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Matthew Ford's Video

Taking It All

Taking It All, Scene #01

Matthew Ford is back for more fun. Matthew was last here a couple months ago and gave us an erotic solo that left many of you wanting more of his solid physique and hairy chest. Matthew is 38 and lives in Vegas. He got his start in the adult industry several months ago and has quickly made a name for himself. His solid build and adventurous personality have taken him places and afforded him a bevy of new experiences he would've never imagined a year ago. We're just glad he loves what he does and more than happy to have him back for more. This time Matthew will have help. Speedy is 22 and originally from South Florida. He's a hot little latin boy with a furry ass and a sex drive that won't quit. Speedy has been featured on our brother site CircleJerkBoys where his sexual curiosities have been put to good use. See, Speedy is straight but has discovered the erotic nature of ass play—and then some. “Gay 4 Pay” is how he describes himself which works for us. Who are we to judge...right? Mathew is bisexual and says, even though he has no preference on whether they are straight or gay, he knows one thing's for sure—Straight boys don't kiss. “That's the difference” he says as Speedy nods in agreement. I guess “kissing is too intimate” for more than just Ms. Roberts. Hmm Who knew? Well, that's the last of our worries because we have much more on today's menu. So sit back, relax, grab your cock and enjoy. This is gonna be one hot, furry set! Sitting side by side Matthew and Speedy slowly start watchin porn as they begin breaking the ice. You can't always rush these straight boys. Wait! —we're thinking of someone else. Speedy takes off his shirt then has Matt remove his shoes sox & shorts & in no time this straight boy's buck ass nekid. I guess we know why they call him “speedy” Matt drops his lants to catch up as they sit side by side making small talk til Matt asks Speedy if he's straight. “I think guys do it best…” he grins and that's all the permission Matthew needed. He goes down on Speedy's uncut cock and begins to service his growing cock. Speedy's loving it as he tells Matthew to suck his dick. “I wanna fuck that mouth!” Speedy orders as Matt positions himself to have Speedy face fuck him. Speedy works his uncut cock inches from Matt's face as Matt works his hairy nuts. Speedy's bent over pile driving his cock deep into Matt's throat giving Matt access to his furry hole. Matt begins to explore Speedy's tight ass sending Speedy into a frenzy. Matt pursues that angle as he puts Speedy on all 4 and starts rimming his furry hole. Speedy's loving it as he bucks back onto Matt's skilled tongue. This kind of attention on our hot latin straight boy's ass is only gonna lead to one thing—DICK! …and plenty of it. An overhead shot of Matthew slowly fucking Speedy's tight ass is all the confirmation you need to know that tongue wouldn't suffice. Matt grins ear to ear knowing he's taggin str8 boy ass. Speedy's in heaven getting his backdoor filled with Matthew's fat cock. Matthew holds Speedy's small waist as he begins fucking him harder. Speedy is taking it all like a champ. Speedy needs more control and decides to ride it. He straddles Matthew before impaling himself back on Matt's cock. He glides up and down with ease as he bounces up and down on Matt's rock hard cock. Matt can only moan and groan as Speedy rides him hard! As hot as riding a big fat cock can be, it has one major drawback. It hits your prostate in all the right places. Though that can be wonderful it can make you bust a nut a lot sooner than you'd like to. Well, Speedy rode himself into an early frenzy and in no time was ready to shoot his latin load having Matthews cock rammed up his ass. He groans and starts to shoot his load all over the place still riding Matt. His face is writhing in ecstasy as he nuts. Matthew's not too far behind and jacks off his own massive explosion leaving him exhausted and out of breath. Whew. Told you these two would be a hot set. WOOF!

