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Park Wiley's Video

White Heat

White Heat, Scene #01

Park Wiley is back again this week and we brought along a friend for him to meet. Park, along with his newfound friend Gary, is going to give us a better idea of his many talents at work. Gary is a straight boy who loves to surf the shore and hot, crazy chicks. He loves girls who are into kinky things, like letting him finger and lick their asses. Some girls are weirded out by it; but the one's that aren't —are always a lot more fun. He loves anal, and today he has decided to see what it feels like when he pulls a backside on a babe with his fat surfer cock. This way, next time he's with a girl that's scared of anal, he can tell em with his big grin “Listen, I've done it ...it'll be fine!” WHOA. We're pretty sure once those pearls of wisdom fall out of his mouth; she might have second thoughts of her own. Then again he does like the freaky ones so… that might just be a turn on. Park, the consummate professional, is gonna get to play a different starting position as pitcher vs. his usual spot 'behind bat' as catcher. This should be a fun exhibition game of sorts, featuring two hot players in brand new positions. —Batter up! (no pun intended)Side by side in bed, Park and Gary waste little time getting acquainted. Their shirts come off as they intertwine tongues in a series of passionate kisses. This straight boy sure can kiss. Gary undoes his jeans and Park immediately goes for it, sucking his thick cock to the hilt. Gary loves the attention he's getting, but soon enough, his own curiosity piques, and wants to try some of that as well. They get into a steamy 69 position, where Gary gets to try his hand at sucking dick. He licks his cock and laps at Park's nuts while Park is more into swallowing Gary's surfer cock. From there, Park lies back and lets Gary show him just how he loves to eat ass. This is clearly familiar territory for surfer boy! Park goes crazy as Gary's tongue darts expertly around his ass. Park gets the rimming of his life, and it only makes him hornier and hornier. Soon, he wants more than oral, as he puts Gary on all four and gets into position. Park's gonna be the first to break this straight boy in!“First time, brah, take it easy.” are his last words as Park begins pushing his thick cock inside. In no time, he's pounding away at Gary's ass while Gary winces trying to accommodate his first cock. Park is nailing Gary and loving every minute of it in this position. Missionary is next, as Park slides his cock in deep. “Whoa —I can feel that in my stomach!” Gary protests as he gets his cherry split. “Take it like a man!” Park orders as he continues fucking him harder. It isn't long before he relaxes enough to take it deep and Park goes to town on his sweet hole. He pounds his ass missionary, then up in a pile driver position as you watch his nuts bouncing on Gary's smooth ass. Gary's loving it, as he holds his legs up in the air giving Park better access. Park then goes back to doggie and fucks the hell out of his ass. Soon, Gary's taunting Park for his load, wanting it all over his back. The dirty talk is enough to send Mr. Wiley over the edge as he pulls out and explodes all over Gary's fresh-fucked hole. Gary flips around and gets his bat off with a little help from Park, sending his own load flying in the air. We have a feeling our straight surfer boy would agree, this scene was totally sick, Brah! Surfs up.

Starring Park Wiley, Gary
  • released : 05-15-2008 |

Round 1

Round 1, Scene #01

Park Wiley is 32 and has quite the following in the adult industry. His name is recognized in the industry since he's done a lot of work and has even been nominated for awards. He is laid back and personable and not an ounce of attitude to him. He has a rugged look to him with his hair cropped short. His light eyes would catch any one's attention. He is currently single but sorta dating someone and slowly working towards something steady. He met him out at a local bar in L.A. and what started out as palling around while he was trying to pick up a cute 20 something twink led to them hooking up instead. He told him he did porn the next morning so he would know up front. Fortunately, the new beau didn't mind at all. He gets to play versatile in his private life as opposed to being primarily a bottom on cam. Park is very sexual and even prefers straight porn to gay porn to get his rocks off. Something about watching a guy dominate a female totally does it for him. We're sure he's not the only one attracted to watching straight boys in action. Straight boys aside, Park is gonna show us what he does when he needs to handle his business on his own.Straight porn rolling, Park starts to peel off his clothes. He loses his shirt and jeans and lies back in a tight fitting pair of black bikini briefs. He starts groping his growing cock through his underwear, teasing us as he plays with his cock that's beginning to come to life. He takes off his underwear and begins working his cock. He tugs on his heavy nuts as he lubes up and starts stroking his growing bone. He holds his nuts in one hand as his cock throbs to full mast. Paying attention to his balls as well as working his nips are the hot buttons that get him raring to go. His muscular frame ripples as he jacks his fat cock. His abs flex and the muscular definition in his chest and shoulders are easily visible. He works hard to keep his body in peak shape and it shows. He gets up on the chair and gives us a view of his infamous ass. His smooth ass is amazing as he teases it, bent over the chair. Now we can see why he's an award nominated porn star—it's that ass!He lies back in the chair and continues stroking his cock. He works his nipples as he focuses on the straight flick in front of him. His face clearly shows his intent as he strokes faster and faster. His cock is throbbing and by now aching for release. His once heavy nut sack is pulled up tight and ready to blow a huge nut. He focuses on the head of his cock as he starts jerkin faster. He moans as he gets closer and closer to busting his nut. His muscular body is tensing up and there's no mistaking what's to come. He lets out a loud grunt and seconds later—he explodes! He shoots his nut straight up n the air landing on the chair and his thigh and sending the rest to form a thick puddle in his crotch. Yeah, this boy knows exactly what to do. We need to get Park back here to show us just what kind of bottom fun has him nominated. We have a pretty good idea he wouldn't mind coming back one bit!

Starring Park Wiley
  • released : 05-08-2008 |
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