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Matthew Rush's Video

Real ASState

Real ASState, Scene #01

This week we have Matthew Rush back in the house and he's here to help us welcome a new hottie to the club, Mr. Nikko Alexander. Nikko is 25 years old and originally from Houston. Nikko is a smooth hottie with washboard abs and a bad boy look. We asked these studs about their take on recent events. Bullying is a topic that resonates with both of them. “…Nobody should be committing suicide for being bullied. Nobody should be bullied period” says Matthew who finds the current situation heart breaking. Nikko agrees and feels if you choose to live your life you should be allowed to without being harassed. Matthew wasn't the scrawny geek he was back in high school by the time he came out. Once he hit the gym and bulked up he found his self confidence. That made it a lot easier to come out without fear of being bullied. When it comes to men and who these studs find irresistible, Matthew admits some of the hottest men he's ever met have been from South Africa. Nikko, the self professed bisexual, admits he doesn't really have a type. Whatever's clever for this stud. When it comes to turn-ons they both agree that they'd rather watch people fuck than be watched. Well don'tcha just love the irony in that? Wrapping up a tour of the house, Nikko tries to sway Matthew into putting in an offer. Matt isn't convinced if it's right for him. Nikko assures him it is and then sweetens the offer by adding a personal touch. He kisses Matt's neck as he starts to undress him. Soon Nikko is on his knees and pulling off Matt's briefs as his thick cock springs free. Nikko opens wide as he takes Matt's thick cock deep in his mouth. He works the shaft getting as much of it a he can. He sucks on his smooth nuts making Matt's cock even harder. Nikko then stands as Matt helps him out of his underwear. Nikko's uncut cock is rock hard and his massive balls are backed up and in need of release. Nikko goes back down on Matt's cock as Matt moans his approval. As Nikko sucks off Matt we get a spectacular view of his tight muscular ass. Nikko looks up at Matt as he continues to service his thick dick. “Play with your hole while you're sucking my cock” Matt orders as Nikko obliges. Matt then gets Nikko on the couch and finally returns the favor as he wraps his lips around Nikko's cock.Nikko's moaning as Matt worships his thick cock and heavy balls. “I think you should eat my ass” grins Nikko as Matt bends him over on the couch. He dives into Nikko's hot hole tongue first as Nikko quivers at the sensation. Matt then suits up and watches Nikko sit on his cock. Once he gets that thick dick inside he slowly starts to take that dick. Matt starts to push more and more of his dick inside as Nikko does his best to accommodate him. Nikko lays back onto Matt who continues burying dick up into him. Matt then gets Nikko on his back and slides that dick back in for more. Nikko's ass is so tight Matt's having trouble getting his thick cock all the way in. Matt picks up the pace and starts to slam that dick all the way to the hilt. Nikko is loving it as he gets that hot ass stretched wide. Matt then bends Nikko over and takes that ass doggy. Nikko can't get enough as he bucks back onto Matt's cock. Matt pounds him faster and faster and soon pulls out as he explodes all over Nikko's hot ass. Nikko then flips over and jacks his thick load all over his delicious abs. “How's that for a down payment?” lol

  • released : 11-11-2010 |

Roman HOLE-iday

Roman HOLE-iday, Scene #01

You never want to rush a good thing. We certainly know all about that as we entertain Matthew Rush this week. Looking hot as ever the Lauderdale Hunk is back in the house to show us a good time. This week Matt's gonna help us welcome a new face to the MenOver30 fold. This one will be a MenOver30 by injection by the time we're done with sexy Roman Rivers. Roman is 23 and every bit a man. This stud is from Swansea, MA but we're definitely glad he migrated south. We asked Roman to give Matt a suggestion on a good book to read were he to need one on a long journey. “Read the Art of War ', Roman grins 'because you can use it in any aspect of your life.” Interesting. We asked Matthew the same question and he recommended Roman read “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting”. We then decided to ask Matthew a question we had yet to query: What kinds of men attract your eye? He likes big guys because he's a physical guy. Big chests, big arms and a nice bubble butt are all good lures to land this catch. Roman is new to the man to man table and only a year ago was exclusively sleeping with women. He is glad he discovered there are more things on the horizontal than many other str8 boys will. Well, Roman's about to discover a lot more this afternoon and we're sure he'll get a gr8 rush from it.Getting acquainted is gonna get these two in trouble as Matt puts Roman's hand on his pec and encourages him to explore his curiosity. That leads to kissing as they both start to explore the other. Roman then sits down as Matt stands before him and hauls out his thick cock. Roman's a quick study as he takes it and strokes it. He licks at that swollen knob before going down on it. He looks up at Matt with those bedroom brown eyes as he worships his meat. “Fuck yeah, suck my cock!” coos Matt as he fucks his mouth. Matt then sits down and slides Roman's shorts off. His cock is rock hard and ready for action. Matt takes that hard cock in his mouth sending Roman into orbit as his throbbing cock finally gets the attention it's needed. Roman is naturally smooth and well defined. Matt takes his time as he licks and savors that cock. Roman soon finds himself on all four as Matt's tongue explores that sweet ass of his. He spreads those beefy cheeks apart as he tongue fucks that hole. The sensation of Matt's skilled tongue rimming that muscular ass is only making Roman want more. Fortunately for him, Matt's got that covered.Matt suits up and sits back and watches as Roman sits on his dick. Roman takes that thick cock deep inside that ass and his own cock is rock hard the entire time. Matt is groaning as that tight ass wraps around his rock hard cock. He bends Roman over and goes right back to tappin' that ass. His cock glides in and out of that hungry ass with ease as Roman takes it deep. Matt's cock is driving Roman crazy as he gets fucked silly. Matt's muscles are writhing as he holds Roman by that tight waste and repeatedly impales him back onto his thick meat. They then go missionary as Matt holds those soccer legs in the air before zeroing in on that ass he wants more of. He shoves his cock back inside and picks up where he left off. Roman is moaning as Matt continues to use that tight ass to milk his load. Matt fucks away at that ass amazed at how good that tight ass feels. At this pace it won't be long before these two cream. Roman's jerking his cock off as Matt fucks him harder. That does the trick as they dismount and jack off side by side sending their thick loads flying all over themselves.

