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Bead Work

Bead Work, Scene #01

Matthew Rush is back this week as we welcome a new face to the fold. Kyle Butler is 25 years old and a proud Chicagoan as he does a little 312 dance. Chicago in da house! Matthew will be 38 in a few days and this fan favorite hails from Pennsylvania. We decided to get more personal with the self admitted geek, nerd and avid reader Matthew Rush. We asked if he were to write a book what kind of book it would be. He would make it humorous and totally non-fiction. It would be a comedic look at porn. Erma Bombeck, watch out. If Kyle were to write a book it might be a friend-fueled memoir on his own crazy day to day stories though he's actually working on a zombie novel based on 13 different characters. He loves Zombies. Being that Kyle is str8, we wondered when he discovered that his ass was a pleasure zone. Apparently undressing in 6th grade gym class made him curious enough to start touching himself in new places. Kyle also discovered a world of toys and sometimes even carries a pocket vibrator to give the ladies pleasure while grinding on the dance floor. Matthew is doing curls showing Kyle how he stays in shape while on the road. Kyle can't help but comment on how big his muscles are. Matthew encourages him to take a closer look and as he does, they start to make out. Matt moans as Kyle's tongue explores his chest and nips while his hands are groping Matt's growing boner. Kyle is soon on his knees wanting to explore another 'muscle'. He hauls out Matt's cock as he opens wide and gets it nice and wet. He opens his mouth wide as Matthew bobs his head up and down on it making him gag on it. Kyle gets that dick deep in his throat as Matt moans his approval. Kyle then gets up and has Matt return the favor. He strokes his bone as he gets Matt to lick his balls. Once he's rock hard he shoves his thick dick in Matthew's mouth. Matt looks up at his new buddy as he gets his face fucked. Kyle holds Matt's head as he grinds his dick inside sending his low hangers into Matt's chin over and over. Matt then gets on the bench and gives up that ass as Kyle's tongue finds its way inside. Matt can't get enough as he spreads those beefy cheeks so that Kyle can get that tongue deep.Kyle then gets on his back so that Matt can suck his cock and eat his ass as well. Matt obliges and soon Kyle gets some anal beads for Matt to use on his ass. Matt slides them into Kyle's hairy hole; teasing that ass a bit before pulling them out and replacing them with his thick cock. 'Fuck me with that big dick' Kyle grunts as Matthew goes to work fucking that tight ass. He slaps Kyle's ass as he mounts him which only makes Kyle want more. Matthew fucks him hard and deep as Kyle strokes his rock hard cock. Matt then switches it up as he sits back and watches Kyle take his dick in a reverse cowgirl. Kyle impales himself on that dick and starts to ride that meat taking it all the way inside his tight ass. Matt groans in ecstasy as he gets that dick worked by that tight hole riding it. Missionary is next as he gets Kyle on his back before slamming inside. Matt's cock is hitting Kyle's spot just right as he explodes all over his hairy chest and abs. Matt then pulls out and stands as he unloads all over Kyle.

  • released : 10-13-2011 |

Menage a Trey

Menage a Trey, Scene #01

This week we have a pairing that's been months in the making. We've wanted to get these two together ever since our MenOver30 by injection, Trey Turner, told us he would love to be in a scene with Matthew Rush. Trey is a hot 23 year old that hails from New Jersey. Matthew is in his 30s and is originally from Pennsylvania. We asked these two how politically savvy they were on a scale of 1-10. Matthew says he's about a 5 after that it gets to be too much. Trey seconds that emotion and says he's about a 5 as well. We then wondered what their favorite TV network and show are. Trey loves HBO and is a fang bangin' fan of True Blood. Matthew likes FOX and is hooked on Hell's Kitchen. On the line of favorites, we asked these two what is their favorite thing to do sexually and what do they considered themselves great at. Trey loves to bottom and considers himself a damn good one. Matthew agrees. For Matthew he loves to rim. That is the one thing he can single out as his favorite to do in the bedroom among so many other possibilities. Well, let's not keep the young'n waiting and give him what he's been craving-one hell of a Rush.Trey is laying on the bed looking at a pic of Matthew in a folder thinking all sorts of things when Matthew comes in; takes the folder out of his hands and replaces it with the real thing. They start to kiss as Trey starts to strip Matthew. He goes to work licking at his massive chest as Matthew groans his approval. Trey moves south to the growing bulge in Matt's shorts as he starts to work that cock through his shorts. Trey figures he's waited long enough as he undoes Matt's shorts and gets to work on that swollen cock. He takes that dick into his mouth and finally gets to run his tongue along Matt's smooth balls and cock. He sucks it all the way down his throat as he looks up at Matt for approval. Matt holds his head as he helps bob him on his meat. Trey deep throats that thick cock with ease and soon they are making out as they rub their cocks together. Trey then gets back on his knees for more of Matt's dick. Matthew begins to feel left out as he takes his turn at bat. Trey sits back and watches as Matt sucks on his cock greedily swallowing every inch he's given. Trey is rock hard and not about to complain any time soon. Things then turn around (literally) as Matt gives Trey access to that ass so that he can get his tongue up in it. Trey rims Matt getting that ass nice and wet. It makes Matt horny as Matt then wants to taste Trey's ass. He gets that tongue deep inside Trey's ass and shows off his best skills. Trey's backing that ass up onto Matthew's face as he gets that hole teased. Once it's nice and slick, Matt gets behind him and pushes that dick inside. He fucks Trey doggy style as Trey's ass slowly gives in. Matt fucks that sweet ass deep and once that ass gets used to his cock he switches it up and has Trey sit on his cock. Trey obliges finally getting that dick he's wanted for so long shoved deep as he starts to ride it. He squirms and grinds that hot ass all the way down as Matt bounces him on his cock. Matt grunts and groans as Trey rides that meat hard. Missionary is next as Matt gets Trey on his back to fuck him some more. Trey is moaning as he gets that ass stretched. Missionary always does the trick and as Matt pounds him deeper Trey loses it, shooting his load all over himself. Matt then follows suit shooting his load all over Trey.

