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Matthew Rush's Video

School of Hard Brocks

School of Hard Brocks, Scene #01

Matthew Rush is back this week and have we got a hottie for him. Bringing back two of our most formidable MenOver30s we have paired Matthew up with sexy Brock Russell. For those unfamiliar with these two studs, Matthew is a Ft. Lauderdale native and is in his late 30s (…and holding). Brock is 37 and originally from Duluth, MN. We asked these two well-known studs what their fans would be most surprised to learn about them if they were to write an autobiography. You might wanna sit down for Brock's reveal. Turns out Brock went from Preacher to Porn Star. He also played 4 sports professionally: Golf; Basketball; Football and Billiards. For Matthew, his fans would be most surprised to learn he's never been able to watch the Wizard of Oz in its entirety. Apparently this big boy is terrified of flying monkeys; he ends up leaving the room every time. Fortunately, we just exterminated for flying monkeys so we're clear for all sorts of monkey business.Matt comes in a bit frustrated and plops down on the couch. Brock comes in and starts to complain about not having enough men over 30 going at it with each other versus some hairless twink. “I wonder what it would be like to do a scene with a hot men over 30 like you?” Matt says. Brock is a quick study as he leans in for a kiss. He has every intention on showing him just what that scene would look like. They kiss as they start to peel each others clothes off. Brock starts to lick Matt's chest and nips as his hands start to roam. He drops down to his knees as he helps Matt out of his jeans. He slides Matt's briefs south a bit showcasing that muscular ass of his. Brock then gets Matthew's dick wet as he starts to service his throbbing meat. Matt moans as he watches Brock polish his knob. Brock savors every inch of it before Matthew switches places wanting to return the favor. Brock lays back as Matt starts to nurse on his aching cock. Matt grabs Brock's boner by the base as he slides it down his throat.Once he's had his fill, Matthew bends Brock over on all four so he can start to explore that hot ass. He slowly teases that smooth ass fingering it and making Brock want a lot more than his fingers up there. Matthew is more than happy to oblige as he slides his fat cock inside. He holds Brock by the shoulders as he starts to deliver the goods doggy style. Brock moans in ecstasy as he gets that ass stretched open. We think they're definitely on to something having both men in the scene be in their prime. Brock then squats down onto Matt's hard cock as he proceeds to impale himself on Matt's cock. He rides that cock like he's on a pogo stick sending Matthew into a frenzy as his thick cock gets milked by that hungry ass. Matthew then flips Brock over onto his back and slides back inside him missionary. His heavy balls slap away at Brock's smooth ass as he picks up the pace. Brock can only moan and groan at this point as he watches Matt fuck his hole. Brock's jackin his cock and Matt senses he's close. He fucks Brock harder making him explode all over himself. Matt then pulls his cock out and unloads all over Brock's cum covered abs. Two men over 30 together? —Who knew! lol

  • released : 04-21-2011 |

Knight Sweats

Knight Sweats, Scene #01

Back with us this week is our favorite “thirty something” hottie, Matthew Rush whom was more than happy to help us with our newest member to the 'MenOver30-by-injection' club, Seth Knight. Seth is a hot 20 year old guy from Wichita Falls. Seth is new to the industry and has proven he can hang with the big boys. Matthew, for those of you who didn't know, loves to read. His latest book is one by Chelsea Handler. He likes books that either make him laugh or help to improve himself. Seth isn't much on reading. Seth went to school for Cosmetology; so on his spare time he does people's hair. They're both pet people and have dogs. Seth has a huge Mastiff-Shepherd mix while Matthew has two, a pug named Egg Roll and a Jack Russell Terrier named Butch. Awww. We often see Matthew topping on cam and wondered what gets him to bottom in his personal life. “I'm a sucker for romance” says Matthew who says a little sweetness and food will get him to put out. Seth, on the other hand, is more than happy to have Matthew top since he has been looking forward to this ever since he found out who his co-star would be. Let's not keep the newbie waiting…Matt and Seth are discussing Seth's first scene and how he'd much rather try doing one with someone more muscular. Go figure. “Well, you haven't really done a scene; unless you've done a scene with me.” You don't have to tell Seth twice; who jumps at the chance. They start to kiss as their clothes come off. Seth is in awe of Matt's chest and biceps as he lets his tongue do the talking. He licks his way across Matthew's defined frame. He grabs at Matt's hard cock in his briefs as he continues to lick at his nips and pits. Matt then drops his briefs to let Seth have at his raging hard on. Seth kneels and swallows every inch. Matt groans as the newbie shows off his oral skills. What gag reflex? Seth swirls his tongue around Matthew's cock head for a while before Mat decides to return the favor. Matthew gets down between Seth's legs and starts to blow him launching the new kid into orbit. But wait…there's more. Matt then bends him over on the chaise to get at that smooth ass. He shoves his tongue deep into Seth's hot hole. He laps and slurps all over that ass getting it ready for a lot more than a French kiss… Seth then backs that ass up right onto Matt's dick. Matt holds Seth by that taught waist as he starts to slam his cock deep inside him. “Work your ass” Matt grunts as he gets his cock milked. Seth moans in a mix of pleasure and pain as he struggles to accommodate his intruder. Matt watches as his thick cock disappears inside that compact ass. Seth knows how to get what he wants as he starts to buck back onto Matt's dick. Matt is slamming his dick deep as they fuck themselves silly. Matt then sits back and watches as Seth sits on his dick in a reverse cowgirl. Seth does all the work as he bounces on that dick like he would a bouncy ball. Matt is in awe as he watches the new kid work his thick dick with ease. Matt then gets Seth on his back to he can fuck him missionary. He slides his cock back in for more as Seth orders him to fuck him harder. Matt is getting a work out as he pounds away at Seth's hungry hole. Cardio?…check! All that pounding sends Seth over the edge as he creams all over his smooth abs. Matt's not far behind as he shoots his load all over himself. Well, it's official: Seth's finally had his first Matthew approved scene. lol!

