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Matthew Rush's Video

Oh, Mr.Rush!

Oh, Mr.Rush!, Scene #01

Back by popular demand, Matthew Rush is with us and he's brought along a friend. Tucker Vaughn is 19 and a newbie in the industry by comparison. He does this and goes to school, so he's juggling the two. He admits he loves being able to do both and meets great people on and off camera. Matthew, on the other hand, has been doing this a while and he's grown throughout his career. He started out a young and lean. Now he's grown up and not only doubled in size but also added some ink. He admits some people prefer his cleaner cut look but it's inevitable that one grows and evolves. Say what they might, at the end of the day Matt's completely comfortable in his skin. That alone is a wonderful thing to be. Tucker has a long career ahead of him so we look forward to seeing a lot more of this smooth hottie with the big smile and that hot ass. He definitely is going to make a great impression on our members so we're sure you'll wanna see more of him in the future here as well as on our brother sites. Let's let these two get better “acquainted”.They start off reading in the same room when Matt catches Tucker sneaking glances. He calls his bluff and invites him to join him on the couch. Tucker is star struck as he blushes and joins Matt. It isn't long before these two are making out. They quickly undress and Tucker's lips are soon wrapped around Matthew's cock. He jerks and sucks on Matthew's hard cock as he kneels between those massive thighs. This has got to be better than any book Tucker was pretending to read. Tucker can't get enough of that thick cock as he shoves as much as he can of that cock into his throat. Matthew then gets up and has Tucker lie back on the couch so he can return the favor. Tucker lies back as he watches his very favorite porn star suck his cock. Matt takes Tuckers cock all the way to the hilt as he drives Tucker wild. Tucker's cock is throbbing in Matthew's mouth and he's more than ready for anything. Matt then gets Tucker back on his knees so he can fuck his hot mouth some more. Tucker gets back to work sucking that dick and lapping at those smooth balls. Matt holds his head to get that thick dick of his even deeper.Matthew then puts Tucker near the edge of the couch as he spreads those legs wide and starts to eat that smooth ass. Tucker is in heaven as he gets that hot ass primed to fuck. Matthew expertly tongues at that ass launching Tucker into orbit. After eating that ass for a good while, Matt then suits up and starts to slide his fat cock deep into Tucker's hot ass. That ass is more than ready and concedes willingly. Matt is soon fucking Tucker's ass hard as he grunts and groans. Tucker just lies back as Matthew takes his ass deep. Matt then gets Tucker up; turns him around and bends him over for more. With one leg up on the chaise, Tucker holds on as Matt repeatedly slams his cock inside that hungry ass. Tucker doesn't care how he gets that dick so long as he gets it. Matthew has no problem helping out anyway he can. They then take the party over to the chair where Matt sits back and watches as Tucker sits on his cock in a reverse cowgirl position. Once on that meat, Tucker rides that dick like a pogo stick. That hot ass is milking Matt's dick and with this much grinding it won't be long before these two explode. As they get close they sit back side by side and shoot their loads all over themselves.

