfully slides his briefs halfway down his beefy ass. He kneels on the couch and bends forward affording us more than an eyeful of his booty! ¡Que rico! This Baby's got back. His sexy tan lines encase his sweet ass making it look even sexier. He then flips over and sits down on the couch burying his hands into his crotch. His uncut Cuban cock is stirring and beginning to come to life. He loses his underwear and sits back to work on his meat in earnest. As he sits back against the wall, the light dances across his sculpted frame highlighting his facial features, his chest, abs and those massive quads of his. There's isn't a bad view on this stud. He stands up and shows us another shot of his culo Cubano. That ass is amazing. He pushes his low hangers and semi erect cock back between his thighs to give us something to watch. But wait for it…it's about to get better!rOut of nowhere, Mr. Calderon whips out his “little friend”. Even Tony Montana would've thought twice before messing with this one. Roy has, what appears to be, at least a massive 9” dildo he intends on adding to his act. Well, go on with your bad self! He kneels on the couch again and slowly begins pushing it deeper and deeper inside his smooth ass. It isn't long before he's taking every thick inch of it. He then, dildo in place, stands up and sits back down on the couch and begins riding the dildo. It glides in and out of his ass easily and it's obviously hitting all the right spots for Roy. He leans back and continues jacking off while he fucks himself with the huge toy. His pinga is throbbing as he continues ramming it deep. He then wants to go hands free so he moves to the floor where he can lean back and ride it. He rides like a seasoned pro. All this anal stimulation's getting Roy extremely turned on and it won't be long before it makes him explode. He goes back to the couch where he lays down and keeps fuckin' his hungry hole. He starts jackin faster and faster and suddenly his whole body begins to jerk as he loses it. His thick load shoots all over his defined abs as he moans and groans in relief. Café con Leche anyone??

Starring Roy Caldero
  • released : 09-04-2008 |