  • released : 02-03-2011 |

New Year's Sleaze

New Year's Sleaze, Scene #01

The Holidays are finally coming to an end and with that goes all the stress brought on by the Holiday rush. Fortunately we have the perfect solution for all your woes. We've decided to fight the rush with more Rush. Matthew Rush is in the house and who better than Matthew to send off 2010? Matthew was born in Pennsylvania and acquired a degree in Exercise Physiology along with quite a stellar career in front of the camera. Matthew is looking better than ever and he's gonna help welcome back Sebastian Keys who wanted to be a part of our last shoot for the outgoing year. Sebastian is 20 now and enjoying the break from Boston temps while down in Miami. Looking towards the next year we wondered what these two were excited about. “Turning 21 this spring” beams Sebastian who has Las Vegas plans. Matt's just excited to get a chance to start over in the coming year. We asked what the highlight of 2010 was for these two. “Working with MenOver30” grins Matt. Hmmm. Smooth operator this one. Lol Sebastian really enjoyed all the traveling working in the industry afforded him. We then asked these two if porn stars actually jerk off. “Gay erotic video personalities” retorts Matthew with a disapproving raised brow. Well! —what were WE thinking? Sebastian jacks off to anything and everything as many times as he can during the day while Matt gets his once a day in. On that note, let's give you something to jerk to at home… Toasting to the New Year, Matt and Sebastian talk about how much craziness and drama there is surrounding the New Year but never enough sex. Well say no more because that's easily remedied as they decide to stay home and do something about it. They start to make out as layer after layer of clothing meets the rug. They're left in their briefs as they grope each other. Matt wants more as he pulls off Sebastian's briefs and goes for it. “That feels so good” coos Sebastian as he watches Matthew swallow his cock. He works Sebastian's thick dick to the hilt a bit before Sebastian wants to return the favor. Sebastian kneels between Matt's massive quads and gets to work worshipping his thick dick. Matt grunts and groans as he watches his dick disappear into Sebastian's throat. “I love your big cock in my mouth” coos Sebastian before getting right back on that dick. Matt then stands to have better access to that hot mouth. He fucks Sebastian's face as Sebastian greedily takes every inch of dick he's given. They then get into a hot 69 on the couch getting even hotter as they prepare for more “festivities.”Sebastian moves over to the couch and gets into position while Matt suits up and gets that cock ready for some ass. Sebastian holds still as Matt takes that ass. Matt is soon fucking away at that ass with ease as Sebastian begs him for more. That hot ass needs some dick and Matt's ready to take care of that situation. Sebastian grunts in pleasure as Matt pounds his hole. Matt then gets Sebastian to get on the floor and flip his legs up over his head so he can have perfect access to that ass. He slides his meat back in as he starts to pile drive that meat. He points that dick south as he starts to ride. Matt is doing squats into Sebastian's hungry hole that can't seem to get enough. Matt then moves Sebastian back to the couch where he gets him on his back. He lifts those legs up and fucks that hot ass missionary. Matt pounds away at that ass as Sebastian starts to jack his throbbing cock off. Matt pushes that dick as deep as he can while Sebastian gets closer to climax. That thick dick does the trick as Sebastian goes over the edge. He explodes shooting his considerable load all over his sweaty chest and abs. Matt isn't too far behind as he pulls out and shoots all over one cum drenched Sebastian. Fuck 2010 we're off to bigger and better things and just in time too. 3, 2, 1…Happy New Year from all of us at MenOver30.com!

  • released : 12-30-2010 |