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Matthew Rush's Video

Bum Rush

Bum Rush, Scene #01

After doing his very first web episode with us on his birthday, 37 year-old Matthew Rush is back with us this week, and we couldn't be happier to give our members more Matthew. What a “rush”—riiight? Well, it will be when you get to see Mr. Rush playing a role he doesn't play very often on camera. (more on that in a minute.) Christmas this year couldn't have been any hotter thanks to the dynamic Drake Jaden, who boldly took a pounding by power top Brenn Weisman. Gotta be careful what you wish for. Even though he left walking a tad funny, 25 year-old Drake didn't complain one bit. Both of these studs have quite the résumé, so we asked them had they the opportunity to write their memoirs, what would it be called? Matt thinks for a few seconds, then says “Naked Beneath My Clothes” then burst out laughing. Comedian Rita Rudner just got her book's title stolen. Drake's book would be titled “I can't believe I took the whole thing”. You can all draw you own conclusions on that one; but one thing you won't need to draw conclusions on is who will be taking the “whole thing”. Drake's hot ass is taking the day off, and his thick 8” cock will be boldly rushing up Matthew's ass for a much needed change. After all, isn't that what most of us vote for?Kissing is on the menu as these two get better acquainted. Their hands roam all over the other as they begin to strip off their shirts before fumbling to undo their pants. Matt's cock is the first one out as Drake seizes the opportunity to get a better taste. He wraps his lips around Matt's thick shaft and begins to bob his head on his cock, taking it all the way down. “Oh that feels so fucking good” Matt grunts, as he hauls Drake up so that he can kneel and get in on the oral fun. Drake's rock hard, and Matthew easily engulfs every delicious inch of his 8” fuck tool. Drake holds Matt's head as he bobs him up and down on his meat. Matt loves the dick Drake's giving him, so Drake stands up to fuck Matt's face and stroke it as Matt works his balls. Drake has a tight body with a semi furry chest and several sweet tattoos. His smaller frame will soon dominate that of Matt, who's in for quite a ride. Drake then preps that thick ass for a proper pounding by shoving his tongue up inside it, which only drives Matt nuts. Matt's smooth ass is soon glistening in a custom spit-shine and ready for one thing—DICK!Drake sits on the couch and suits up as Matthew straddles him and begins to sit on that rock hard cock. Drake's meat easily slides inside Matt's hungry ass. Matt begins to fuck himself as he grinds and bounces on Drake's dick like he's on a bouncy ball. Matt's cock is rock hard and thumping against Drake's furry chest with every bounce, and soon Drake wants more control. He puts Matt on all fours and slides his cock in for more. Matt is cock crazed and begging for more, and Drake's more than happy to oblige. The harder Drake pounds that ass, the more Matt begs for it. They're both lost in an animalistic grunt fest as they fuck each other's brains out. The view from above as Drake just fucks Matt's ass is insane, and Matt's loving every inch of it. Drake then sits back on the couch and has Matt ride him, only this time in reverse. Matthew sits on Drake's dick again, and Drake starts to pile drive his rock hard cock up into Matt's ass as he strokes Matt's hard cock. “OH, Fuck my ass!”, Matt grunts, as he slams his ass harder and harder back onto Drake's dick. It won't be long before these two explode. As they feel that familiar tickle, they sit back, side by side on the couch to jack themselves off into a rather messy explosion. So why is it that some people are so resistant to change?

  • released : 01-28-2010 |

Gold Rush

Gold Rush, Scene #01

Today's shoot is special for several reasons. This week, we bring you none other than Matthew Rush. Matthew has agreed to do his first ever web-episode with us here at MenOver30. As well as it being his first time doing web work, it's his 37th time he's had candles before him and awaiting a wish or two. Fort Lauderdale's own is 37 today, and we couldn't imagine a hotter time for Matthew than to spend it in (pun intended) a hot piece of west coast realty that goes by the name of Braxton Bond. Braxton is 30 and from Los Angeles. For those of you who missed it, we got an up close and personal with this hung blond just last week. The response was amazing, so we knew we had to have him back. Both of these hung boys are into outdoor activities. When we asked Matthew if there were any misconceptions about him, he told us that unlike popular opinion, he's just an average guy and considers himself a geek. Braxton on the other hand comes across as a polished prep school boy; but, given the right circumstances, he's anything but the innocent boy next door. Lucky for us, they are both single and they both want kind guys who don't take themselves all that seriously. All somewhat serious applications considered.Braxton has his hands full—literally—as he begins to kiss Matthew while feeling up his massive pecs and guns. He pulls off Matthew's tee as he gets better acquainted with his ink as well. Neither can keep his hands off the other as they continue to kiss and explore their inked bods. Matthew lays back as Braxton goes to work on his chest and abs, slowly making his way down Happy Trail Way in search of a bigger sense of adventure. 'Seek and ye shall suck' they say?or something like that?as Braxton gets his mouth around Matt's growing cock. 'Fuck, that feels good' Matt groans, as he starts face-fucking Braxton. Braxton works his cock all the way to the hilt as he takes every inch of Matt's extra thick meat. Matt can only grunt his approval as he takes his head and helps Braxton bury his meat even deeper. Braxton has this one covered as he continues to slam Matt's cock deep into his throat. Braxton then comes up for air as Matt undoes his jeans and kneels to give Braxton some of what he was given. Matt holds Braxton steady as he starts to suck his cock deep. He slowly pumps Braxton's cock down his throat before he decides he wants more attention on his own dick instead. HmmmMatt is horny and now wants some ass, so he shoves his cock back into Braxton's throat so he can get his cock ready for a good fucking. Braxton is soon bent over as Matthew starts to shove his fat cock deep inside. 'You like that cock', Matt grunts 'give me that fuckin' sweet hole!' Matt is taking Braxton's ass hard as he pounds into him. Braxton, who confessed he loves a guy who can toss him around, is getting just what he wants. These two fuck like animals as they grunt and groan, grinding against each other. Braxton's humping back just as hard as Matt's thrusting forward. From doggie they switch it up. Matthew sits back and has Braxton turn around and sit on his cock. He shoves every thick inch up into him as Braxton continues grinding his hot ass all the way down to the hilt. The chemistry between these two is explosive to say the least as they continue to thrust themselves against each other. Matt finally puts Braxton on his back and gets that cock back in him Missionary. He easily slams that cock in and out of Braxton's battered hole, hitting Braxton in all the right places. It isn't long before Matt's pounding cock pushes Braxton over the edge, causing him to explode all over his smooth abs. Once Braxton is done cummin', Matt pulls out and pumps his own thick load all over Braxton's cum-covered balls. Well it may be Matt's birthday; but it looks like Braxton got the better present!

  • released : 11-12-2009 |
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