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Phenix Saint's Video

Rock Hard

Rock Hard, Scene #01

Doc Rock is back to finish what he started. For those of you who missed Doc Rock's debut last week, this beefy 42 year old from North Carolina is married and open to more than just the usual on the sexual menu. We knew we had to bring him back to see this str8 cock lover in action. Hmmm. Who ever could we call? Well, wait no more; back by popular demand is the steamy Phenix Saint. This may very well be the last time we see Phenix when he can actually still say he's 20 anything. At 29 and holding, Phenix will soon join the ranks and more than likely our hot stable of MenOver30. We asked these two studs what was their favorite time of day. “Bed time” grins Doc. Phenix likes to eat so he chimed in with Dinner time as his answer. We then wondered where on the odd couple scale they fell when it came to how clean they were at home. Were they a slob like Oscar or neat freaks like Felix? Doc is somewhere in between. Phenix admits he's somewhere in between but closer to the neat freak. They both like women in their sexual menu and both agree there's nothing hotter than finding a chick to give it up to them and a buddy. Well, we'll have to take their word on that one; but for now it'll be Doc that will be giving it up. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.Doc is spent after his hot jack off session thinking about his buddy Phenix while sniffing the jock Phenix left behind. He doesn't have a lot of time to recover before he gets a call from Phenix who is downstairs and back to pick up his jock. Phenix comes in and grabs his lucky jock strap as he starts to admire Doc's beefy chest. They start to explore each other as their hands start to roam on each other's muscular frames. Doc stands so that Phenix can feel his massive quads as his hands roam all over. Doc pulls off Phenix' tee as Phenix starts to lick Doc's biceps and chest. Phenix strips down to his briefs before getting back to playing with Doc's muscular frame. He plays with Doc's cock through his jock before taking it out and suckin' on it. Doc moans as Phenix takes his dick all the way to the hilt. Doc has a massive bod that he keeps completely hairless. Phenix laps at his smooth balls while Doc moans and groans. They stand and start to rub their cocks together for a bit before Phenix lies back and gets his massive cock worked. Doc gags as he struggles to take Phenix' meat. Phenix is rock hard as Doc worships his dick. Phenix bobs Doc's head on his cock burying his dick even deeper.Phenix then gets Doc on his back with his legs in the air so that he can better appreciate that muscular ass. He spreads those cheeks apart and slaps that ass getting Doc ready for dick. Phenix suits up and presses his throbbing cock to that hot hole and pushes his way inside. “Fuck that ass” Doc groans as Phenix sinks his meat deep inside. Phenix loves that hot ass wrapped around his meat and wastes little time before pounding away at that hole. His thick cock slides out almost completely before sliding back inside. Phenix then bends Doc over and gets back to work fucking that tight ass doggy style. Doc can't get enough of that cock as he takes a proper pounding. Phenix slaps that ass as he buries his meat inside. Phenix then lies back and has Doc ride his dick. He can get all of his cock buried inside this way as Doc fucks himself. He rides that pole bouncing on it harder and faster as Phenix slams his dick up into that hole. Phenix' hot cock is hitting Doc in all the right places causing him to blow his wad. Phenix is right behind him and unloads seconds after Doc dismounts blowing a huge wad all over his inked navel.

  • released : 03-24-2011 |

Hole Therapy

Hole Therapy, Scene #01

Where the boys at? We're not sure but they ain't here. We got all the hot MEN in the house. Brenn Wyson is back and it's his birthday. Making 39 look effortless, Brenn is in for a special treat as Phenix Saint makes his triumphant return. Gone are the surfer locks and boyish body, Phenix has re-emerged very much a man. Short hair, abs and 20lbs + of lean muscles in all the right places—we are loving the new look. These two spell trouble together and it's gonna be a crazy set. We asked them if they are just as wild at home as they are on set. They both break out in hysterics as they confess they're 10X worse at home. Gotta love 'em. They are both exactly where they want to be in life and appreciate who they've become. Neither of them would change a thing. If these two wrote tell all diaries we couldn't find a bookshelf able to hold them without catchin' fire. We asked where was the craziest place they'd gotten it on. Phenix did it in a packed movie theater while Brenn is a proud member of the Mile High Club. “I called my Dad and said, 'Dad, I joined the Mile High Club' and he answered, “Welcome fellow member!” Brenn laughs. The apple doesn't fall too far, does it?

They don't waste much time with formalities as Brenn pulls Phenix up into a steamy kiss. Phenix slowly explores Brenn's chest as he licks and kisses down Brenn's taught torso. As he moves south he undoes the jeans and licks Brenn's boner as it strains against its cloth confines. Brenn is rock hard as Phenix gropes his cock for a few before freeing it. He goes down on Brenn's throbbing cock as Brenn helps bob his head on his dick. Phenix gets comfortable on his knees as he starts to worship that rock hard cock. He licks Brenn's knob as he looks up with a glimmer in his eye. Phenix then sits back on the chair and watches as Brenn kneels between his legs and goes to work returning the favor. Brenn piston fucks his own throat using Phenix's thick meat. He pays special attention to his Prince Albert piercing. Phenix moans in ecstasy as Brenn swallows his dick, taking it so deep it makes him gag. Brenn looks up at Phenix as he slowly teases his cock with his tongue. Phenix is in heaven as he watches Brenn blow out his “birthday candle”. Make a wish, yet? “Why don't you stand up, I wanna fuck you” —Damn, that wish came true quick!

Phenix suits up as Brenn bends over and offers up that tight hole. Phenix slides his thick dick inside and goes to work. He grabs Brenn by the waist as he starts to slam that thick dick deep inside. Brenn moans and groans as he gets that ass fucked. Brenn jacks his cock as he gets that ass pounded by Phenix. Phenix's smooth balls slap away at that ass as he continues pounding that hole. Phenix can't get enough of that ass, grunting and groaning as he buries his meat. They then move the party over to the couch where Phenix slides that cock back inside that hot ass missionary. Brenn, who is usually the one making the room rock, is now on his back getting his hole stretched wide. Phenix knows exactly what he's doing as he throws his hot cock into Brenn. Brenn is unbridled as he gets Phenix on the floor and straddles him. He starts to ride that thick dick like a jockey on a horse. As he rides him, Phenix matches his stride and starts to slam his thick meat up into him. It feels so good that Phenix literally fucks the cum out of him. “Happy Birthday” Phenix coos, before laying back and jacking his own massive load all over his cum soaked chest. Wish all birthdays were this much fun. (evil grin)

  • released : 10-14-2010 |