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John and Alexander The Movie

John and Alexander The Movie, Scene #01

Passion erupts from the first kiss, proving that the battle between the Cuban and the Mexican has begun. Like a boxing match, the boys get down to their “trunks”. With Alexander inhaling John's cock and John loving the sensation, John rushes to take off the rest of his clothes as he begins to suck the hell out of Alexander's dick. The position of 69'ing and rimming begins with John spreading Alexander's cheeks to get to that hole.To say these two men are really into each other is the understatement of the decade.You would think that once the fucking began it would be the bottom screaming in pleasure or pain, but in this case our top was making all the noise while the bottom demanded to be fucked…harder and faster. John mounts his opponent's ass and starts drilling, claiming Alexander's ass as his own. As the temperature starts rising, there is no chance of stopping. Alexander is getting in every angle to make sure John's every inch is inside of him.The Latin fever is hot and these two are fucking like only Latinos know how to do best. John loves the hot hole, and it makes him crazy as he goes into overload, pounding Alexander harder and faster while Alexander strokes his hard dick. Papi John begins to nut on Alexander with a hot, heavy load. Alexander can't hold it in much longer as he nuts all over himself. John goes in for a final kiss as their lips lock with passion and heat.

Starring John
  • released : 06-22-2006 |

Trio1 The Movie

Trio1 The Movie, Scene #01

Troy got so horny, he took both Steve's and John's considerable cockheads right in his own hole; Steve had hungry holes to fill as far as the eye can see and smolder, sexy John Chase lives up to his name, have the cock he was chasing and oh yes, he left them both catch it as much as they wanted, wherever they wanted! We wanted to put together something special to inaugurate the holiday season and what we would up with is the longest, hottest episode ever with the kind of chemistry and the perfect mix of passion and raw sexuality that fantasies are made of.With little to no time being wasted…the three begin to strip each other down and start with an oral session. With cockage swinging from right to left…no particular roles are defined amongst the three. But we see John Chase is sure of which role he wants as he begins grinding his dick on Steve's ass. As Steve begins to straddle Troy's face, John begins fucking Troy is a most appreciative gesture of thanks for cumming...but not yet! Usually this starts off slow however John just slams his dick right into Troy's ass, sensing the hunger in the hole of begging blonde man and Troy was definitely in the mood to be ma-handled as his cock was leaking a steady stream and his nuts were so red and tight, the pleasure of the build up was almost too much for him, but he wanted-correction, he need to prolong the joy and turned both his holes into the Energizer bunny.Twisting him like a pretzel, Troy is bend himself into positions even the star acrobat of the Cirque de Soleil wouldn't not attempt, depurate to get both Steve's and John's very accommodating cocks. With Troy begging for more, mind you he has inhaled both and have been slapped around by them at this point, Steve slides in behind for a little DP action riding the both of these cocks in great condition that sent Troy to brink of a sexual nirvana he had never reached before and we all got to tag along for the ride. John is the first to pop onto Steve's heaving chest & while fingering Steve's hole, Troy is the second to finally unleash an avalanche of jizz with Steve not too far behind. So often it is our job to guide the action along, making a suggestion here, some direction there but not this time. The natural vibe of the room took over and all we did was not get in the way! From John, Steve, Troy and all of us at MenOver30.com, Happy Thanksgiving!

Starring John
  • released : 03-09-2006 |

John The Movie

John The Movie, Scene #01

Is it Jack's sexy chest with the clippered dark hair, those penetrating eyes, that narrow waste or the bulge in his jeans that looks so packed that it is just moments away from ripping the fabric of to shreds that makes him so hot? It's actually a combination of all of them as Jack is all that and more. He simply radiates a quality of intense sexuality that doesn't simmer below the surface, it comes like a tidal wave and warps you for a journey like a strong ocean current.The swirls of dark air under his arms as his lifts his wifebeater over his head and reaches into his pants, hauling out a dick so hard, it is visibly throbbing inside his shorts before he drops them to floor and that beautiful dicks juts out, rock hard, wet, like a steel pole ready to be driven into something equally hard and definitely tight. His is strictly a top man but after he rolls over and shows us that perfect ass as he humps the mattress, I am sure he has had his share of offers for a rear delivery. His commanding presence, that intense seduction in his eyes, the powerful in that his cock sticks straight out, then straight up will leave you powerless to resist and when you see his cover those flat abs with jizz, you will be glad you didn't!

Starring John
  • released : 11-24-2005 |