Starring Speedy, Matthew Ford
  • released : 06-19-2008 |

Oral Dawgs

Oral Dawgs, Scene #01

From the moment Parker Williams first appeared on the pages of MenOver30.com, he was virtually canonized as the Patriot Saint of “Real Men in their Prime”. He had a universal following that included fellow experienced studs like Matthew, the young and tender Luke Riley, and - judging from the avalanche of fan mail he receives, everyone in between. This is far from a case of much ado about nothing, as when you are talking about Parker Williams, this is the man with everything: a handsome face, rock solid body, fur covered chest, an always hungry hard cock, a beautiful ass and oh yes, if that was not enough, a personality that had us all doodling his name next to ours from the word “hello.” Macho, in charge, and always in control. A funny thing happened today in the studio: we brought in Matthew Ford, a new-ish Daddy who has been making the rounds for the past year or so, and something clicked. The always unflappable Parker was almost giddy to the point that, after a session that even had the camera needing a cigarette when we were done filming, he took over the “Man Talk” segment and needed to go back for more- but before we “cum” to the end, let us tell you what ignited the spark in the first place.When we saw Matthew sitting on the floor with Parker's arms wrapped around him, we'll admit to a pang of jealously. When we had to break their gaze just to introduce them to you, we felt like a third wheel for a moment. But the chemistry is just right like it is with this sexy twosome. Not even the lights and cameras could take this train off the track to orgasm land. Parker leans down and does not as much as kiss Matthew as he tries to suck his tongue right out of that mouth while he scrambles to get Matthew's shirt off – and somehow manages to do so without breaking their lip lock. Not to be left entirely to fend for himself, Matthew manages to undo both his pants and Parker's to free those throbbing, rock hard cocks as they head for bathroom to take a shower – but never quite make it there. Their passion stopping them at the doorway, they resume their game of hide and seek with each other's tongues while grinding those oozing cocks together in a fertility dance as tribal as it is primal. They never did quite make it to the shower, as Matthew took one look at Parker's leaking dick and immediately felt…thirsty.He own hand free-cock at 90 degrees, Matthew devours Parker's meat right to his short and curlies. Parker fucks his face and reaches down to slap Matthew's inked, round ass cheeks. Matthew looks up in a gaze both purposeful and loving as Parker decided this dirty man needs a cleaning up in the shower after all. Somewhere along the short two foot walk to the bathroom, Parker rediscovers his inner cock-sucker. If the groans coming from Matthew are any indication, it was none too soon. Moving back to the couch, Parker gets Matthew on all fours, kneels behinds him, and gives that dick a reverse suck that carries his tongue up and into Matthew's hole. That was enough to send them both to the point of no return, which in this case has Matthew on his back and Parker standing over him. The soft brown hair on Matthew's stomach is soon covered in massive white load of his own spunk, and then his cheeks and lips receive some special attention as Parker covers them with a protein facial. If experience is the best teacher, all we can say is, where do we sign up for this class?

  • released : 04-24-2008 |

Common Interest

Common Interest, Scene #01

Matthew Ford is this week's MenOver30 morsel. Originally from Kentucky, Matthew just got into the industry on a fluke this year, and it's working out really well. “I like sex, what can I say?” Knowing there will be thousands watching him once he's done is enough to get him rock hard and ready. See, Matthew's a bit of an exhibitionist. It totally turns him on being filmed either in an action scene or even during his first solo ever …which he's about to do for us. He's 42 and a big Southern boy! He has broad shoulders, flanked by large biceps that frame his wide furry chest. His look is very masculine, down to the throw back handle-bar 'stache. His face is masculine with a squared jaw and a sexy cleft in his chin. He is energetic, and his face lights up when he flashes his down-home southern smile. We can't wait to see what this slice of Kentucky has to offer. Besides, we could all use a lil KY now and then.Matthew starts fondling his swelling cock through his jeans, tugging at it and shaking it to get it rock hard. He tweaks his hard nips, working them both at the same time to get the juices flowing. He spits on them and flicks them as he slowly takes off his t-shirt. He stands and undoes his jeans as he continues working his tits. He mutters under his breath about how much he loves having his tits worked, clamped down on, and bitten. He grunts as he squeezes one hard, as he pulls down his jeans far enough to send his rock hard cock springing free. He strokes his hard cock and squeezes out some precum to sample. Mr. Ford's a dirty, dirty boy! He tugs on his low hanging nuts and drops his pants. He turns around to show us his smooth ass. He has a big tatt of a seal that reads USDA PRIME—a fitting tattoo for the beefcake southerner. He bends over and gives us a show of his backdoor. Then Matthew sits back to show us more, as he begin to play with his cock and slowly explore his asshole. He grunts and groans as he pleasures himself.He shoves fingers up his ass as he strokes and he is loving every minute of it. His cock is rock hard as he teases his hole and works his nipples which are now just as hard as his cock. He spreads his legs wide and goes to town on his furry hole. The more he rubs his hole, the louder he moans as his legs slowly head North. Hmmm. Nothing's left out as he jerks his meat. His hot ass, throbbing cock, low hanging nuts, his erect nips—you name it ...He works it! And Matthew's not the quiet type. He's extremely verbal, which only adds to the visual before you. All this stroking and tweaking and fingering have Matthew too close to stop, and his climax is seconds away. He goes back to work on his cock and readily shoves a finger deep inside to trigger his explosion. Trigger it it does, as he groans aloud blasting his nut on his furry navel. There really ain't nothing quite like a lil Southern Hospitality now is there? We have a feeling we'll be seeing more of Mr. Ford, and soon!

Starring Matthew Ford
  • released : 04-17-2008 |