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Lucas Knowles's Video

Pole in One

Pole in One, Scene #01

This week we have a familiar face back with us all the way from South Bend, Indiana. Diego Vena is looking as sexy as ever and our members can't get enough of this stud. Originally from Poland, our newest addition now lives in Los Angeles. He is 31 years old and goes by the name of Lucas Knowles. We asked these two avid travelers where they think one would find the hottest men. Diego immediately says Brazil. Well he's on to something there. Lucas says the hottest men would be here in the United States but the biggest dicks would be in the Netherlands. They may grow 'em big in Texas; but look out boys cuz the Netherlands come taller than most. They both admit to watching porn from time to time. Lucas likes amateur porn and thinks that's the direction the industry should be headed. Where IS that suggestion box of ours? Hmm. Diego likes Twink on Muscular porn. Well, now we know what he has on his wish list come Dec. 24th. Well, here's hoping he's extra naughty this afternoon to ensure him something nice in the near future. Let's get these two better acquainted shall we?They come back after a workout as Lucas asks Diego for tips on stretching. Diego tells him to remember to stretch certain muscle groups and as he does, Lucas' hands are roaming all over Diego's pumped chest. They start to make out as they fall onto the couch. They kiss as their clothes start to come off. They move over to the chair where Diego slides Lucas' pants off. Diego grabs Lucas' cock that is already hard and ready to go and gets to work. This was the one muscle he didn't get to help Lucas work out and he's making up for that. He swallows his meat as he kneels on the floor. Lucas can't get enough of his hot mouth as he stands to continue fucking that sexy face. Lucas' balls slap away at Diego's chin as his throbbing cock gets the attention it demands. Diego then moves to the couch and puts that amazing ass of his up for Lucas to enjoy. Lucas gets to work as he dives in tongue first. He licks and sucks on his tight ass as Diego squirms in anticipation. That ass loves a good rimming but he knows there's more in store.Lucas suits up as Diego lubes his cock up. Once he's ready to go, Diego straddles Lucas and aims that thick cock at his ass. He slowly slides Lucas' thick cock inside. He winces in pain as that cock stretches his ass wide open. It takes him a few minutes before he's able to relax enough to enjoy it. Once there, Diego starts to slowly ride that cock. Lucas' cock disappears in and out of that hot ass as they continue making out. Diego holds still for a bit as Lucas starts to slam his dick up inside him. Lucas then switches it up and bends Diego over. He slides his thick cock back inside Diego's perfectly smooth ass as he continues to fuck his ass. Soon he's pumping away at that ass as Diego takes over and impales himself on that cock. He bucks back wanting all of that dick in him as their fucking intensifies. Lucas then gets Diego on his back on the chair where he lifts his legs and fucks him missionary. This position's gonna make Diego cum faster than he wants to but Diego jacks his cock while he watches Lucas fuck him. It isn't long before Lucas' cock makes Diego explode. As soon as Diego nuts, Lucas pulls out and unleashes a geyser of thick cum that seems to keep cumming and cumming. Damn! Diego is left drenched in cum. …Got Milk? lol

  • released : 06-13-2013 |

The Boy Who Tried Wolfie

The Boy Who Tried Wolfie, Scene #01

Lucas Knowles is back this week and we're not about to complain. We know a fan favorite when we see one and this 33 year old import from Poland is definitely top notch. Today, Lucas' playmate is a new comer that goes by the name of Wolfie Blue. Wolfie is 25 years old incredibly charming and from Eastern Europe. Both of these studs are, aside from uncut, well traveled; so we thought we'd ask them for some tips on where to go while on vacation. It seems logical. Given the opportunity, Lucas would go back to Azerbaijan. Bounded by the Caspian Sea to the east and Russia to the north, The Republic of Azerbaijan is a beautiful place to visit still true to its ancient culture and history. (Relax; we had to look it up, too) Wolfie would like to get back to Peru, Tupac Amaru, to be specific. One of the last holdouts of the mighty Incan Empire before falling to the Spanish, Amaru is still unearthing ancient artifacts that shed light of their primitive past. We then decided to make the question a tad easier and asked which country in their opinion has the hottest men. Wolfie has a thing for rugged Aussie men, so 'the Land Down Under' would be his choice. Lucas prefers them hairy and beefy so he's headed to Serbia and Croatia to stock up. Well that was easy enough-let's fuck shall we?Wolfie is wringing out his t-shirt after getting caught in a rain storm. Lucas walks in and finds him upset and cold so he offers to do what anyone would've done-warm him up. They start to make out as Lucas' hands start to explore his new conquest. Lucas heads south to get a better look at that uncut cock as he goes down on Wolfie's hard cock. Wolfie gasps as he gets his dick swallowed whole. It seems to be working because he's not shivering anymore. Lucas knows exactly what he's doing as he gets that dick nice and sloppy. Lucas' own thick cock is rock hard and waiting to get in on the action. Lucas stands and quickly gets Wolfie to his knees. He slides his thick cock inside and goes to work fucking his face. Wolfie deep throats Lucas' cock with ease as Lucas slides it in and out of his eager mouth. Lucas' cock is rock hard as Wolfie grabs his huge balls and helps aim it down his throat. The temperature is definitely rising as Wolfie savors every inch of that Polish pole. Lucas wasn't done with Wolfie's meat just yet so they maneuver into a steamy 69 on the floor as they go to town on each other's cock. Wolfie then finds new grounds to plunder as his tongue slips into Lucas' hot ass. He tongue fucks that beefy ass getting it nice and ready...Wolfie then gets up and aims that meat south as he slides his cock into Lucas. He pile drives his hard cock into that hot ass as Lucas moans his appreciation. Wolfie then gets Lucas on the couch and gets busy stretching that ass wide as he pounds him missionary. Lucas takes it like a man as Wolfie gives it to him full throttle. His balls slap away at that beefy ass as the sounds of sex fill the room. Lucas' legs are in the air; but soon that will change. Lucas suits up and gets Wolfie face down on the floor as he takes his turn at bat. Wolfie grunts and groans in both pleasure and pain as he takes Lucas' meaty cock. Lucas is unfazed as he takes what is his, doing pushups into Wolfie as he buries his cock deeper and deeper. Lucas towers over Wolfie as he writhes beneath his solid frame. That tight ass has Lucas on point and he's not about to stop fucking anytime soon. Lucas then pulls out and lays back and has Wolfie do the rest. Wolfie straddles his cock and sits on it. He rides that cock as he moans in ecstasy. Lucas just watches as his cock disappears in and out of that hungry hole. Wolfie's stroking and Lucas' cock is hitting his sweet spot as it sends his load all over Lucas' chest and abs. Lucas then busts his own massive nut all over his smooth cum-soaked frame.

