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Ricky Martinez's Video

Call Me!

Call Me!, Scene #01

This week, MenOver30 has a big piece of Cuban cuisine in the house, and he goes by the name of Mario Costa. For those of you unfamiliar with this Hispanic hottie who speaks softly but carries a huge stick, where have you been?! This week 23yo Mario has a sexy playmate with dark features and an evil grin named Ricky Martinez. Ricky is 24 and originally from the Windy City. Mario and Ricky are both single now. Mario just recently got out of a long term relationship and admits he loves his newfound freedom. These two are just two typical guys. Ricky loves Comedies and things that make him laugh...Mario loves all shows. When it comes to music, Ricky likes Cold Play, Dave Matthews and an alternative mix of others. Mario loves- you guessed it -'all' music. Hmmm, Well he's either has a vast range of entertainment likes...or he's just not big on chit chat. Ricky would win the creative award in the 'getting your nut' department; since he now likes to jack off while driving. Well, Lucky for Mario, he'll be the only one doing the driving this afternoon. Gentlemen, Start your engines! They begin to break the ice as they slowly kiss. Ricky is the first to head south as his mouth explores Mario's exposed chest. He kisses and licks his nips as he makes his way down to his sexy briefs that are already beginning to show an expanding bulge. As Ricky pulls down his briefs, his thick uncut cock comes into view. He takes it and begins to tease and lap at his hooded knob before going down on him. He sucks on that meaty monster as it begins to grow to its full length. Ricky takes his time as he worships the fat 9.5 inches he now gets to savor. The look of amazement on Ricky's face is classic as he continues to chow down on the all you can eat buffet. Mario has had enough and wants the real deal. He quietly gets up, and Ricky knows to get on his back. Mario gets in position and slowly begins to slide his meat deep inside. Ricky can only groan as his ass gets stretched wide. 'Fuck me with that big cock!' he grunts, as Mario obliges. Mario then gets up and sits on the chair to give Ricky the control he needs to get that cock in his tight ass. Ricky slowly impales himself on his thick meat and it isn't long before Ricky is sliding that thick cock in and out of his ass. Ricky is breathing deep and trying his best to relax as he continues taking Mario's fat pinga deep inside him. Once Mario knows his ass is stretched open for his meat, he bends Ricky over and begins to fuck him doggy style. Ricky can only moan aloud as Mario slams his cock deep inside him. Ricky's doing his best to take the pummeling he's being given; but Mario wants to get that load off and isn't showing him any mercy. Ricky is groaning like a broken record as he gets that asshole stretched wide. Mario picks up the pace as he nears climax. Once he's ready, he pulls his fat dick out and explodes his load all over Ricky's back. Once he's done, Mario bails, leaving Ricky to get himself off. Ricky's famous last words: 'Mario,Call me!?'

  • released : 04-18-2013 |

La Vida Loca

La Vida Loca, Scene #01

Alex Slater made quite the impression when he made his debut here this April. Those bedroom eyes & French Lebanese features had many of our members begging us for more of this exotic looking New Yorker so we decided to bring back the newly inducted member of the MenOver30 club. New on this site, Ricky Martinez, is one of Chicago's finest. Tall, dark and handsome, Ricky will be Slater's playmate this afternoon. We asked these two given the option, if money was no object, where would they spend their vacation? Ricky definitely wants to go to the Caribbean and explore something more tropical. Alex has his sights set on España. Spain is definitely a lot of fun. Given the option to do their 20s over what would they do differently? Alex would've gotten into porn sooner while 33 year old Ricky admits he would probably have made better decisions in a few relationships he had over the past decade. We wondered how these two got into porn. It turns out Alex heard about it through the grapevine and started asking around, met a few people and ...Voila! Ricky did cam work for a while and he had several customers that egged him on to just get into porn. Eventually, he took his admirers' advice. We should all thank our lucky Midwestern stars.They start making out as they slowly begin to explore each other. Their tongues and lips get better acquainted as their clothes begin to find their way onto the floor. Alex then stands up as Ricky pulls down his jeans. As Ricky pulls them down; Alex's boner pops up inches from his face. Ricky can't resist the temptation as he goes down on that juicy cock. “You suck some good dick” Alex grins as he watches Ricky swallow his cock deep. After getting that cock worked, it's Alex's turn as Ricky sits back and gives Alex a chance to get a better view of his meat. Alex goes down on Ricky's cock and starts to suck on his growing meat. It's short lived as Ricky slowly gets Alex back on the couch so he can continue sucking that cock of his. Alex lets him have his fun but eventually he wants to taste that sweet ass he's about to plow. He bends over Ricky and starts getting to know that spectacular ass. Ricky is in heaven as Alex uses a combination of stimulants to get our horny boy ready for cock. Alex alternates between his expert tongue and fingers making Ricky even hornier for the fucking he's about to get.“Come sit on my dick” Alex orders, as Ricky backs up and sits down on Alex's bone. Alex is buried deep in that tight ass as he starts slamming that cock up into Ricky who just moans while he begs for more. Ricky rides that cock hard driving Alex crazy. Alex then gets Ricky up off his cock before bending him over into a hot doggy position. He slides his throbbing cock back inside Ricky's tight ass that is milking his cock. He fucks Ricky hard as he orders him to take that dick. He is preaching to a very willing choir. From h ere Alex puts Ricky on his side before sliding that cock back inside that hole. Ricky has one leg up as Alex fucks him silly. He pounds him hard and deep as they make out and get each other closer and closer to a growing climax. Alex is slamming that dick as deep inside that ass as he can. Ricky is loving every inch of it. At the pace these two are going it won't be long before their balls explode. Once they get that familiar tickle in their cum-filled balls they dismount, sit back and jack themselves off. One by one they shoot their thick loads all over themselves. Whew.

  • released : 05-27-2010 |