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Jaxxx of all Trades

Jaxxx of all Trades, Scene #01

Well, with Valentines Day behind us (no pun intended) there remains a mix of love and lust in the air. We decided we should help our members out with a hot dose of the latter. The former is way too hard to capture in a webisode. As a special treat, we bring you the hunky daddy with ink and pecs for days, Nick Moretti. Nick made quite the debut on our brother site and we knew our members would love him. Nick is a rugged man's man and he's gonna have his hands full with his co-star today Tristan Jaxx. Tristan is 28 and easily gives Rice-a-roni a run for its money as the San Francisco treat. WOOF! Tristan spent his recent holidays visiting Fort Lauderdale just hangin' around while Nick had similar holidays just enjoying the quiet R&R in Ft Lauderdale which is where Nick calls home. We asked these two what turns them on and makes their dicks hard. Tristan is an unabashed ass man. He loves a nice big round ass and a nice smile-a cute face doesn't hurt either. For Nick, it's all about kissing and having that connection. Those two definitely go hand in hand. A bad kisser is definitely a deal breaker. Well, we're about to find out what kind of connection(s) these two will get themselves into...Tristan is relaxing on the couch when Nick comes in bearing roses. Momma always said, 'Better late than never'-so what the hell. Throwing all caution to the wind, these two begin to make out. Their shirts come off revealing their hairy chests. Nick's dick is pulled free as Tristan goes to work on his fat cock. Nick doesn't mind one bit as he gets on his feet to give Tristan easier access to his thick 8' cock. At 46, Nick's body is in peak condition and Tristan is appreciating every bit of it as he continues to nurse on his meat. Nick then wants to return the favor as he gets down and strips Tristan's pants off. 'It's big' he gasps as he sees Tristan's 9.5' cock come out. He starts to suck it but hauls Tristan to his feet to have a better angle at getting all that meat down his throat. Nick hungrily swallows as much of Tristan's massive cock. His own rock hard cock is pulsing on its own as Nick holds Tristan's beefy thighs and uses them to fuck his own face. From there these two cock titans maneuver into a hot 69 where they can get all the cock they want. Nick takes top bunk as he repeatedly plunges down on Tristan's meat, intent at taking every thick inch. Nick will take every inch of that thick meat soon enough. Tristan's tongue then turns its sights on Nick's ass and dives into his muscular ass. Nick who usually ends up on top once his partners see his fat cock is getting something special-he's getting fucked! Tristan slides his thick python deep into Nick's hole and is soon slapping that ass with his low hangers. Nick takes that dick like a pro as Tristan pounds away at that smooth ass. Tristan then pulls out and sits back letting Nick work for it as he impales himself on his big dick. Nick grunts as he rides that thick cock and Tristan is helping him out soon enough as he holds Nick's waist and bobs him up and down to get his cock in even deeper. Nick can't seem to get enough as he leans back giving us an amazing view of Tristan's cock slowly stretching his ass wide and deep. Tristan's eyebrows furl as his face tells us just how good that ass feels on his cock. This will be a fuck session for the books as he puts Daddy Nick on his back and slides his huge cock in for more. Nick's ass is taking his cock easily as Tristan picks up the pace. Tristan's big dick is hitting all the right spots and Nick won't last long before his cock explodes. Once they're about to shoot they sit back and jack their huge cocks to completion busting their payloads all over themselves.

  • released : 02-23-2012 |


Dr.Dad, Scene #01

This week we have a little razzle to dazzle you this week as Ryan Raz makes his debut here on MenOver30. Ryan is a familiar sight on our brother sites and we're sure you will come to love this hot, blue-eyed hottie just as much. Ryan is now 26 and living in the Big Apple. Back for more mayhem is inked daddy, Nick Moretti. Nick is originally from New York and now calls Florida home. Nick just turned 47 and looking hotter than ever. They are both avid travelers so we asked them what their biggest pet peeves are while traveling. Ryan hates stupid people. There's a bumper sticker in the making. It's those people that can't seem to follow simple instructions that can make getting through security a pain in the ass. On that note, Nick's pet peeve is TSA in general since he travels a lot to do BDSM (Bondage/Discipline Sado Masochism) shoots. He travels with whips and chains and rather large toys so they always go through his luggage and rearrange his luggage leaving all the dildos on top. We then asked them if they could live/work anywhere they've visited where would that be. Nick is torn between Florence and San Francisco. Ryan is sticking with New York. “When I land it feels like home; there's no place else I'd rather be.” Well we know of at least one place he might wanna be—under Nick. Nick limps in assisted by Ryan. “I don't know how I tripped on that rock” Nick moans. Ryan starts to massage his sprained ankle and removes the bandage to give it more attention. He starts to lick Nick's toes as the “attention” becomes specialized. He sucks and licks on Nick's toes turning him on. Ryan then helps Nick out of his tank top as he feels his hairy chest. Ryan then strips and watches Nick pay specialized attention to his cock. Nick pulls down Ryan's underwear and starts to suck on his rock hard cock. Ryan groans in ecstasy as Nick swallows his cock deep. Ryan strokes Nick's boner as Nick continues to nurse on his. Ryan then strips Nick's jock strap off so he can readily return the favor. He kneels and goes to work on that cock. He slurps and savors Nick's thick 8” cock shoving it so deep down his throat it makes him gag. Ryan takes his time worshipping that cock as Nick helps bob his hot mouth up and down on his throbbing cock. “How's that feel, Baby?” Ryan coos. Nick then gets back on Ryan's cock for more as he sucks on his cock and getting Ryan hornier for more.Nick's tongue then finds its way to Ryan's smooth ass. “I wanna see what your ass tastes like”, Nick teases. Ryan assumes the position with that beautiful ass up in the air. Nick fingers that ass and shoves his tongue deep inside it. Ryan moans and groans as he gets that ass rimmed. Nick then moves into position as he slides his cock deep inside. Ryan braces himself as Nick starts to pound away at that ass. Nick is hard as a rock as he impales Ryan. He holds him by the waist as he rails into his insatiable hole. He fucks him doggy getting that ass used to his meat. “Wanna sit on my dick now?” Nick grins. Ryan straddles him and grinds that hot ass on Nick's pole. Nick then holds him still as he fucks up into his hole. Ryan's own boner springs up and down like a trampoline as he rides Nick's cock. From the couch they move over to the chaise where Nick buries his meat missionary. He slams into Ryan hitting him in all the right spots making him lose his load sooner than he wanted to. Nick jacks Ryan's cock while he's still buried deep inside him making him cum all over himself. Nick then stands and jacks his swollen cock all over Ryan as he drenches him with his load.