  • released : 06-21-2012 |

Made in the Shades

Made in the Shades, Scene #01

We have one of our favorite imports back this week. Sporting long locks, sexy beard and that uncut geyser of a cock: say hello to 32 year old, Polish Playboy, Lucas Knowles. The only one luckier than our members this week is Milwaukee native Morgan Shade. Morgan is 22 years old and will soon have the best 'seat' in the house. We wondered what these studs wanted to be as kids when they grew up. Morgan had big plans to be an architect while Lucas wanted to trade papers on the stock exchange floor. We then asked if there was a year in their lives that they'd want to relive or do they just prefer to barge ahead with new experiences. Morgan likes to live for tomorrow and is open to the adventure of it all. Lucas tends to linger in memories of high school and how fleeting time can be. We then asked them to tell us what they like best about the other. For Lucas he loves Morgan's tight pink hole while Morgan is really into Lucas' sexy feet and full lips. < Interesting > Wrapping up, we asked these two studs where they prefer to shoot their hot loads. They both agree that they prefer to shoot on a guy's chest. 'I like to see the fruit of my efforts' beams Lucas; and with loads like his-who can blame him?' The chemistry is off the chart as these studs start before we hit record. They start to kiss slowly as Morgan gets better acquainted with Lucas. Morgan's dick is straining to get out of his pants so Morgan stands up and drops 'em. His boner springs free as Lucas goes right for it. Lucas deep throats Morgan's 7' boner to the hilt as Morgan just moans his approval. Morgan's naturally smooth with just a sexy happy trail leading south to that cock that's lodged down Lucas' throat. Lucas strokes his own uncut meat as he pleasures Morgan's meat. Lucas stands to continue making out with Morgan as they begin to stroke their hard cocks together. Lucas then sits back to give Morgan a taste of what he's brought to the table: a thick 8' Polish sausage. Morgan takes his time as he licks down Lucas' smooth chest and nips 'til he gets to the heavy balls aching for release. He laps at them a bit before taking that fat dick in his mouth. Morgan goes to work on that dick shoving it deep into his throat making Lucas writhe in ecstasy. Morgan's tongue gets Lucas so horned up he gets bent over on the couch so that Lucas can show him what his tongue can do. Morgan just moans as he gets that ass tongue-fucked and ready for more.Once Lucas gets that ass nice and wet he suits up and slides his fat cock deep. Morgan's ass was already up in the air so what better way to start than tappin that smooth ass doggy. Morgan groans as he accommodates Lucas' thick cock. Lucas slowly pumps his meat into that tight ass slowly picking up speed 'til he's pounding that hole deep. Morgan grunts in a mixture of pleasure and pain as Lucas continues to bury that dick deeper and deeper. Lucas then pulls out and sits back and has Morgan ride his meat. Morgan climbs up on the chair and squats down on that dick for more. Once he gets that thick dick inside he starts to ride it. Lucas holds his tight waist and helps bounce him on his cock as they make out some more. Lucas loves being able to sit back and watch Morgan fuck himself as he bobs up and down on his cock. The party then heads south as Lucas lays on the floor. Morgan straddles his dick and goes right back to riding it harder and faster until he loses control and blows his wad all over Lucas' chest and abs. Lucas then stands up and jacks his massive load all over eager Morgan's face, neck, shoulder and back-you get the picture-leaving Morgan a glazed and dripping mess. ...Lucky!

  • released : 02-02-2012 |
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