  • released : 10-21-2010 |

My Two Dads

My Two Dads, Scene #01

This week, we have two hotties we've been trying to get together for a while now. East coast meets West as we finally have Los Angeles based Doug Jeffries back in Florida. Looking as hot as ever, 44 year old Daddy daydream Doug is back. Joining Doug this week is a local hottie that some of you may have heard of. Well if Matthew Rush rings a bell, then you're in for a treat. These two are going to be a lot of fun. Doug has been taking good care of himself since we've seen him last. He's still toned and buff and has been actually doing more things behind the camera than in front of it. Doug has gone more into the directing side to the industry and has no regrets. “It makes me a better model because I'm more aware of where the cameras are at all times.” Matt agrees since he's also had a chance to direct a few films. Working with so many actors, we asked these two if they can ever jack off to guys they've already done scenes with. “Absolutely not!” is Matthew's response. Once he's been with them they are on another level and it weirds him out to want to fantasize about them. Doug says he doesn't have that problem since he's directed his friends in scenes and has found himself aroused while doing it. That being said, Lets knock 1 more Daddy out of Matt's list of “strokabilities”.They start off wondering what a scene between these two would look like when they decide to make it happen instead. They start to kiss as Matthew nervously goes in for his first kiss. They stand and take their shirts off as Doug explores Matthew's rock solid chest. He pounds on his pecs as Matt grunts his approval. Their hands are all over each other as they try to contain their excitement. Matt slides his hand inside Doug's underwear as they come off. His finger darts inside that beefy ass to get an idea of what that ass is like. They pull out each others cocks that by now have been aching to be set free. They stroke each other's cocks a bit before Doug drops to his knees. He takes Matt's cock in his mouth, sending him into orbit. He sucks on Matt's fat cock as Matt starts to fuck his face. “You like that dick?” Matt grunts as he shoves his dick so deep it makes Doug gag a few times. Do not try this at home, Doug is a trained professional. Matt then gets on his knees to taste that Daddy dick he's beat off thinking about. He sucks down Doug's cock like a champ as Doug orders him to finger his ass. Matt is getting that ass ready for more as he fingers and then eats that sweet, smooth hole.Doug's smooth hole is getting fucked by Matt's strong tongue and soon he's just begging for it. Just when you think you know what's coming ,we see Doug sliding his Daddy dick inside Matt's ass. Matt groans as he gets that hole stretched. “Fuck me” he rants as he begs Doug to tear his ass up. Oh the pressure! Matt loves that dick in his ass, and Doug just pounds away at that hole. Matt then sits back on the couch as Doug straddles him and slowly sits on that thick cock. Once he's ball deep, Matt starts to pound at that ass. Payback's a bitch, Doug. Doug groans as Matt bounces him on his meat, determined to pound that ass. From there, Matt puts Doug on his back as he slams that cock in missionary. He holds Doug's legs up in the air as he goes right back to fucking that ass. Doug is jacking his hard cock faster and faster as Matt picks up the pace. Soon Doug is double-fisting his rod as Matt repeatedly buries his cock in his hole. That does the trick as Doug announces he's coming. “Shoot your load, Daddy” Matt orders as he fucks him even harder. Matt fucks the cum out of our west coast daddy. He leans back and releases his own load all over his rock hard cock and balls. Whew. That was as intense as we'd hoped for.

  • released : 09-02-2010 |