  • released : 10-07-2010 |

All Choked Up

All Choked Up, Scene #01

We have two new faces this week, and boy do we have a daddy for you. Originally from New York, Nick Moretti is in his prime. Nick's 46 and looking mighty fine. He's been living in Florida for over 20 years. To his right is one fine Denver native by the name of Sebastian Keys. Sebastian is now a man over 30—by injection. This sexy 19 year old now calls Cincinnati home. Sebastian is mild mannered and, you wouldn't know it from looking at him, has been into Martial Arts since he was young and holds several black belts. Let's not make this one angry. Nick is an artist in his own right. He loves to create paintings or any other type of art. Nick considers himself a Gay Erotic personality and admits had he the chance to do it all over again he wouldn't be as shy and be a lot more confident. Sebastian isn't as seasoned a performer. Had you told him he'd be doing gay porn two years ago, he would've told you you were insane. He's flourished amazingly well in the man to man scene as well as in front of the cameras. We're just glad he came over to play on our side of the fence and decided to stay. He smiles as he proudly affirms he loves what he does and has no problem with what he does. Can we get a witness!Nick is in the shower washing off after a workout at the gym. Little does he know he has unexpected company. Sebastian has arrived early and is helping himself to quite the peep show through the open bathroom door until Nick catches him. Sebastian high tails it back to the couch; grabs a magazine, and acts all innocent. He's confronted soon enough by Nick, wearing only a towel and a grin. 'I saw you peeping.' Sebastian tries to deny it, until Nick gives him something better than a magazine to look at. The towel comes off as Sebastian's hands start to explore Nick's muscular bod. This daddy must live at the gym. Sebastian is more than happy to show his appreciation. Nick's cock is soon in warmer waters as Sebastian's mouth gets a hold of it. He slurps and gags on Nick's massive meat as he tries to get as much of it in his mouth. Nick starts to strip his young friend while still feeding him dick. Nick is loving the attention as he fucks Sebastian's throat while holding his head in place. Nick then wants to return the favor as he puts Sebastian on the couch and goes down on his own aching cock. Sebastian lies back and watches for a while before his urge for more “Moretti Meat” takes over him. He gets Nick on a chair and gets his hungry lips all over that thick cock. He's got it bad! We can't blame him. Sebastian slurps and swallows as much dick as he can, getting Nick hornier for a lot more than oral. —He had it coming!n'Let me see your ass!' Nick orders as he bends Sebastian over onto the chair. Nick gets behind that smooth, white ass and goes to work. He starts tongue-fucking Sebastian, driving him crazy as he gets that ass ready for dick. He then moves Sebastian over onto the couch where he teases that ass a bit before slowly sliding his thick cock inside. Sebastian winces as his ass starts to give in. Soon, his ass is stretched wide by Nick's fat cock. Nick's not one to wait for what he wants, and is soon pounding that ass with reckless abandon. Sebastian takes every deep plunge with ease. 'Aww that feels good' he coos, as Nick continues to fuck away at his hole. The sound of Nick's balls slapping away fill the room as Sebastian can only beg for more. Nick's furry abs look amazing in contrast to the perfectly smooth ass below that's taking his meat balls deep. Nick then has Sebastian do the work as he sits back and lets Sebastian straddle his cock and ride it. Sebastian gladly impales himself on that extra thick dick. Once he's tired, Nick gladly takes over fucking his dick up into him for more. Nick then gets Sebastian on his back; lifts those smooth legs, and slides back inside the hairless hole that will soon claim his load. Sebastian takes that thick cock to the hilt as Nick pounds him harder and harder. Nick's monster cock is hitting him in just the right spot, and Sebastian is soon busting his nut all over his contracting abs. Nick is next as he pulls out and blows his thick load all over Sebastian's chest and cum-coated abs.

  • released : 01-21-2010 |