  • released : 07-08-2010 |

Star Struck

Star Struck, Scene #01

This week, we have a fresh face that comes to us from Orlando, FL, Mr. Jakob Pierce. Jakob is 33 years old. This afternoon, he's here to meet his porn idol. Well, it would be more appropriate to say his porn idol is here to meat him. Fan-favorite and always a welcome sight, Matthew Rush joins us this week. Matthew is in his “later thirties” and holding…and holding. lol. Matthew is originally from Pennsylvania; but now calls Ft. Lauderdale home. We asked these two if they were to open a business what would it be. Matthew wants to open a funeral home because that is guaranteed job security. Matthew is always a hard act to follow so after that response, Jakob takes the high road and goes conventional with a Dance Studio. We then asked these two what is the one thing that really gets them going. We asked Jakob first (just in case) and he confessed he loves guys that are touchy feely and like to kiss and caress all over, which gets him really horny for more. Matthew takes the classic response and chalks it up to being in his kiss. Kissing is that most intimate thing that really gets his blood pumping. Yeah, a bad kisser is definitely hard thing to recover from. Well, with two guys that both get into kissing and passionate detail we're in for a treat.Jakob is on the phone when he happens upon Matthew Rush. He quickly hangs up as he stammers to talk to his porn idol. One thing leads to another, and flattery leads to fondling. Boy meets boy, boy fondles boy…you get the picture. They start to make out as their clothes come off. Jakob wastes little time before hauling out Matthew's hard cock and going to work on it. He engulfs it as Matthew groans his approval. Sometimes it's good to give your biggest fans a taste test. Jakob can't get enough of Matt's thick cock as he spit shines that dick. Matthew then gets on his knees and helps Jakob out of his jeans before giving him some head in return. Jakob is elated as he watches his idol suck his rock hard cock. Fantasy made reality as he slowly fucks Matthew's face. Jakob soon wants more of that dick he's been stroking to. He gets back on his knees so he can continue nursing on that thick cock. Matthew watches as Jakob services his dick looking up at him with those pretty eyes knowing he'll stop at nothing to get that cock of his where he wants it. Don't play coy, you know where he wants it. (u so silly) Matthew then lies back and has Jakob squat on the couch so that Matthew can eat that smooth ass out. This launches Jakob into overdrive as Matt's tongue gets him ripe for a dicking. Matthew then suits up, sits back, and watches as his number one fan sit down on his fat cock. Jakob grunts as his ass gives in and opens up. Jakob soon has that cock deep in his ass and starts to ride it. He braces his feet on Matt's massive quads as he bounces himself up and down on that hard cock. Matt loves that tight ass wrapped around his cock, and moans as Jakob has his way with it. Matt then bends Jakob over and continues fucking that hot ass doggy style. Jakob backs that ass up for more as Matthew fucks away. Jakob grunts as Matthew buries his cock deeper and deeper. Careful what you wish for, Mr. Pierce…cuz you just might take it all. Caught up in the moment as Matt fucks him, Jakob begs Matt to fuck him on the floor. They segway to a hot missionary position which only lets Matthew bury that cock even deeper. Jakob is grunting and moaning like a bitch as Matt pounds that ass stretcher deep inside. As the cam moves behind the action we get an awesome view of Matthew's beefy ass as he continues to bury that dick inside Jakob's ass. Jakob is taking a pounding. Soon, they dismount to explode their loads all over themselves. Whew. Fuck Fantasy #12,384 —Fulfilled. …NEXT!

  • released : 06-10-2010 |

Fantasy Guyland

Fantasy Guyland, Scene #01

Back this week to have his fantasy fulfilled is Alex Slater. Last week, Alex made his debut on MenOver30. This recent addition to the MenOver30 fold made such an impression with is sexy French-Lebanese mix that we just had to have him back. For those of you who missed Alex he told us that his fantasy scene partner would be Matthew Rush. So Matthew who made his first webisode with us, was more than happy to help us out. Though Alex is just starting out in this industry and is excited to unknown adventures, Matthew admits he's on the opposite end of the adult spectrum and looking forward to doing other things sooner than later. “The Gay running video personality retirement home” is his response as to what's next. Well, we're sure there are still many fans with hopes to the contrary. Both of these guys are horny and both admit to jackin off frequently. Alex likes jackin off to porn though he likes to stray to the less vanilla and gets his exotic rocks off to more kinky videos. Matthew doesn't remember the last time he jacked off to porn. “It's hard for me to jack off to porn since I know most everyone in them”. Yeah, we can see where that might be a problem. nThey break the ice by kissing on the couch as they start exploring each other. Their shirts come off, followed by their shorts. Soon, they are standing in their briefs. Both briefs are poppin' tents. Alex doesn't wait for long before getting on his knees to taste his fantasy lover. He engulfs Matthew's cock as Matthew grunts and orders him to suck his cock. “Awww fuck yeah” he groans, as he forcefully bobs Alex' head on his rock hard cock. Alex is stroking his own boner as he services Matthew's. He stands to kiss Matthew some more before Matthew goes down to taste some exotic wood for himself. Matthew greedily devours that cock to the hilt. Alex couldn't be happier. “Suck my fuckin' dick!” he moans, as he watches Matthew swallow that cock to the hilt. Matthew takes it like a champ as Alex returns the favor and fucks his face. Alex then wants some of that ass he's been fantasizing about, so he goes to work on it and uses his tongue to drive Matt crazy. Matt moans and groans as Alex eats that beefy ass out. Alex licks and fingers that hole as Matt whimpers and groans for more.“Spit in my hole” Matt grunts, while Alex works his hole with that tongue. Matthew is going crazy as he gets that hole rimmed. Alex then goes back to sucking on Matthew's cock as Matthew watches his cock get worked. Matt's rock hard as Alex continues to suck and nurse on his fat cock. Then they switch while Alex lies back and spreads his furry legs. Matthew kneels between them again and goes back to working that hot cock again. Alex has exactly what he wants - Matt Rush suckin his thick cock - and it can't get any better than this. Matthew works that cock, licking his shaft and working his smooth balls. It won't be long before these two are ready to blow with all the cock sucking going on. Matthew is the first to nut, with an impressive grunting display which culminates in a thick batch of wad all over his smooth navel. Alex follows suit as his thick load jets out and lands on his furry abs, where it mats in several creamy streaks. These two guys are so done—and so is our work here. Alex Slater, your wish was our command.

  • released : 04-29-2010 |