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Max Sinclair's Video

Max & Spermas

Max & Spermas, Scene #01

After popular demand, Max Sinclair is back in the house. After the amazing response to the 36 year old Orlando native; we're definitely glad to have him back. Making his debut this week is a San Francisco treat by the name of Blake Daniels. Blake is 29 and a tall drink of hotness measuring in at 6'4”. We asked these two if they could write a reflective memoir on the past year what it would be called. “I Got Fucked in the Ass” would be the title of Max' since he got dicked by a real cock for the first time with us on cam. No more toys for Max in the New Year. Blake's memoir would be titled “So Long 20s”as he prepares himself for his 30s. February is around the corner and we wondered what these two would do with their significant other on Valentine's Day. A cruise to Mexico is first on the list of romantic options for Max; while Blake would rather commune with nature on a nice little picnic up in the Redwoods. As for new adventures, we wondered what was on their sexual horizons. The Mile High Club is on Max' to do list while Blake wants to keep exploring group fun. Orgy anyone? —Let's get this party started…Max starts off with a strip tease for Blake's amusement. He pulls off his tee and shows off his ripped frame. Someone's been hitting the gym and it shows! His abs are more defined and Blake's hands are helping themselves to the new additions. Max' pants come off next and he's left in a sexy black jock strap which showcases his stellar Puerto Rican ass. By now, Blake has hauled out his fat cock and is stroking to the show. Max goes in for a closer look as he starts to stroke that thick dick. Blake's cock is getting harder by the second. Blake then kneels to get a better look at that cock as he pulls off the jock strap. Max moans as his cock finds itself in a hot mouth. “Keep suckin that cock” he groans as Blake strokes his spit lubed meat before going right back down on it. Blake rubs that dick all over his face and savors every inch of it before sitting back to get some in return. Max doesn't skip a beat as he gets to work on his cock. He bobs his head up and down on that thick white boy meat wanting to get it as hard as he can. He has plans for that thick cock and it won't be long before he's finding a new home for it.Blake then bends Max over on the couch so he can play with that hot ass. Max spreads his cheeks apart as Blake lubes and fingers that hot ass. He teases that hole making Max want his dick even more. Blake then suits up and lubes his thick cock as Max straddles him and slowly impales himself on it. Max grimaces as his ass slowly concedes. Once that cock finds its way inside Max starts to slowly ride it til his ass can handle it. Wanting a bit more control, Blake bends him over so he can fuck that ass doggy style. Blake is in the driver's seat now as he picks up the pace and starts to fuck him deep. Max struggles to accommodate that thick dick as Blake pounds away at his ass. Bet those toys were never this good. Max then gets flipped over on his back where Blake goes right back to doing what he does best—power fucking that hole. Max strokes his dick off as Blake continues his anal assault and it sends Max over the edge. His cock explodes without warning sending his load all over his ripped abs. Blake pulls his meat out and also unloads, shooting his thick cargo all over Max' spent cock.

  • released : 01-27-2011 |

Daigle-ing Modifier

Daigle-ing Modifier, Scene #01

Back for more this week is Max Sinclair. Yes, our hot beefy str8 boy from Orlando, FL is here to see what it would feel like if it wasn't a strap on in that hot ass. C'mon, he should have known that letting girls use a strap-on on that outrageous ass of his would only peak his curiosity for the real thing. We're peaking in all sorts of places already just thinking about it. Helping out this week is a sexy newcomer, Steven Daigle. Steven is 37. He's originally from San Diego, CA. Steven may look familiar and he gets recognized since his appearance on Big Brother. He doesn't mind at all. He wasn't on there for long; but admits he was his “happy” self while he was there. Had he been there longer he might've had to show a different, more conniving side, of Steven. Being on camera 24/7 however, gave him a whole new perspective on being comfortable around them. It has come in great in the adult industry since he can perform without inhibitions. Speaking on “perspective”, Max walks away with a new one in regards to the fun you can have on the other side of the sexual fence. Steven left the kind of impression we all hope to, as a completely satisfied Max grins and admits that even though this was his first cock ever…it won't be his last. Steven clearly wins Immunity! lol“Have you ever been 'pegged' by a girl?” asks Steven as Max gives him a confused look. “Pegging” is when a girl uses a toy or a dildo on your ass. Max grins and concedes that he has, in fact, been pegged. Steven grins and tells him that if he likes the pegging as much as he says, he'll definitely like the real thing. Steven praises Max on his defined frame making him more at ease. Steven plays to his strengths as he asks Max to show off for him. Max obliges as he start to flex and pose. Steven can't help but want to feel that for himself. He gropes at Max' crotch and abs as Max starts to bone up. Steven drops to his knees and frees Max' cock that is already throbbing for attention. Str8 dick is what's for lunch as Steven greedily gobbles it up. Max just watches as he gets his first blow job from another guy. Steven knows exactly what he's doing as his fingers start to flirt with Max' back door. Steven then stands and frees his own raging cock giving Max something to play with. Max dives right in as he takes Steven's thick cock deep inside his hot mouth. Steven just groans as Max does his best to return the favor.Steven has him where he wants him and to seal the deal he gets Max bent over on the couch. He spreads his muscular cheeks apart before going in tongue first. Max just groans as he gets his ass rimmed. He holds his cheeks apart so that Steven can get that hot tongue deeper inside him. Steven then gets into position and starts to slide his big cock home. Max just grunts as he gets what he's needed all along—a real cock in that tight ass of his. Steven slowly picks up the pace and is soon fucking Max. Max' tight ass grips Steven's cock making him moan and groan at the sensation. Steven breaks that ass in doggy style before reconvening on the floor. Max squats on that cock and begins to ride it. He braces himself on the chair's edge and does dips repeatedly onto Steven's meat, fucking himself silly. Steven then gets him on his back and slides back inside for more. He pounds away at that ass missionary deeper and harder as they both near climax. Steven can't hold back any longer and pulls out before unloading a cum-drenching all over Max' hairy chest and abs. Max then strokes off his own rock hard cock as he adds even more load to the mix. Welcome to the club, Max; Steven's just earned himself a toaster oven.