  • released : 08-25-2011 |

Anal ASSault

Anal ASSault, Scene #01

Matthew Rush is back in the house and looking as hot as ever. Holding on to his thirties with both hands, Matthew currently lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This week we have a blast from the past as Kameron Scott makes his return to porn after taking some time to regroup. It's definitely nice to have this 23 year old from Norfolk, VA back in front of the camera and on MenOver30. Matt walked in today sporting a tee that read “NERD” on it; so we asked him about that. Matt grew up a scrawny, 130 pound kid. He may look like he has it all together on the outside; but he's still a big geek. A bit of a klutz; he runs into things; slips and falls constantly—he really hasn't left much of that nerd behind. We asked them if they were tidy at home or more relaxed. Matt is the Felix Unger and needs to have everything in its place. Kameron is way more relaxed and kind of lets things fall where they may (for a week or two). As for their preferences in the sack, Kameron likes to be versatile on and off cam and Matt couldn't agree more. Well today, we're taking a page out of Kameron's rulebook. Let's get this party started and let things fall where they may...Matt is lying on his stomach as Kameron gives him a massage with a back massager. Matt is in heaven as he gets his muscles massaged. He then flips over so that Kameron can work the front. Kameron moves the massager over his massive pecs then heads south to check out a growing bulge. The massager feels wonderful as it vibrates up and down Matt's hard cock. Matt grunts and groans before losing control and ripping off Kameron's tee. He grabs Kameron and shoves his tongue down his throat before coaxing him south to get a face full of Matt's cock. Matt groans as Kameron goes to work sucking on that cock and lapping at his smooth balls. Matt takes his time as he fucks Kameron's face getting that dick as deep as he can. Matt then returns the favor as he gets some cock for himself. Kameron's cock is throbbing as Matt nurses on it. As much as Kameron loves the attention he's getting; he's not quite done with Matt's. Soon enough he gets on his knees to service Matt's throbbing meat some more. He wants that cock as hard as possible for...well, you know!As Kameron sucks on Matt's hard cock we get a spectacular shot of that smooth ass of his and soon it's Matt with a front row seat. He suits up and pushes that cock inside as Kameron's ass clenches tight. Matt moans and groans as Kameron's hot ass concedes giving way to Matt's rock hard cock. Once he gets that cock inside he goes to work fucking that ass deep. Kameron takes it like a man and just begs for more. Matt holds Kameron's waist as he plows into him, slapping that ass as he gets his. They switch things up as Matt sits back and watches as Kameron straddles his dick before impaling himself on it. Kameron starts to jack his cock as he rides that thick dick in a reverse cowgirl position. He is bouncing on that meat with reckless abandon as Matt gets to sit back and thoroughly enjoy the ride. Kameron grinds down deep wanting every inch Matt has to offer buried up his ass. Missionary is next as Matt holds Kameron's legs in the air and slides back inside to bring it home. He fucks him harder and faster as they both get closer to climax. Once they both get close they sit back and jack their loads all over themselves. Matt blows his nut all over his cock and navel. Kameron tops that shooting so far he gives himself a protein facial. ...Welcome back, Kameron.

  • released : 06-09-2011 |
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