  • released : 12-09-2010 |

Max Exposure

Max Exposure, Scene #01

Today we have a newbie hailing from Orlando, FL Max Sinclair is making his first episode today. We're fortunate to be the very first to introduce this muscular, Puerto Rican hottie to the rest of the world; and in such vivid detail. Max is a refined soul and enjoys relaxing at home with a good book. His favorite author at the moment is Nelson DeMille and of his works his favorite would have to be “Cathedral”. Max used to write but hasn't in a while. We asked if he was to write his own autobiography what the title would be. “Let's See What Happens Next” would be the title; and if they made it into a major motion picture he'd want to play the lead role himself. In that autobiography he may mention how he lost his cherry at the tender age of 17. It wasn't a great experience since a car is never an accommodating place for that. Max gets plenty of attention from gay men and at 36 he's secure enough in his sexuality to take it as a complement. Max is pretty open and admits the wildest sex he's ever had has been with a wild girl that had a strap on and used it on him. He admits that he kinda enjoyed it and tried it a few more times. Hark! Could this be a bit of shameless foreshadowing?? …Stay tuned.Max starts off slowly as he looks right into the camera and gives us a coy wink. Oh, this is gonna be good. He slowly stretches as he slowly feels his massive chest and arms. When he's ready, Max takes off his shirt. His dedication at the gym has really paid off and his broad shoulders and back vee into a small, muscular waist. Adding to Max' sex appeal is the fact that his deliciously defined frame is coated in fur that he keeps closely trimmed. Some of us here at MenOver30 appreciate our men au natural. As he drops his jeans we get to see his firm muscular ass atop his well developed quads. He slowly pulls down his boxer briefs showing us that ass of his a bit at a time. We have to admit we totally understand why a couple women would want to play with that hot ass (let alone what we might wanna do with it!) He pulls his briefs back up and then sits back down to stroke his cock inside his briefs a bit before hauling out his thick cock. His briefs finally hit the floor as he begins to give his dick the attention it deserves.He spreads his muscular thighs as his smooth balls settle into place. He lubes his cock up as it grows in his hand. Max' eyes close and his full lips part as he loses himself in the rapture he's feeling. He stands to give us an even better view of his defined frame and we get an amazing view as the camera pans up over his sexy, furry frame. “I'm so fucking horny' he teases with those sexy eyes, “…I wanna cum all over you!” Line forms to the right, Gentlemen. (…Single-file please) Max bends over and shows off that spectacular ass as he slowly writhes for our enjoyment. His hot ass has is mostly smooth with just the right amount of hair as you move closer to pay dirt. As the camera moves overhead, Max looks back over his muscular shoulder and gives us a devilish grin. This guy knows exactly what he's doing. We have a feeling he loves getting attention as much as gay boys love giving it to him. Max then flips over and gets to work on his now throbbing cock. His cock is ready to go as his balls pull up closer to his shaft. He groans in ecstasy as his cum splatters atop his happy, hairy trail. We definitely hope we see a lot more of Max and if there's a compromising position in his future …we're all for that, too!

Starring Max Sinclair
  • released : 12-02-2010 |